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RealtyJuggler Adds Google Synchronization to RealtyJuggler Real Estate


The addition of Google Sync allows RealtyJuggler to work with Android SmartPhones, iPhone and
iPAD devices using their native Addressbook and Calendar applications.

Windsor, CO, October 27, 2010 --( Today, RealOrganized, Inc. announced the addition of
Google Contacts and Calendar synchronization to RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software.

RealtyJuggler is a software organizer for real-estate agents and their assistants. It can be used to track
prospects, clients, deals, print mailing labels, do DRIP letters and emails, and much more.

By adding Google synchronization, RealtyJuggler makes it easier to connect with the latest SmartPhones
and Tablet devices. Android (Droid) smartphone users can view their RealtyJuggler contacts and
appointments using the native applications on their phone. This same synchronization capability works on
the iPhone, iPAD, and Apple Macintosh as well.

“The addition of Google sync along with our earlier Microsoft Outlook Sync technology, provides a
comprehensive synchronization solution for real estate professionals. No matter what smartphone or
tablet device you purchase, your RealtyJuggler contacts and calendar will be available on that device,”
said RealOrganized, Inc's president and CEO Scott Schmitz.

This is a free upgrade and is available to all RealtyJuggler subscribers. RealtyJuggler is sold on a
subscription basis and costs $99 / year. Subscription includes automatic data backup, technical support
and free upgrades. RealtyJuggler requires no installation and runs from any modern web browser such as
Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. RealtyJuggler runs on any modern operating
system including Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows PC, Android (Droid) as well as iOS (iPhone,
iPAD). Visit the company web site for a 90-day free trial. A free trial is exactly that - a no-cost free way
to try out the software. You are never charged or billed for a free trial.

About RealOrganized, Inc. - RealOrganized is a corporation founded in 2003 by a former executive from
AOL and a top real estate agent, each with over a dozen years experience in their respective fields. The
company's mission is to create organizational software for the real estate industry.

RealOrganized and RealtyJuggler are trademarks of RealOrganized, Inc. Realtor is a registered trademark
of the National Association of Realtors.

Phone: (970) 672-3467

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