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We, with the thought of herbal awareness, collaborated our knowledge, experience
and research to establish an online herbal platform of (Burhani Natural Science /BNS)
which turned up to be a successful project with the time, in order to switch and heal
humanity with the goodness of trusted and quality herbs.
And now we are again together with the aim of spreading an amazing meditative
technique of breathing practice namely: (Breathsoul), encouraging the ultimate healing
state of mind and body from all the negative approach of world and diseases.
Welcome to:
"Breathsoul Foundation"
And enjoy A (Healthy body and happy soul with Breathsoul).

Dr.Shk.Idris Modi Dr. Rashida Abizar Framewala
Bsc,Pharmacy,Ayurved Ratan,ved visharad D.A.M.S / R.M.P/ Naturopathy and Herbal
Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine consultant Consultant.Yoga therapist, Researcher and
Sujok Accupressure and Breathsoul specialist Specialist in (Breathsoul).
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 Breathing also known as respiration, or ventilation is the process of
moving air into and out of the lungs to facilitate gas exchange with
the internal organs.

 Breathing is important to us because in our body, which is the
formation of cells, require oxygen to move, reproduce and function.

 Breathing supplies oxygen inside our body in each organs and
expels carbon dioxide, which is a by-product of cellular processes
within the bodies.

 If carbon dioxide built up in a body, ultimate result would be
death, as reduced oxygen or blood flow to an organ eventually
leads to dysfunction of organs or disease.

 So here we come to know that Breathing itself is an amazing
weapon of our body in order to stay disease free.. the only
condition is that it should be done correctly.
The name itself indicates that it's something which connects the soul.
*Soul*.. which is the only identity of our existing body, needs to be treated with quality peace so as to have a
healthy and happy life throughout.
But in this fast and furious era where we don't have time even for body so treatment of soul is like something
out of the box. Well.. breathsoul can be the answer for it.
Breathsoul in short is breathing from the soul. When soul connects to something it means there's going to be
the power and magic of meditation in it.
Involvement of meditation in breathing gives some amazing health benefits which are as follows :
It is seen that stress is the major cause of health disorders making the person unconfident, negative and
hopeless...and this is where meditation has its role. It restores confidence levels and improves will power and
gives strength to fight the condition and live well.
1. Evidence suggest that Meditation can help in reducing blood sugar levels by regulating sleep patterns, as
sleep is very important for natural healing of the body.
2. Meditation help patients achieve homeostasis, which is a balance in the body there by promote optimum
functioning of autonomic nervous system, endocrine system and other vital processes thus body achieves a
cure by itself.
3. Studies have proved that meditation can promote regulation of cortisol and other stress hormones. Also it
enhances concentration level.
4. During the practice of meditation the amount of carbon dioxide elimination reduces in proportion to oxygen
consumed without any effect on respiratory quotient (relative amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide
concentration) producing internal homeostasis, as a result helps in reduction of anxiety and stress level.
5. Mindfulness during Meditation promotes self awareness and increases person’s will power by teaching
discipline. It not only leads to better food choices, but the food is digested and assimilated into the body in a
more efficient way.
Well... So here we understand the concept of Breathsoul and now to learn it, move towards the lesson's and
Breathsoul contains 3 steps, and 5 level of practice.
*Step 1. Inhale*
*Step 2. Hold*
*Step 3. Exhale*

In our normal day to day life we never concentrate upon our breathing and it's obvious, we are busy enough.. but if
you have ever noticed a new born child! *You must have noticed a child till the age of 1year, when inhales, the tummy
rises as well as the chest expands and when exhales, the tummy contracts as well as the chest is loosen down*. That's
the correct way of breathing which we are taught and sent on Earth by the *Almighty Lord*.

But as soon as we start learning other things we tend to forget this important act, and just keep on breathing for the
sake of living but not for the sake of living healthy.

Well.. so one point must have been cleared till now, that we are suppose to practice the *rise and contract of tummy
and chest, while inhaling and exhaling process accordingly.

Now let's move further:

Why there's the need of rising tummy and expanding chest while inhaling?
Because when you are inhaling oxygen you must see to it, that you supply it deeply throughout your body's vital
organs which are *lung's, intestines and Brain*.
And why there's the need of contracting tummy and loosening of chest while exhaling?
Because you are suppose to see to it, that the carbon dioxide is eliminated in abundance from your body's vital
*What's the need of doing this ?*
As I explained in the introduction that our body is the formation of cell's which needs oxygen to perform well as well
as it needs to be rid off the carbon dioxide which is a by-product(waste) and can harm our cells by affecting it's
performance and thereby causing various diseases inside us.
So when we expand our chest and rise our tummy while inhaling we are actually allowing and giving
space to oxygen to flow deep within our lung's (in chest) and intestines (in stomach)* and when we are
contracting our tummy, *we are actually squeezing out or pushing up the carbon dioxide (just like we
squeeze our wet clothes) from our stomach and while loosening chest we are allowing that poison to
go out of our mouth easily*.
Now.. here we come to the second point or conclusion that, *we are suppose to breath in from nose
and breath out from mouth while practicing Breathsoul.

