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Republie of 'sle Fhilippin*s

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Nlemorandum Circular No.2019- 01



FROM: UniFAST Governing Board



1.0 Rationale

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Unified Student Financial Assistance System for
Tertiary Education (UniFAST) Board under Section 7 ard Section 10 of Republic Act No.
10931, also known as the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act of 2017, and Rule
4, Section 47, and Section 59 of its Implementing Rules and Regulations {IRR}, and
UniFAST Board Resolution No. 2019-010 approved during ths 19tr UniFAST regular meeting
of the Board, the following guidelines are hereby promulgated to ensure the efficient and
effective implementation of the provisions under Sections 7 (TES for Filipino Students), 10
(Quality Standards for SUC and LUC Budgets, TES, and Student Loan Programs), arid 15
(Appropnations) of the Act.

The relevant provisions of R.A. No. 10931 and its IRR are as follows:

1.1 Section 7 of R".A. ].Io. 10931. Tertiary Education Subsidy for Filipino Students.

"To support the cost oftertiary education or any part or portion thereof, a TES is hereby
established for all Filipino students who shall enroll in undergraduate-post-secondary programs
of SUCs, LUCs private FIEIs and all TYIs. The TES shall be administered by the UniFAST
Board and the amount necessary to fund the TES shall be included in the budgets of the CHED
and the TESDA: Provide{ That prioritization shall be given to students in the following
order: (a) students who are part of households included in the Listahanan 2.0, ranked according
to the estimated per capita household income; and (b) students not part of the Listahanan 2.0,
ranked according to estimate per capita household income based or submitted
documentation of proof of income to be determined by the UniFAST Board: Provided, further, r{
that such prioritization shall not apply to Filipino students in cities and municipalities with no ()
existing SUC or LUC campus." rl

Republic of the Philippines
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1.3 Section l5 of R.A No. 10931. Appropriations.

"The amounts necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act, specifically Sections 4, 5,7,
and 8 shall be included in the annual General Appropriations Act (GAA) and shall be
appropriated under SUCs, CHED, and TESDA in accordance with the provisions of this Act:
Provided, That an amount equivalent to not more than three percent (3%) of the TES and
student loan program for tertiary education provided under this Act may be used as
administrative cost under the UniFAST."

1.4 Section 26 of the IRR of R.A. 10931. Administration.

"The TES shall be administered by the UniFAST Board" which shall develop detailed
guidelines to properly allocate the TES to eligible students, subject to the prioritization
guidelines in Section 7 of the Act. The formulated guidelines shall ensure the entbrcement
of Section 2 (b) and Section 2 (fl of the Act by strengthening the complementary roles
between public and private institutions in Tertiary Education while maintaining the civic
liberty of students in their choice of programs and institutions to enroll in."

2.0 Coverage

Private Higher Education Institutions shall be entitled to the following amount of subsidy
provided under Section 24 inthe IRR of R.A. 10931, as follows:

(a) "Normative amountsshall be setfor the.fbllowing:

(l) T'ESfor tuition and other school fees, referred to {ts "T'ES-1" hereina.fter;

(2) T'ES .for et{ucation-related expenses as defined in (b) to (c) of Section 7 o/'the Act,
reJbrred to as "'fES-2" hereinafier; and

(3) fES .ibr expenses delineci in (d) anci (e) of Section 7 of the Act, relerrecl to as
"TES-3" hereinafter.

(b) T'he TES benefits awarded to qual{ied stttdet*,c slrull cowe,spond to the inttitution
and prrsgrams they are enrr,tlled in.

(l) For students enrolled m S{JCs and LtlCs uniler programs coverec{ in Section 22
(a.) of the IRR, they shall be entitled to:

a. TES-2; und
b. fE-s -?, tf nects..uery'." r{


Trqfi& ..,.aji:i::'-.,'. .
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(2) For student,s ewolled in private HEIs under progrutt?ts coversd irz Section 22 (a)
af the IRR, they shall be entitled to:

a. TES-];
b. TES-2; and
c. TES-3, iJ"necessary"

Thus, "during this transitory period, the {lniFAST Baord shall issue TES guidelines that
takes into consideration the welfare of beneficirsries of StuFAPs afficted by the
implemenrafion oJ the TES, as welf as atlter high-priority s€ctors af society."

