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Jeiel Anquilo
2018 April to Kenmarc Construction and Development Corporation
Valencia 2018 May Position: Intern ( Trainee ) Specialization: Engineering - Civil/Construction/Structural
Industry: Construction / Building / Engineering
2017 April to Sutherland Global Services
2017 May Position: Customer Service Representative ( Fresh / Entry
Level )
Specialization: BPO/Call Center
Industry: Outsourcing (Call Center / BPO)

I am looking for a suitable job to test out my knowledge 2019 April Holy Angel University (HAU)
and to apply my skills in Math, Structural Design and other Major: Bachelor of Science Major in Civil Engineering
civil engineering related subjects. Field of Study: Engineering (Civil)

I can accomplish tasks independently using my own ACHIEVEMENTS

initiative or as part of a
group. I am dedicated to what I’m doing especially when I
Salutatorian Pulung Santol Elementary School SY 2009-2010
learn new things.
Salutatorian Pulung Santol National High School SY 2013-2014
Dean's Lister - 1st Yr 1st Sem AY14-15 | 2nd Yr 1st and 2nd Sem AY15-16 |
3rd Yr 1st Sem AY 16-17
President's Lister 1st Yr 2nd Sem|Dean's Lister 4th Yr 1st and 2nd Sem
Champion in Various Interdepartmental Quiz Bees at HAU (SEA Days 2016
Birthdate : December 1997
and Earth Days 2018)
Civil Status : Single
Participant in Various National Quiz Bees (EC '18, UP Aces '18, UP
Nationality : Filipino Aggregates '18, SysQuiz '18)
: 0508 Purok 3 Pulung Santol Porac Finalist in Clash of CE 2018 hosted by Esplana Engineering Review Center
Address Pampanga Angeles City, Central Luzon
Gender : Male
2019 2018
TransCEnd (1st CE National Quiz in PICE HAU-SC Academic Council
HAU) Organizer Member
Mobile : 09061566643
Home : 0508 2019 2019
Email : Professional Development CE Talk 2018 and 2019 (Civil
Workshop 1 "Resume Tutior" Engineering Days)
Work :
2018 2018
University of the Philippines Application of Reinforced Concrete
Diliman ACES Company Tour Design With Seismic Analysis
• Basic AutoCAD
• Kapampangan
• Microsoft Office Programs (Word, Excel,
Powerpoint, Outlook) • Filipino / Tagalog

• Video Editing • English

• Music (Piano)
• Literary Skills (Writing Stories, Articles and
Blogs) Engr. Arlyn B. Del Rosario Engr. Neal Castillo
Professor in Calculus Professor in Soil Mechanics
• Computer and Social Media General Engineering Instructor Civil Engineering Instructor
• Estimates, Structural Analysis etc Holy Angel University Holy Angel University
09162626525 09159056387

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