*Now let's move more further:*

With the explanation given above we learned 2 steps of Breathsoul Therapy:
*1. Inhale through nose*
*3. Exhale through mouth*
Why the second step is empty?
*Well... That's the main punch or I must say the uniqueness of Breathsoul therapy.*
If you remember, I noted down 3 Vital organs of our body namely:
*lung's, intestine and Brain..*
But with the explanation till now, we didn't come up to the Brain part!
*How's the brain related to this Therapy then?*
Let me clear it for you.. brain and our second step is co-related.
Let's learn how:
When you are inhaling and exhaling, fine.. you are giving oxygen and eliminating carbon dioxide in
abundance *but are you giving any time to oxygen to repair the effected cells and travel further more
inside you?*
No.. it's going on fast and furious..alike our life!!!
*So step 2 is, when you have inhaled the oxygen you are suppose to hold your breath and allow the
oxygen to repair the effected cells of our body and travel to our brain too*.
Well.. complete cycle of Breathing, holding and exhaling shall be equal.

The basic or the first level is 5 count's or 5 second's.

*5 count's to inhale*.
*5 count's to hold*.
*5 count's to exhale*.

*Now aren't any question arising here?*

*Where's the meditation connect of Breathsoul?*
Well... *The second step of holding breath will give you the connect to the soul.. the meditation effect*.

Let's learn this too:
Dear friends,
We are taught from childhood that, do one thing at a time else you'll won't be able to perform anything
efficiently and accurately.. remember?
From our parent's, from our teachers.. and now even we are guiding our children's alike..
Well.. yes two task at a time is difficult and must be avoided but one who can still do it efficiently, we admire
them, aren't we? Because two task at a time needs your ultimate focus and keen attention.
And what's the definition of meditation?? *Ultimate focus and keen attention* right?? *This is what I researched as
a first thing in my practice of Breathsoul taught by my mentor Dr. Idris Modi sir*.

So, when you are performing your inhaling and exhaling, this is your first task and when you are counting so as
to complete the Breathsoul cycle, you are performing your second task which needs your complete focus and
attention, which directly lead's you to the state of meditation where you can connect your soul with the
universal flow of healing energy.
Let's learn the Breathsoul practically.
You have to take care of 5 thing's if you desire to practice Breathsoul.
1. You should be on empty stomach (2 hour's post or prior meals) is also fine.
2. You can practice Breathsoul in any position, what all u need as an compulsion is, you have
maintain *straight posture*.( Sitting on floor, chair, sleeping on bed, mat, standing) will do.. posture
must be straight.
3. You can perform it anytime as per your convenience, however best time is early morning before
sunrise, noon time between 12-2, evening time between 5-7, before sleep and midnight.
4. You have to be alone and in a silent zone, if you are willing to perform Breathsoul. However you
can perform in a public place too but if you are willing to reach meditation level you have be in a
silent zone in your initial practice's.
5. Level one is of 5 count's/ 5 sec, in each step, that means 3steps = 15 count's/15 sec.

Which means one cycle will take 15 sec and in order to derive maximum benefits from Breathsoul,
you need to perform at least 40 cycle in a day on a basic level.

Which means you have to dedicate your only 10 minute's to Breathsoul in a day.
*Point 3. Which is about following the best time is very important.*
*In my research of Breathsoul therapy, (learned by my mentor Dr. Idris Modi sir), I have come across
the incredible results upon different health conditions when had practice at a particular above given
(Which you will learn in upcoming lessons.)
*Now let me be your instructor...*
1. Make yourself comfortable with your desired position, 2. Also go through the second picture which is showing
sitting, sleeping or standing. inhale through nose and expanding of chest and
Just maintain your posture straight. Alike this picture. tummy.

3. After you complete inhaling, you have to hold on your breath maintaining the expansion of your chest and
tummy and count 5 Then comes the exhaling part.
4. Go keenly through the third picture now which is showing exhaling through slightly parted mouth and
contracting of tummy as well as loosening of chest.
Close your eyes, and gather your focus... Travel through your dream project.. Something which you were
longing to achieve... and imagine it's with you...
You have achieved it.. you are happy..
you just can't believe it.. you want to thank the Almighty Lord for it, from the core of your heart.. you are
Your focus is gathered.

Now when you will start your Breathsoul, don't forget you have to inhale from nose and slowly slowly
with the counts you have to expand your chest as well as rise your tummy...

As if you are filling yourself with the entire universal happiness, slowly slowly... And when u will exhale
from your mouth, you have to contract your tummy and loose your chest so that you can throw away all
the negativities, anger, hatred's and diseases out of your body.

Now here you go..

start inhaling.
I'm counting for you..
1.... 2.... 3....4... 5...
You have successfully inhaled the happiness.

Now hold it.