3.0 Allocation for Tertiary Education Subsidy of RA. 10931

Sixteen Billion Pesos (PhP16,000,000,000) of the Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES)

(inclusive of not more than 3 percent administrative support to be given to partner Institutions
found in CIIED's Registry of Institutions and Programs) has been alloeated by the UniFAST
Governing Board to TES grantees for Academic Year 2018 - 2A79 and shall be gtven to poor
but deserving students based on the piaitization citeyia cited in the Tertiary Education
Subsidy guidelines.

4.0 Administrative Support Cost

The Administrative Support Cost (ASC) for partner Private F{EIs, shall cover activities such
as monitoring, expenses on notarization of legal documents, office supplies and materials,
hiring of project technical staff/s or job order, communication, transportation ffavel, I
infsrmation comrnunication and technology (ICT) equiprnent and / or parapheuralia, remedial
/ mentoring prograrr and meetings /orientation / general assembly.

The Administrative Support Cost will be released together with the TES given to the private

On the other hand, the Administrative Support Cost (ASC) for the CFIED Regional Offices,
shall cover activities such as providing remedial I mentoring program for the private FIEIs
within the Region and meetings I orientation / general assembly to TES student-grantees,
parents and I or guardians, private HEIs' administrative authority and personnel; processing
and checking the completeness and correctness of TES billing documents; preparation of
disbursement-related documents for paSnnent of TES billing documents; tracking. monitoring
and evaluation of TES implementation among SUCs, LUCs and private FIEIs in the region,
administrative related expenses such as expenses on notaization of legal documents, office
supplies and materials, compensation of project technical staf#s or job order, communication,
transportatiot/travel, information and communication technology GCT) equipment and / or E-l
paraphernalia, and such other exp€nses directly related to, or deemed necessa{y for the proper {+
implementation of the TES program under RA 10931. CN

ffiffi* iffiraiffi ffi-v. r,".ffi'."

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5.0 Financial henefits

5.1 Tertiary Education Subsidy Grant to Student-Grantees enrolled in Private

Higher Education Institutions

TES student grantee shall be entitled to a maximum of Sixty Thousand Pesos

(PhP 60,000.00) as grant per academic year or Thirty Thousand (PhP 30,000.00) as
grant per semester. The maximum payment to the F{EI of PhP 60,000 per academic
year is set regardless of the actual amount of tuition and other school fees charged by
the institution. The grant is intended to cover academic and extra-curricular expenses,
including tuition, misceilaneous and other school fees, purchase of te>rtbooks, board
and lodging, transportation, clothing, admission I entrance fees, health and other valid
related education expenses and support services to complete the student-grantee's
degree program. The breakdown are as follows:

Partieulars UniT Cost (PhF) Totrl Cost / Year

1. Tuition and Other School Fees PhP 10,000 per semester PhP 20,000.00

2. Textbook / other learning materials Any stipend must be divided PhP 40,000.00
any firther academic and extra- over 10 monfhs Maximum
curricular expenses, stipends
(including food, lodging, clothing, Other amounts shall be paid or
transpoftation, health / rnedical disbursed based on the Notarized
needs, and school supplies) and TES Shming Agreement
othsr related costs needed to
complete the beneficiary's
TOTAL PhP 60.000.00

Note: The period covered in the release of the monthly stipend and semestral book
allowance will remain to be for 10 months. Private Higher Education Institutions
with three or four terms in an academic year will have to follow the rnonthly and
semestral releases as discussed in the TES Sharing Agreement.

If a student beneficiary has paid for any academic and extra-curricular expenses to the
F{EI prior to the private IIEIs receipt of TES-I, the private FIEI must refund the
beneficiary of such amounts upon its receipt of TES-I.

The TES grant of PhP 60,000 per TES grantee will be paid through the private Fhgher
Education Institutions based on the validated and certified List of TES grantees issued
by the CiIEDRO Regional Director duly prepared by the designated UniFAST Lf)
Regional Coordinators after thorough due diligence procedures in the verification and {ts
validation of required documents. $

Republic of the Philippines
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6.0 Funds Flow Procedures and Documentations

For efficient and effective fund management of budget allocated for Tertiary Education
Subsidy, the following funds flow procedures and documentations at every stage of
disbursement is provided beiow.

