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Word Power Made Easy

Noun or Verb

Change the content or appearance of (a document or picture)

in order to deceive; falsify.
"the reports could have been doctored"
• Internal medicine?
• Female Medicine?
1 • Pregnancy and child Birth?

• The treatment and care of infants and young children?

• Skin Disorders?
2 • Diseases of the Eye?

• Heart Problems?
• The Brain & Nervous System?
3 • Mental & Emotional Disturbances?
1) What’s wrong with you? : An Internist
2) Female Troubles? : A Gynecologist
3) Having a Baby? : An Obstetrician
4) Is your baby ill? : A Pediatrician
5) Skin Clear ? : A dermatologist
6) Eyes okay? : An Ophthalmologist
7) How Are you bones : An Orthopedist
8) Does your heart go pitter-patter? : A Cardiologist
9) Is your brain working? : A Neurologist
10) Are you neurotic? : A Psychiatrist
1) Inside you

Latin Root – Internus – Inside

Internist : a medical specialist in internal diseases.

Intern : a student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay, in order to

gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification

Internal : of or situated on the inside.

Someone who is learning





Neolithic vs Paleolithic

New stone age

Old stone age

2) Doctors for women
Greek word – Gyne – Woman

Words :

Gynecologist: a doctor skilled in the treatment of women's


Obstetrician : a physician or surgeon qualified to practise in

Obstetrics : specialty of child delivery

(Obstetrix – Latin Word – Midwife – To stand ; Suffix – ician – Expert )

Ex : Electrician, musician etc


Expert in Physics ?

True or False ?
a doctor having direct contact with patients rather than being involved with
theoretical or laboratory studies.


3) Children
Greek – Paidos – Child ; iatreia – Medical Healing ; ician – Expert

Pediatrician : child + medical healing + expert

Pedagogy : teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical

concept .

( Paidos +Agogos = child + Leading )

( Paidos +Agogos = child + Leading )

4) Skin Deep
Greek Word – Derma – Skin

Dermatologist : a medical practitioner qualified to diagnose and treat

skin disorders.

Hypodermic : relating to the region immediately beneath the skin.

(Greek – Hypos – Below / beneath)



Normal blood sugar – 140 mg/dl

My blood sugar – 400 mg/dl
Epidermis : the outer layer of cells covering an organism.

Taxidermist : One who prepares, stuffs and mount the skins of animals

Pachyderm: animal with unusual thick skin (elephants, rhinoceros etc)

Dermatitis: General name for skin infections, irritation

5) The eyes have it

Greek word – ophthalmos – eye; logos – science or


Ophthalmologist (Oculist)

Latin – oculus – eye

Other words with this root:

Ocular, binoculars
Optometrist : Sight / vision + measurement

(Greek – opsis/optikos - vision; metron : measurement)

Optician : Vision + expert



1) One who sells optical devices 1) O_____
2) Outer layer of skin 2) E _____
3) Medical graduate serving his 3) I______
4) One who treats childhood diseases 4) P______
5) Another title for ophthalmologist 5) O ______
6) One who stuffs the skin of animals 6) T_______
6) The Straighteners
Greek root – orthos – straight or correct

Orthopedist : a physician who corrects congenital or functional

abnormalities of the bones with surgery, casting, and bracing.

Orthopedics (adj)

Odontos – Tooth
Orthodontist : the treatment of irregularities in the teeth
and jaws.
7) The Heart

Greek – Kardia – Heart ; Logos – science.

Cardiologist : a doctor who specializes in the study or treatment of heart

diseases and heart abnormalities.

Cardiology : the branch of medicine that deals with diseases and

abnormalities of the heart
Cardiac : relating to the heart.

Cardiogram : a record of muscle activity within the heart made by a


Cardiograph : an instrument for recording heart muscle activity,

8) The nervous system
Greek – Neuron – Nerve ; Logos – Science

Neurologist : a specialist in the anatomy, functions, and organic

disorders of nerves and the nervous system.

Neurology : the branch of medicine or biology that deals with

the anatomy, functions, and organic disorders of nerves and the
nervous system
Algos – Pain

Neuralgia : nerve + pain

(intense, typically intermittent pain along the course of a nerve,

especially in the head or face.)

Neuritis : inflammation of a peripheral nerve or nerves

9) The mind
Greek – Psyche – spirit, soul or mind

Psychosis : mind + abnormal condition

Pyschotic : A Person suffering from delusions, hallucinations,

or any mental state that includes a loss of reality.
iatreia – medical healing

Psychiatrist : a medical practitioner specializing in the diagnosis

and treatment of mental illness.
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