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Please go through the following questionnaire and identify the appropriate responses for each
of them. There is no such thing as a correct answer, therefore feel free to respond

Disclaimer: Your response via this questionnaire will be used strictly for academic purposes.
There will not be any commercial solicitation or usage of the response in any kind / form

Personal Information

Name :

Age :

Gender :

City :

Occupation :

Your Income Level ( per annum ) :

1. Upto 5 lac
2. 5 lac-15 lac
3. 15 lac – 25 lac
4. 25 lac- 35 lac
5. 35 lac and above
6. Not earning presently

1. How often do you travel outstation ?

 Once in a Year
 Once in 6 Months
 Once in 3 Months
 Every Month
 Every Week

2. How do you Plan your Trip ?

By Yourself
Through a Travel Agent
3.What is most common type purpose of your travel ?
o Family Vacation
o Adventures
o Business
o Spiritual
o Religious

4. What mode of transportation do you opt ? Rate them on the basis of your preference (most
preferred at the top , Least preferred at the bottom )

Car, Bus, Train , Airplane, Ship

5.Where do you go most often ?

o Hill Stations
o Beaches
o Deserts
o Historically Significant places
o Commercially Busy cities

6. Have You travelled Internationally?

o Yes
o No

How Many Times ........................

7. With whom, Do you travel most often ?

o Family
o Friends
o Colleagues
o Alone

8. Where do you like to stay ?

o Expensive Hotels
o Economy Hotels
o Resorts

9.What is generally the length of the trip ?

o 1-2 days
o 3-5 days
o A week
o A fortnight
o A month

10. Do you have Membership of any Holiday Clubs ?

o Yes
o No

11. Have you used any online travelling website ?

If so,

12. How often?

 none
 sometimes
 often
 every time when I plan a travel

13. Do You have any favourite travel website?


14. How Much do you spend on a trip on an average ?

o Upto 5,000
o 5,000 – 15,0000
o 15,000 – 25, 000
o Above 25,000

15. Do You wish to go for a World-tour ?

o Yes
o No