6.1 At the UniFAST Board

6.1.1 A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on the TES between UniFAST

Governing Board represented by the Chairperson of UniFAST and CFIED and
Private Higher Education Institution represented by its President, duly
executed by the parties concerned and their instrumental witnesses, before a
ilotary puLrlic.

6.2 At the UniFAST Secretariat

6.2.1 Request the Official Roster of Qualitled TES grantees enrolled in the first
semester and second semester of AY 2018-2019 in Higher Education
Institutions registered in the CI#D Regional Office, duly validated and
certified by
the CI-IED Regional Director and Unifast Regional

6.2.2 Consolidate the CI{ED Regional Offices' Ccrtifieations (?lease refer to Annex
"A") submitted with the Roster of Qualified TES grantees enrolled in the t'irst
semester and second semester of AY 2018^2019 in Higher Education
Institutions registered in CF{ED Regional Office, duly validated and certified
by the CIffiD Regional Director and Coordinator(s) for budgetary purposes;

6.2.3 Prepare the following documents for fund transfer purposes:

1. Request for Sub-Allotment Release Order (Sub-ARO);

2. Request for Fund Transfer;
3. DisbursementVoucher;
4. Certification on the list of PF{EIs with total number of qualified TES
grantees duly attested by the CIIED Regional Director; and
5. Memorandum from the Office of the UniFAST Executive Director
attesting the list of PF{EIs with TES beneficiaries submitted by the
CHED Regional Offices.

6.3 At the CHED-AFMS

6.3.1 Release of funds through CHED Regional Offices for the TES of qualilied
student-grantees enrolled in private HEIs.
CHED-AFMS upon recvipt of duly signed documents specified under 6.2.3 shall o
prepare Notice of Transfer Allocation in favor of the CF{ED Regional Office. rf)


Republic ol the Philippines
.r Unilied $tuilent Financial fissistance $ystem lor Isniary Educalian
ia,r Grouna Floor. BIdg. E. UF Ayala Land Technohub Complex. Ccmmonlnrealth Ave. Ditiman Quezcn City
Email: u nliastsecreta riat@ched. gov.pi :

6.4 At the CHED Regional Offices

Prior to the receipt of Notice of Transfer Allocation (NTA), and upon receipt of Sub-
Allotment Release Order, the CHED Regional Offices shall prepare the disbursement
documents needed in order to release the TES to private FIEIs with enrolled qualified TES
student-grantees, as follows :

I. Obligation Request and Status (ORS) based on the List of TES grantees from
private HEls in their region;
2. Disbursement Voucher (DV) duly signed by the CIIED Regional Director;
3. Notarized copy of the Memorandum of Agreement betrveen CIIED, UniFAST and
the private HEIs from their region.
4. Form 1 (TES) - Billing Statement for TES certified by the Accountant and
approved by the President (print-out and electronic copy) [Please refer to Annex
"B"l together with a duly notarized Certification of Roster OR Masteriist of
Qualified TES Student Grantees i:y tire private F{EI Scholarsliip Coordinator or
Guidance Counsellor (print-out and electronic copy).

6.5 At the private IIEI with qualified TES grantees

The reiease of funds subject to this guidelines shaii be fbr 10 monihs covering the academic
year 2018 to 2019. The TES grant amounted to PhP 60,000 for each qualified student-

The TES sharing agreement shall be PhP 40,000 to the TES student grantee PhP and
20,000.CC tc the private HEI. This sharing agreement shall noi apply to Academic Year
2AL9-2AZA which shall be guided by the provisions of the main TES Guidelines as approved
by the UniFAST Board.

A payroll will have to be prepared by the private F{EI reflecting this TES sharing between the
student-grantee and the private F{EI with both parties affiring their signature signi{,ing their
conforme on the TES sharing agreement.

Upon receipt of the check representing fund transfer for Tertiary Education Subsidy for AY
2018-2019, the private F{EIs should release to the TES student-grantee the amount of
PhP 40,000. or any other sum due to the said grantees from the TES allocation, within 2

7.0 Roles and Responsibilities

For proper implementation of the disbursement procedures and monitoring of the TES r{
payments to private F{EIs, the roles and responsibilities of parties concerned are as follows:




ffi{fitrffllin , ffi ffiCSIS

ffepublic of lhe Philippines
Unilied Stuilsnt tinancial fissi$anrs $ystem lor Tefiiary Education
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7.1 UniFAST Board

1. Deliberate and approve after due consultation with specific sectors the policies,
implementing rules and regulations of the Tertiary Education Subsidy, specifically
on the disbursement of TES to private HEIs;

2. In cases of violation of any of the provisions of the Guidelines for Tertiary

Education Subsidy and the Guidelines on the Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES)
Disbursements and Monitoring System for Private Higher Education Institutions
(HEis) with validated TES grantees during the transitory period in Academic Year
2018-2A19, the Board shali ciecide on cases brought before it on appeai, based on
the report with findings and recommendations of the Executive Director.

