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Objectives: Demonstrate knowledge on food vocabulary and communicative skills

Activity 1: Read the speech bubbles and match them to the places.

Café Restaurant School cafeteria Fast-food Restaurant Home

As a main course, I’ll
have the chicken with
steamed vegetables

I’d like a combo # 3, a

2......... cheeseburger, French
fries, and a coke, please?

Can I have a
3....... sandwich, please?

4.......... Mum, can you

pass me the salt?

5....... I’d like a cup of

coffee, please?

Activity 2: Circle the correct option that best complete the sentence or question.

1 Would you like sparkling or ....... water?

A natural B mineral C soft

2 What would you like for your ....... course?

A major B middle C main

3 Would you please make up your ...........?

A head B brain C mind

4 My parents always eat ........... food.

A safety B sure C healthy

5 Are you ready to ........... your meal now?

A ask B order C call
Activity 3: Choose the correct response.

1 A: Do you like sushi?

B: a Yes, please.
b Not really.

2 A:Do you like grilled octopus?

B: a Actually.
b Not really.

3 A: Would you like something to drink?

B: a Orange juice, please.
b Yes, I do.

4 A: Would you like anything to drink?

B: a No, thank you.
b As you wish.

5 A: Would you like some tea?

B:a I’d prefer coffee.
b So would I.

6 A: I have a table for two by the window ma’am.

B: a That would be perfect.
b Excellent choice sir.

7 A: I’d like the steak, please.

B:a Red or wine?
b Medium or well done?

8 A: I think I’ll have the roast lamb with rice. Are you ready to order?
B: a I think so.
b Excellent choice.

9 A:I think I need some time to decide.

B: a As you wish.
b Well done, please.

10 A: Can I take your order?

B:a I’d like the chef’s salad to start with.
b I’ve changed my mind.

11 A: Can we see the menu please?

B:a Well done, please
b Right away,sir.

12 A: Could we order dessert, please?

B: a So would I.
b Certainly, sir.

13 A: How about a tuna salad followed by the lemon chicken.

B a I’ve changed my mind
b That would be great.

14 A: Would you like steamed vegetables or rice with that?

B a I need a moment to decide.
b Yes, I do

Points: ____

7´2 14
Activity 4: Look at the menu below. There are 8 mistakes. Find and replace
them with the suitable words below. Look at the example.

 red  drinks
 mineral  steamed
 roast  baked
 orange  rice



cook salad
tuna salad


sparkling salmon
steamed beef with roasted vegetables
grilled octopus


Apple pie
Ice cream
Lamb pudding


Red juice
Soft water
Sparkling water
Mineral wine (bottle)