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Match the Word with the corresponding meaning

a. Supply C Expensive

b. Demand A Desire to buy any product

c. High price D All people

d. Mass market E The lifetime of goods and services.

e. Life cycle B Disposition to offer products

1. According to the text, mention the things people take into account to determine the

people take into account various factors when defining the behavior of the demand,as for example
the cost of the product defines the place where they will acquire it and turn how much is the
quantity requested.

the confort factor is also decisive when wanthing to acquire something and also the affinity with

2. Write F for false or T for true

a. Production cost depends on Technology F() V (x )

b. As greater the expectations are, the lower will be the offer from the companies. F (x ) V()

c. One of the four Ps of marketing mix is Package F() V (x )

d. Price is the amount a customer pays for the product F() V (x )

e. Planning is to transform and develop marketing objectives to marketing strategies F ( ) V (x )

3. Answer the following questions
a. What is Benchmarking?

Is a tool designe to achieve efficient competitive behavior in the offer of monopolistic markets
that consist in comparing the performance of companies

b. What is the process of Benchmarking?

Benchmarking implies learning from what the other is doing and then adapting their own practices
according to what they have learned , making the necessary changes,it is not only a matter of
copying a good practice, buta n adaptation to their own circumstances and caracreristics must be
carried out

c. Number the aspects to be taken into account in Benchmarking:

Improvement of processes and which was defined as the reference point of the bes tones and to
adopt strategies. Within the established legality

4. Write the vocabulary (20 words) from the reading, and make a Glossary: Organize the
words in alphabetic order and write the meaning of each word.
1. According conforme
2. Adjusted equilibrado
3. Application solicitud
4. Being siendo
5. Brand marca
6. Calendar calendario
7. Confirms confirmar
8. Company empresa
9. Enter entrar
10. Example ejemplo
11. Got tiene
12. Have tener
13. Having teniendo
14. Hunting caza
15. Many muchos
16. Mobile móvil
17. Natural natural
18. Way camino
19. Nuance matiz
20. Walking caminar
5. Write a ten lines text that summarizes the topic of the activity.

He talks about supply and demand, he also talks about marketing and its use for business

The jewelry and perfumery market is used and how its behavior changes. also talks about
the problems of technology being an elementary need that helps today to have a dynamic
performance and increasingly important applications help people to organize the times