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Activity Six;

How Do People Destroy Natural


1. Identify the effects of some human activities on natural resources.
2. Suggest ways to reduce the effects.

1. Study the table and tell if you have observed the activities listed in your

Effects on Natural What Can You do to Help

Activities. Conserve These Natural
Resources. Resources.
When roads are built, Damage natural habitats, kills plants and
mountains are blown off using animals.
Rice fields are turned into It will greatly affect the rice supply of the
residential or commercial country.
People cut too many trees for It can cause landslides and global
lumber or paper or building warming. Because without trees, nothing
houses. can give us shade and filter oxygen.
More factories are being built This has both an advantage and a
to keep up with the demands disadvantage. Jobs can be provided to
of a fast growing population those who are jobless. However, these
and industrialization. factories also worsen the pollution of its
country and will cause both
environmental and health problems.
Too much mining and Too much mining causes the formation
quarrying for the purpose of of sinkholes and the contamination of
getting precious metals, soil. It is also one of the causes of soil
stones, and gravel. erosion that claims many lives in the
Some farmers use too much This practice contributes more to the
chemical fertilizers to replenish destruction of the soil including its nutrients.
soil fertility. Too much chemical fertilizer may lessen the
fertility of the soil making it hard for the
farmers to have a good harvest.
Plastic and other garbage are Large Carbon Dioxide and greenhouse
burned. gases production which is bad for our
Cars, trucks and tricycles that The vehicles emit carbon dioxide that
emit dark smoke are allowed spreads throughout the atmosphere. This
to travel. may eventually lead to spreading