7.2 UniFAST Secretariat

Disseminate the infonnation to all private IIEIs regarding the iinpletrentatiorr of

the Tertiary Education Subsidy, speciflcally on the disbnrsement system during
the transitory period in Academic Year 2A$-2019;

2. Prepare the Mernorandum of Agreernent of TES with private FIEIs to be signed by

all parties concerned before a notary public;

J. check and collate the List of TES grantees in private FIEIs aggregated by
designated personnel of CF{ED Regional Offices;

Check the completeness. consistency and accuracy of Tertiary Education Subsidy


Endorse the Requests for

sub-Allotment, Requests for Fund Transfer,
Disbursement Vouchers (DVs), CF{ED Regional Office CerJification on the TES
student-grantees from private F{EIs, and the transmittal to cover all the TES
budgetary and di sbursement documents aforementioned ;

6. Monitor the ettcient release of TES payments to private HEIs with TES grantees;

1 Address concerns and I or disputes related to the disbursement of TES to stucient *

grantees from private FIEIs.



A iffi.:
ffi #c T&
.**n" -l-'

{ffifiPrp ;'
Hepublic of the Philippine$
Unllisd Stuilsnt tinancial Issis{anne Sysmm lor Tefliary Educalion
Ground Floor. Btdg. E. UFAyala Land Technohub Complex. CommonwealthAve- Diliman Quezcn City


l. Process payment subject to the accounting and auditing rules and regulations,
upon completion of revierv, recommendation and endorsement of UniFAST

2. Check on the completeness, correctness and accuracy of the pertinent documents

submitted for TES grants to be paid expeditiously;

J. Process the DVs and all pertinent documents cited in Section 6.3.1 (c) for the
eventual release of the Sub-Allocation Release Order (Sub-ARO) and Notice of
Transf'er Allocations (NTAs) to CI{ED Regional Offices,

4. Facilitate preparation of needed documents for fund transfer to CIIED Regional

Offices for the reiease of TES for TES student-grantees through private HEIs; and

5. Advise the CF{ED Regional Offices concerned and the UniFAST Secretariat
through the Executive Director once the Certificate of Fund Availabiligi has been
prepared, approved and executed for proper bank reconciliation purposes.

7.4 CIIED Regional Offices

To ensure that policies and procedures regarding the implementation of RA 10931 known as
the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act are fully compiied with, the
UniFAST Regional Coordinators assigned at the Regional Offices who have been provided
with UniFAST budget for adrninistrative support costs, shall do the following:

1. Assist the private liEls within the region in providing orientation / brieflng to the
qualified TES student-grantees, grantees' parents / designated guardian in
coordination with the private HEI concerned;

2. Provide timely reminders to the private }iEis in their region about the Tertiary
Education Subsidy program implementation rules and regulations and specitic
guidelines to ensure compliance;


ffi ,.t:
Hepublic of the Philippines
tlnilied $tuilent tinancial flssistance Syslem l0r Teiliary Educalisn
Grourd Floor. Bldg. E. JP Ayala Land Technohub Complex. Comrnon',vealth Ave. D,limar Qu€zon City
Email: u r.fastsecreta'iat@ched. go r ph

J- Monitor the private FIEIs' iinplementation of Tertiary Education Subsidy,

speciflcaliy on the disbursement mechanism during the transitory period;

4. Assist the private F{EIs within the region in the preparation of financial and
operational reports relaled to the TES implementation; and

5. In general, to properly coordinate and ensure the smooth systems and operations
with the UniFAST Secretariat for the timely and efficient implementation of the
TES di sbursement mechanism.