1.. 2... 3... 4.. 5.. yes..
now exhale all the toxins.. 1... 2... 3... 4... 5...
*Great you successfully completed your first cycle*
*Now repeat it. 19 times more*
As we have learned earlier that Breathsoul plays an active role in stimulating our vital organs namely
*lungs intestine and brain* and it's regular practice is capable in treating the diseases related to it.
So today we shall learn something about the importance of lungs and how Breathsoul can help you with the
healthy lungs.
Lungs are the sacks of tissue located just below the rib cage and above the diaphragm muscles. They are an
important part of the respiratory system and waste management for the body.
The main function of the lungs is the process of gas exchange called respiration (or breathing). In respiration,
oxygen from incoming air enters the blood, and carbon dioxide, a waste gas from the metabolism, leaves the
A reduced lung function means that the ability of lungs to exchange gases is reduced and this starts with the
diseases related to lungs.
Well... So we come to know that our lungs are really important for us to take care, right?? Do you also know
that seventy percent of waste is eliminated through our lungs just by simply breathing, which means Breathsoul
shall do wonders here no doubt.
*So in order to have a healthy lungs you have to practice Breathsoul level2 means, that the counts of Breathsoul
cycle shall increase from 5 to 10 here. And while performing Breathsoul for lungs you have to place your right
hand over chest(lung portion) and imagine with the power of meditation that the lungs are getting healthy*
Why we are suppose to increase the level for lungs? Well.. When we breathe in and out, our diaphragm
muscles contracts creating space for our chest to expand and get the maximum oxygen for the well-being.
While going through this process our diaphragm muscles perform about 80 percent of the work to fill our lungs
with a mixture of oxygen and other gases, and then to send the waste gas out. Which means our diaphragm
really works hard.. And as normally we don't take care of our breathing activities and usually suffer with
diseases like common cough and cold, bronchitis etc, effects our diaphragm muscles making it weak.. So now
when we are about to routine our life with Breathsoul we need to strengthen our diaphragm muscles which
needs more supply of oxygen than level 1 so as to cope up with the lungs related disorders.
Hope the concept is clear up to here.
So now let me also guide you with the perfect time to perform Breathsoul for lungs.
It's early morning 4-6am
This is because the air during this period of time is moist which helps the oxygen to travel
smoothly throughout our lungs easily.

Today we shall learn the Breathsoul level 3 which shall help us in curing stomach and intestine, b
related infection's or disorders.
When we talk about stomach or intestine related diseases, we can name numerous of it.. Isn't
it.. From minor to major many of the health disorders are due to the abnormalities in the functions
of stomach and intestine
To name few of the intestinal disorders are:
Acid reflux
Celiac Disease
Crohn's Disease
Ulcerative Colitis
Diverticulitis etc.
To name few of the stomach disorders are :
Kidney stones etc
Now.. Let me also inform you that Breathsoul can be the amazing treatment for all this.

As we have learnt earlier itself that, Breathsoul stimulates our intestine and stomach with the
inhale and exhale moment's which actually creates a gentle massaging action in our organs
and hence due to
this it can help in treating all the intestinal and stomach related disorders.

Moreover Breathsoul also helps in the purification of blood due to the immense oxygen supply
and elimination of carbon dioxide hence it also gains eligibility in treating cardiac and blood
infection's too, which we shall learn in next lesson.

Breathsoul has the meditative touch to which In my research I have found that meditation helps
in calming our mind and generating positive hormones in our body which helps in fighting
with the stomach and intestinal disease's in a very well manner and giving you a good mood
What all we need to do is practice Breathsoul level 3 which is of 15 count's per cycle, during 5-
Evening is the time known for it's peace and harmony aura flowing right from the universe to
us and disease related to stomach and intestines
needs a peacefull attempt of Breathsoul.
You are suppose to count 15 with your right hand placed on your effected organ and peacefully
gather inn the positivity of healing rays eliminating the painful thought of disease out of your
Bresthsoul level 4 and 5 are difficult yet an ultimate meditative healing technique.

It has the maximum count's of performance cycle which helps the performer to
connect the holistic state of mind through meditation.

Meditation help patients achieve homeostasis, which is a balance in the body, there
by promote optimum functioning of autonomic nervous system, endocrine system
and other vital processes, thus body achieves a cure by itself.
Studies have proved that meditation can promote regulation of cortisol and other
stress hormones.
During the practice of meditation the amount of carbon dioxide elimination reduces
in proportion to oxygen consumed without any effect on respiratory quotient.
Meditation produces internal homeostasis and reduction in stress levels.

Mindfulness during Meditation promotes self awareness and increases person’s

will power by teaching discipline. It not only leads to better food choices, but the
food is digested and assimilated into the body in a more efficient way which helps
in a healthy lifestyle indeed.
Breathsoul level 4 is of 20 count's per cycle which helps is curing blood infection's causing:
Skin rashes , Painful lumps in kidney areas.
Blood cancer etc

And Breathsoul level 5 which is of 25 count's per cycle helps in curing brain related
disorders such as:
•Poor memory index.
•Loss of concentration.
•Hyperactive kid's.
•Brain tumors etc
Best time to perform level 4 and 5 is midnight and early morning 4-6am
You have to place your right palm over your heart while performing level 4.. As heart is
the main organ of blood supply.
And while performing level 5 you have to cover your face (specially eyes) with both the
So friends..
Now here we complete our Breathsoul lesson's which needs your daily practice no doubt
in order to fulfill our aim of spreading Breathsoul benefits.