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The waste management company is concerned about the amount of

waste being dumped by households on a daily basis. According to the
waste management records, approximately 8.5 million tons of paper,
glass, aluminum, metal and plastic are disposed each year and about 20,
000 tons of recyclables are in the factory each month. Due to the
excessive amount of waste being dumped, landfill areas are becoming
scarce and soon there will be no place to dump our household waste,
which means by that time pollution will become a serious issue in
society. And as the years come and go it will not be put to a stop.
Researches have proofed that each year the amount of waste is
increasing by 8%. Therefore, it is very important that we learn to reuse
and recycle our household waste to useful products that will become of
good use to us.

The concern which is lain heavily on the waste management company

shoulders is the issue of the excessive amount household waste being
dumped regularly. And due to this, the effects will have a negative
impact on the people in society. Therefore my group was assigned to
help curb the situation in recycling the unwanted household items into
useful products.
My group is required to create and design a useful product that will help
us, from household waste being disposed from our homes. The invention
that we are to make should be safe to anyone who uses it. It must be
attractive. Also it should be inexpensive as the materials are used and it
should be environmentally friendly. Therefore, the product should meet
the four requirements.
Solution 1
 A lamp
Materials used:
 Used plastic spoons
 Used 5 litre blue waters bottle
 Glue gun and glue sticks

Description: this lamp is make of broken spoons. It is then attached to

the bottle. The spoons are not painted or anything of that sought, they
are left alone so that when it is lite, the light can be transparent or
translucent through it and it will not be opaque. This recyclable is a good
way to help curb the waste issue and help decorate your interior.
Solution 2
 A shelf
Materials used:
 A wooden ladder

Description: it is simply a shelf made on an old wooden ladder, attached

on the wall. This recyclable is an easy way of not having sacks of books,
etc. on your desk, but having them well organized on your wall at home.
The Chosen Solution

Specification Solution 1 Solution 2 Rating Scale

Safe 3 2 1-poor
Attractive 4 3
Inexpensive 4 2
Environmentally 4 3 3-very good
Friendly 4-excellent
Total 15 10
 According to the voting table, as you can see the solution that was
chosen was solution 1. It scored 15 out of 16, getting total in all
specifications except the first one.


Two advantages are:

Two disadvantages are:

Testing the Chosen Solution
Name of tester:

Specification Solution 1 Solution 2


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