To carry out the administrative functions necessary for the smooth TES implementation, the
Chief Administrative Officer and Regional Accountant shall perform the following functions:

Process payrnent suitject tti the accounting and auditing rules and regulations ancl
check on the completeness, correctness and accuracy of the supporting documents
needed for the disbursement of TES to student grantees through the private t{Eis;

Facilitate preparation of the fund disbursement mechanism to signify approval for

payment of the pertinent documents related to the Tertiary Education Subsidy
program to be provided to the private HEIs with TES grantees, the breakdown are as

a. Twenty Thousand Pesos (PhP 20,000.00) to the pnvate HEI a--s payment for
TES-1 (Tuition and other School Fees) of the TES student-grantee enrolled in
their institution;

b. Forty Thousand Pesos (PhP 40,000.00) to the TES student grantee enrolled in
the private F{EI for TES-2 (Textbook / learning materials, any further academic
and extra-curricular expenses, stipends (including food, lodging, clothing,
transportation, health/medical needs and school supplies) and other related costs
needed to complete the beneficiary's education);

Expedite preparation of needed documents for cheque preparation to the private FIEIs
for the release of Tertiary Education Subsidy to be given to qualified TES student-

5. Through the CIIEDRO Cash Section, ensure that an Official Receipt (OR) has been
submitted by the private ffiIs concerned upon receipt of the aggregated TES grants F-l
for TES student-grantees and the administrative support cost provided to partner o
institutions. O)

Republic of the Philippines
iF Unilied Stu{cnt Financial flssi$anca $ystrm lor Turtiay Eduuatian
Ground Floor. BIdg. E. UP Ayala Lano Technohub Complex. Common,,veaith Ave- D lirnar Quezcn Ctty
Email: u nllastsecretariat@ched.

7.5 Private HEIs

1. Properly execute and comply with the provisions of the tripartite Memorandum of
Agreement between the UniFAST, the Commission on Higher Education and the
private F{EI for the full implementation of Tertiary Education Subsidy,

2. Orient the qualified TES student-grantees, administrative official and statl, and
parents, as well as all other stakeholders on matters related to the TES

3. Prepare the TES Sharing Agreement between the private FIEI and the TES
student-grantees and correspondingly sign the said document;

4. Perfonn the following administrative and financial procedures:

4.1 Issue an otticial receipt fbr every amount received tiom the CI{ED Regional
Office in relation to the TES irnplernentation,

4.2 Maintain a separate bank account with Land Bank of the Philippines, for
proper account management of the Tertiary Education Subsidy;

4.3 Provide bank account details on any separate bank account maintained where
any cheque received from the CF{ED Regional OtTice for TES sums are

4.4 Utilize the Adrninistrative Support Cost transferred by CIIED R.egional

Office to the private F{EIs together with the TES for student-grantees, subject
to submission of liquidation reports duly signed and approved by responsible
officials and personnel within the prescribed period;

4.5 Reveit back io CHED the excess fund transfers (if applicable); and comply
with the provisions of COA Circular No. 94-013 as may be warrarrted by the

Prepare the TES billings;

6. Ensure that full

assistance through proper orientation and information
dissemination has been provided to qualified enrolled TES student-grantees; and

Be accountable for the funds received from the CIIED Regional Office pursuant f)
to the lVlernorandum af Agreement. r{


ffi 8t f-e irui',:ffi: tfififiFle- ffi

Fepubiic of the Philippines
Unilied $tudent Financial f,ssislance Syshm lor luillarr Eiluration
Ground Floor. Bldg. E. UF Ayala Land Technohrb Complex. Cornmonr,vealth Ave. Diliman Quezcn City
Emai li ! ph

7.6 TES Student Grantees

1. Attend orientation meetings / workshops / events related to TES implementation;

2. Coordinate r,vith the Scholarship Coordinator I Guidance Counsellor for the

signing of the TES Sharing Agreement; and

Collect the TES student-grantee share from the private HEI by subrnitting the

a. Photocopy of School ID with specimen signature indicated therein; and

b. Signature on the payroll sheet upon receipt of the TES student-grantee

8.0 Liquidation of Transferred Funds

For proper reporting on the release of Tertiary Education Subsidy to student-grantees, private
F{EIs should prepare the following documents:

