Heli-Max Axe CP-L Micro EP Helicopter RTF

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Heli-Max® AXE™ CP-L Micro EP Helicopter RTF
Ready-to-Fly EP Aerobatic Micro Helicopter

$25 Merchandise Certificate or $10 Cash Rebate
Download PDF version of the rebate form. (667k)
To take advantage of this Manufacturer's Mail-In Rebate Offer you must download and print the Rebate Form above. Promotion ends March 31, 2008 Downloads Require Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher.

The best micro heli — now with LiPo power!
The LiPo battery delivers 950mAh of capacity — more than many of the LiPo packs included with other manufacturer’s helis — and features a popular Dean’s Micro™ plug. The compact LiPo balancing charger comes with both DC and AC adapters for at-home as well as at-the-field charging convenience.

The compact, ready-to-fly Axe CP is already acclaimed for being complete, loaded with quality components and capable of inverted flight right out of the box. Now comes the Axe CP-L, powered by a high-performance Lithium-Polymer battery. The result is longer flight times and more 3D aerobatic potential than ever before. It’s R/C’s #1 micro heli, enhanced with the #1 electric upgrade!

Along with the Axe CP-L you get all of these premium features: 5-channel FM radio system FM micro receiver ESC/gyro/mixer unit



99 Stock Status: In Stock http://www.com/products/heli-max/hmxe06. 800mAh LiPo DC Balancing No Symmetrical wooden blades 120° CCPM swashplate Purple anodized aluminum tail boom Vertical stabilizer/tail rotor skid Heli-Max CNC Bell-Hiller Rotor Head Upgrade Kit AXE CP LXTLM5 ONLY $34.125 in. x 20.5 oz (468 g) Requires: 8 “AA” batteriesIncludes: 5-channel FM radio. instructional DVD Axe CP-L Tail Motor Main Motor Construction Tail Boom Choices of Frequencies Colors Available Instructional DVD Dimensions Battery Charger Easy Pay Available N-60 (Heavy Duty) Speed 380 Unibody Frame Anodized Aluminum Yes 6 Yes 8.Heli-Max Axe CP-L Micro EP Helicopter RTF Page 2 of 4 380-size main motor N60 tail motor 950mAh LiPo battery w/Dean’s Micro plug Balance charger with AC and DC adapters Training gear Instructional DVD Just How Does The Axe CP-L EP RTF Stack-Up To The Competition? Specifications Main Rotor Diameter: 20.75 in (528 mm) Fuselage Length: 23 in (584 mm) Height: 8. 3-in-1 ESC/gyro/mixer unit. training gear.125 in (206 mm) Weight: 16.13 in.625 in. 380-size main motor. 950mAh LiPo AC/DC Balancing Yes The Competition N-30 Speed 370 Stick Frame Composite No 1 No 7.html 2/28/2008 . N60 tail motor.towerhobbies. 3S 950mAh balanced LiPo battery pack w/Deans Micr plug. LiPo-balance charger w/AC & DC adapters. x 23 in.

Heli-Max Axe CP-L Micro EP Helicopter RTF Page 3 of 4 380-size main motor N60 tail motor. with aluminum heat sink Durable unibody airframe Micro FM receiver All-in-one ESC/gyro/mixer unit 3S 950mAh LiPo battery Tech Notes Add to (File size 20.2 MB) Requires Windows Media Player or QuickTime Player ***Important Safety Reminder*** Available in six canopy colors! ONLY $199.towerhobbies.98 Stock Status: In Stock In Stock In Stock http://www.com/products/heli-max/hmxe06.html 2/28/2008 .98 Stock Status: Axe CP-L/Red LXSWV242 ONLY $199.98 Stock Status: Axe CP-L/Blue LXSWV240 ONLY $199.98 Axe CP-L Micro EP In Stock Frequencies LXSWV2** Stock Status: In Stock Add to 3 Easy Payments On Request of Only $66.66 Primary Accessories Optional Accessories Tech Notes Important Safety Reminder Axe CP-L/White LXSWV236 ONLY $199.

Do not duplicate or redistribute in any form.98 Stock Status: Axe CP-L/Purple LXSWV254 ONLY $199.98 Stock Status: In Stock Add to In Stock Add to In Stock Add to Prices shown were current at time of ad production and are subject to change.2008 Tower Hobbies All rights reserved. Home Shopping Cart Your Account E-mail Newsletter Wish List Copyright © 2007.98 Stock Status: Axe CP-L/Orange LXSWV256 ONLY $199.towerhobbies.Heli-Max Axe CP-L Micro EP Helicopter RTF Page 4 of 4 Add to Add to Add to Axe CP-L/Yellow LXSWV244 ONLY $199.com/products/heli-max/hmxe06.html 2/28/2008 . http://www.

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