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The aim of the presentation is to show the functions of the code switching between

two official languages of India, Hindi and English, in the literary translation. The
Hindi-English code switching is consciously used to differentiate particular features
of languages and cultures. The society in India is divided into many social classes;
thus, the aim of the translator is also to distinguish higher social classes from lower
ones, and to show the differences which concern the place of residence, education
and many other factors that may have an impact on the usage of code switching.
The research is done on the basis of the contemporary novel “Half Girlfriend”
written by Chetan Bhagat, and its translation from English to Hindi. The creation
of the plot and the characters allow the translator to use Hindi-English code
switching in order to provide the readers with the real language used in their own
environment. The presentation consists of the analysis of dialogues taken from the
novel, in terms of the functions of the Hindi-English code switching, and is devoted
to the usage of Hindi-English code switching as seen by the society of India.