L The private FIEI shall submit to the CfiED Regional Office the Fund Utilization
Report (in two copies, original copy to CmD Regional Gffice and duplicate copy to
UniFAST Secretariat) duly certified by the private FIEI's Accountant and / or Vice
President for Finance, approved by the private llEI President and duly verified by the
private FIEI's External Auditor, with the following documents enclosed:

a. Payroll Report duly acknowledged by the recipients of Tertiary Education Subsidy

(TES) amounting to PhP 40,000 per TES student. The TES grantees shall affix
their signature opposite their respective names in the list prepared for the said
purpose using blue ink for checking purposes:

b. Photocopy of Schooi ldentification Card of the TES student-grantees with

specimen signature;

c. Report of Checks issued for adrninistrative support costs. The Administrative

Support Cost shall be used by the private F{EIs with the corresponding official
receipts and otlrer pertinent documents to substaiitiate the use of the said Cost;

d Electronic or scanned copy of the qualified TES student-grantees' Certificate of

Registration (in PDF format) as evidence of enrollment in the l't and 2"d serrester
of AY 2018-2019; tr)
e. Form 2 (TES) - Billing Details for TES prepared by the Scholarship Coardinator / C)

Guidance Counselor, reviewed by the Vice President of Acadernic Affairs, rl

certified correct by the University I College Registrar (as to the list of students
covered by Tertiary Education Suhsidy) and certified correct by the University / (o

r*{o L Li.

-. ^s" i' ,1q{,;

W# TtJ
fte Philippin*s
Hepublic of
Ilrilicrl Sluil$rt Finamlal Asslslanr* Syslcm lar TsrEnn Eilunatinn ffi
Ground Fhor, Bldg. E, UPAyda Lafid Tecturohub tornplex, Con*nonwedth Ave. Dilimen Qrezon City
EmaiL unifu sbetr€
ffi Yfl
College Accountant (as to the correctness of the financial values computed in the
billing details)and approved by the private IIEI President (print-out and electronic
copy) Note: Please refer to Annex" C",

f. Notarized University / College Registrar's Certification as to the total number of

qualified TES student-grantees for I't and, I ar 2"d semester of AY 2018-2}lg
(print-out and electronic copy) Note: Please refer to Annex "D";

g. Notarized TES Sharing Agreement between the TES student-grantee and the
private F{EI (Note: Originally signed print-out and electronic copies for each of
the TES Sharing Agreement signed by the TES student-grantees and the
designated authorized signatory by the private lmI Note: Please refer to )
Afiflex" E";

2. The Fund Utilization Report should be issued by the private FIEI within 30 days upon
receipt of fund transfer on TES.

3. Unused Funds due to dropping of TES student-grantee(s) prior to the release of TES
student-grantee's share should be returned to CF{ED-AFMS through the CHED
Regional Office. It shall be the responsibility of the private FIEI to inform the CIIED
Regional Office of the status of students i.e. did not enroll for the semester, dropped
out in the middle of the semester, dropped from the rolls, subject to maximum
residency rule, or with administrative or disciplinary sanction which shall affecl the
disbursement of the TES to the student-grantee.

9.0 Program Management, Monitoring and Eyaluation

The specific program managoment relative to this guidelines during the transitory period shall
be consistent with. and aligned to the monitoring procedures indicated in the main TES

10.0 Sanctions

Any action(s) taken against any private FIEIs for non-compliance with the provisions of this
guidelines should not prejudice student-grantees of this program in any maffler whatsoever.
The corrective action to be taken by the private HEI concerned as approved by the UniFAST
Board shall be its sole and exclusive responsibility.

11.0 TransparencyandAccouutability
LO The agencies concorned shal1 adopt a strict policy on transparency and accountability r-{
in the disbursement of funds and shall be governed by existing and relevaat laws such o
as the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and the Anti-Red Tape Act of 20A7.


Republic of tfu* Philippines *\

tfitilisil Sttrl[nnt Finnnnlal fisslssnss $y$sm hr lailiary [dumltm &\.t
Ground Floor, Bldg. E, UF Ayda Lard Tecfuroturb Cornptex, Comfin{r$edih Ave" Diliman Q.etro{ Citl/

ffi wj
Email un$astsecrBta{
11.2 The distribution of TES to student-grantees should be participated mainly by the
student-grantees, officials of the private IIEI, and invited parents. CHEDRO officials
and UniFAST Central and Regional Coordinators have the option to attend or not.
Incumbent political officials and electoral candidates for a specific public office in the
May 13, 2019 elections are discouraged from taking part in the TES release ceremony
(if any) to be conducted by the private FmI(s).

