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Dead Poets Society Q&A

1. What year does the movie take place?

2. 1959

3. What is the name of the Academy the boys attend?

4. Welton Academy

5. What school did Todd attend before transferring to Welton?

6. Ballen Crest

7. What did Mr. Keating tell the boys to do with the introductions of their books?
8. To rip them out

9. What is the name of the student who wants to be an actor?

10. Neil Perry

11. What course did Neil take during summer school?

12. Chemistry

13. What is the headmaster's name?

14. Mr. Nolan

15. Todd said to Neil, "There's nothing you can do about it, so you can just _____ ____. I can take
care of myself just fine."
16. butt out

17. According to "Dead Poet's Society", "Carpe Diem" is the Latin equivalent of what in English?
18. Seize the day

19. What is the name of the inspiring English teacher played by Robin Williams?
20. John Keating

21. What was the name of Neil's roommate?

22. Todd

23. True or False: Todd wanted to play soccer at Wellton.

24. False . Todd wanted to be on the crew team.

25. How many students graduated from Welton in 1958?

26. 51
27. When Charlie was going to punch Cameron, who held him back and said, "Don't touch him,
Charlie, you do and you're out." ?
28. Knox

29. The Chemistry teacher asked the boys to hand in a report every _____ weeks.
30. 5

31. The names of the two girls Charlie brought to the Dead Poets' meeting are:
32. Gloria and Tina

33. Mr Keating, the English Literature teacher, says that the boys can call him "O Captain! my
Captain!" From which poet's work is this quote taken?
34. Walt Whitman

35. What is the first thing that Mr. Keating does upon first meeting the class that they are not used
36. He whistles and walks out the door.

37. What does Knox call Chris when she answers the door?
38. Mrs. Danbury

39. What was the name of the book that the members of the Dead Poets Society read from at each
40. ‘Five Centuries of Verse’