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Unsought Good

AFNAAN Fire Extinguisher- AFNAAN ENGINEERING is regarded as the best fire safety
equipment suppliers company in Bangladesh. It was founded in Dhaka, Bangladesh to become
the world’s leading producer and supplier of life safety solutions. With the most talented and
dedicated employees from around the country, AFNAAN ENGINEERING has over 300 team
members including 35 passionate engineer and technician. By recognizing the importance and
convenience of having easy access to multiple safety services, they became specialized by
offering complete solutions under one roof for all types of high quality firefighting equipment,
fire protection systems, fire alarms, addressable emergency systems, security systems, custom-
made vehicle such as fire trucks, ambulances and airport rescue firefighting vehicles.

Need recognition Information search Evaluation of Purchase decision Post-purchase

Alternatives behavior
Saving life Efficiency AFNAAN Fire
Compliance BD/ Extinguisher
KS International

Need Recognition- The first step of the consumer decision making process is recognizing the need
for a service or product. Unsought goods like this, are usually not brought by consumers unless
they are being convinced or falls into danger. A fire extinguisher is a lifesaving product. A
consumer should recognize the need of such products before something terrible happens. After all,
“prevention is better than cure”.

Information Search- After recognizing the need, a consumer tends to gather information to
understand and know about that particular product. As, the fire extinguisher is a lifesaving product,
a consumer needs to gather information about its efficiency. How powerful it is against electrical
fire, divider mounting holder, weight and most importantly its service record. In this regard,
AFNAAN Fire Extinguisher, is exceptionally powerful on class b, c, electrical fire, provides
special holders for divider mounting, simple operation and support and holds a very positive
service record for many years.

Evolution of Alternatives- Afterwards, the consumer tends to explore and evaluate alternative
brands to find out is there something that sets his/her selected product apart from competitors.
Although, there are not many fire safety equipment suppliers in Bangladesh, buyer can evaluate
other companies like: Compliance BD or KS International. Here, h/she can evaluate prices, product
availability and service report.

Purchase Decision- Once the consumer has gathered all the facts, h/she should arrive at a logical
conclusion on the product to purchase. In this process, the consumer will go for AFNAAN Fire
Extinguisher as they are the best in the business and promise to enhance the overall safety of our