11.3 The UniFAST Board shall submit to the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on
Universal Access to Qualify Tertiary Education, in printed form or by way of
electronic document, end-of-year Report on the utilization of funds. The UniFAST
Board shall be responsible for ensuring that said Report is posted in the official
UniFAST website. Upon request of the Committee, the UniFAST Secretariat may be
called upon to provide the lists of validated benefieiaries, subject to eompliance with
the Data Privacy Act.

12.0 Camplaints and Grievance Blechauism

12.1 Any violation, unequal application of written policies, guidelines and procedures of
the TES implementing guidelines sha1l constitute a valid complaint, for review and
appeal that will be resolved by the Higher Education Institutions and I or CIIED-
UniFAST depending on the graviry of the situation.

12.2 Students should follow rules of discipline by the private HEI. In cases where rallies
become violent or destructive of school properties, TES student grantees should be
dealt with in accordance with the existing policies of the concemed private IIEI.

L2.3 For any complaints and arbitration requests related to the implementation of these
guidelines, TES student-grantees are encouraged to initially air their grievance(s) to
the private F{EI where they are effolled in. If their grievance(s) has not been
addressed by the private }IEI within three (3) days from the time the violatiofl was
allegedly committed by the school , the TES student-grantees may directly
communicate their grievance to the CFIED Regional Offices via e-mail (please refer
to Annex F for the specific e-mail addresses of the CIIEDRO personnel concerned),
copy furnished to UniFAST Secretariat * Advocacy and Promotion Unit (with e-mail
address : ra 1 093 1 TE S. unifast@.ched. gov. ph).

12.4 Appeal Procedure

1. For any grievance or complaint, the following information should be provided by

the complainant to the CIIED Regional Office having jurisdiction over their HEI: LN

Hepublic ol ihe Philippinaa
Ilniliurl $HIIGH Fmffislsl fis$i$anm $yshm lrr lcfl{an tiluratlnn
Graund Flooq BHg. E, UPAyda LandTeclymhub Conplex, CcmmanwedttrAve. Dilirnan Qwzon City
EBait unifu sisBcretailai@ched,
ffi *$7

&. A brief narrative (including the names of individuals and / or departrnents

involved, dates, time, records and other pertinent documents) to support the
allegations / complaint / grievance cited;
b. Policy or procedure violated;
c. Reason why informal complaint was not acted upon by the private IIEI; and
d. Resolution / remedy being requested.

2. The CFIED Regional Office shall communicate the formal grievance / complaint
received to the private IIEI concemed, copy fi.unished the UniFAST Secretariat -
Advocacy and Promotion Unit for investigation and propor action;
The CFIED-UniFAST Regional Coordinators will have to prepare a Grievance I
Complaint Action Report and communicate to the UniFAST Secretariat within 15
days or earlier if
warranted by the circumstances, from receipt of the
grievance/complaint. Any grievance/complaint that has not been acted upon or
with action partially taken within the 15-day prescribed period will be endorsed to
the Executive Director for appropriate action at that level.

4. The CHED Regional Office through the UniFAST Regional Coordinators shall
provide a formal wriuen reply to the complainant (TES student-grantee) citing the
actions taken on the resolution / remedy requested within 3 days from receipt of
the final action on herlhis complaint by the Central uniFAST Secretariat.

5. The UniFAST Secretariat shall create an action tracking system to closely monitor
the grievances gathered by the CIIED Regicnal Offices in order that all concerned
offlces are informed of the action(s) taken to resolve the complaint/grievance(s),
or any other matter or issue regarding the implementation of the TES.

13.0 SeparabilityClause

Ifany part or provision of this memorandum circular is declared void or unccnstitutional by

operation of law, rules and regulations, the same shall apply only to that specific provision
and the remaining clauses / provisions shall remain valid and enforceable.

14.0 Repealing Clause

A11 or other existing orders and memoranda, or any part thereof, which are contrary to or
inconsistent with any of the provisions of this Memorandum Circular shall be deemed
repealed or modified accordingly.
15.0 Effectivity 0
These guidelines shall take effect immediately upon the approval issued by the UniFAST rl
Governing Board where a quonrm to do business is present. bo

Republic of the Philippines
Unified Student Financial Assistance $ystem for Tertiary Education
G.*d Flo*,Bld$ E UP,A
Email: ph

These guidelines shall also be registered with the Office of National Administrative Registrar at
the University of the Philippines Law Center, UP Diliman, Quezon City.

