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BY Aeromonas hydrophila BY GIVING MENIRAN INFUSION (Phyllanthus niruri, Linn.)

This study aims to determine the influence of infusion therapy meniran (Phyllanthus niruri,. Linn.) after
infected by Aeromonas hydrophila to the histopathologic overview by increasing diameter of the splenic
white pulp of Gurame fish (Osphronemus gourami). A total of 20 head of Gurame fish with an average
weight of 100 grams and a body length of 12-15 cm were randomly divided into five treatment groups (-
P0, P0 +, P1, P2, and P3) with each of the four repetition, and soaked with 106 bacterial CFU / ml for 5
ml in 15 L of water for 24 hours, except on P0-group. The immersion infusion of meniran performed for
3 minutes each day for 5 days, except in the group of P0- and P0+. Results of the statistical test by the F
test of the ANOVA shows that there is a significant difference (p <0.05) among treatments, the results of
further trials with BNJ test can be seen that the average diameter of the splenic white pulp of Gurame
fish in the P3 group showed the highest yield and statistically significantly different (p <0.05) compared
with the group P0 and P1 +, but not significantly different from the group-P0 and P2. From the research
results it can be concluded that the administration from 30% dose of meniran infusion (P3) is the most
effective concentration to increase the diameter of the splenic white pulp of Gurame fish infected by
Aeromonas hydrophila.