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Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Meriem Voinica, and my name is Vlad-Andrei Dogaru and

today we are honoured to represent the “Mircea cel Batran” National College of Constanta,
Romania. We will start with a brief history of the institution. The high school was built in the
19th century, in 1896 and it has been delivering top quality education for more than 120 years,
during which our students have been obtaining outstanding results in international
competitions on Informatics, Chemistry, Astronomy , Astrophysics and many more. When we
say “Mircea cel Batran” , we mean performance,history and ambition. MERIEM
The College has the French Label in Education and it is considered a European school which
shares the great values provided by the European Union. We come from Dobrogea, a region
where people with different ethnicities and religions have been living peacefully together for
centuries. Dobrogea is an example of tolerance and diversity that could serve as a European
model of intercultural understanding. Moreover, the willingness of our students and their
teachers to participate in projects of social importance such as Euroscola proves that we
encourage and embrace the open-mindedness of the young generations. Thank you. VLAD