Issued this 5'h day of March2Al9 at the Higher Education Development Center, Quezon City.

Commission on Higher Education and

UniFAST Governing Board



Officer-in-Charge, Office of th{ frxecutive Dkector fV

UniFAST Secretariat

ffi ffi#'ffiffiffiffiffiffi
Memorandum Circular No. 2019- o1
YEAR 2018-2019

Annex "A' CHED Regional Director's Certification to support the
Roster of Qualified TES Grantees enrolled in Private
Higher Education lnstitutions {private HEls)
Annex "B" Form 1 (TES) - Billing Statement for TES certified by the
Accsuntant and approved by the President
Annex "Go' Form 2 (TES) - Billing Detaiis for TES
Annex "D" Notarized University / College Registra/s Certification as
to the total number of qualified TES student grantees for
1*t and I ar Znd semester of AY 2018-2}rc

Annex "E" TES Sharing agreement

Annex "F" CHED Regional Offices Directory of Contact Persons for
Complaints and Grievance Concerns

OIC Executive Director lV, UniFAST
Ground Floor, Building E, UP Ayala Land Techno Hub
Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City

Pursuant to the Memorandum Order issued by the UniFAST Secretariat to the Un|FAST
Regional Coodinators to conduct the verification and validation process on the documentary
requirements submitted by selected TES grantees as a requirement for the issuance of Notice
of Award to qualified TES grantees, this office hereby endorces and submits to the Un|FAST
Secretariat the attached official roster of qualified TES grantees enrolled in Academic Year
2018-2019, in Higher Education lnstitutions registered in CHED Regional Office.

We hereby further certify and attest to the veracity of the documentary requirements
submitted by selected TES grantees in compiiance with the prescribed TES guidelines
approved by tfie UnIFAST Goveming Board.

For your reference, the table below shows the list of Higher Education lnstitutions
registered at CHED Regional Office with the total number of qualified TES grantees:

Classification of HEls Number of TES Grantees

No. Name of HEls (SUC, LUC, Private) PNSL Listahanan 2.0 Total

This certification is issued in order to facilitate the disbursement and release of funds
intended for TE$ beneficiaries in compliance with the lmplementing Rules and Regulations of
RA 10931 "The lJnivercalAccess ta QualityTertiary Educatian".

Validated and verified by Attested by

($igned) (Signed)
Annex ,tB't

Consolidated Billing $tatement

I poRM r rES
Republic of the Philippines
(NM 6 ftiYate lfrgk wwti,rt ldtt*kn
{Ade',s, gPriwt*Highq Ee$ait& IrBsity4ie)


TES Billing StatEmert Refame No-: )O< - YYYYYyy - 2019 - X - X

To IIED - RegionalOffee
Addre*r \ddmof CEED Regional OEe
opy F\mfuhed UTtrAST Semtariatmd Departneat of Bdret snd lVbmsement
Responsibility SHED - Regional Ofrce _ Account Code Am ounl
Certs lupport fmd for CHED under Republic Act 10964 othswise known as
...-. '.--' Tmm AY 2018 - 20191o be dlnged against the Highu Educalion
lupport Fund for CHED under Republic Act 10 4 otlawise knowr as
iaraat Approprialions Adt (cAA) 201& ud as ptr CEED-UniFAST Guidelire
lrt TES lor TES Srld,atrt-grastrees &ntr private Eighs Eduqaiion Insitutionx p6r attsshed
rupporling do@ments.

Nmtrs of TES the rriwte Hi&s Edu*tior Institution

studmt-gut€s ir
TES-I to allltre TES studal-gmts wolled in tbeprivate HEI PhP
TES-21o all the TES studflt-grete€s ffolled in tft6 private HEI
Tfl8-3a to ali ?ES strdflt-B ill1tr with disbility motled in &e private HEI
Total TE$ in the private Higha Edumtion Institution ,*
Add 3 pqmt Admitistrative Support Fund for parrntr private HEI PhP
Total TES Blliflg Asrount PhP

lasis for rle Tstimy Educaliot Subsidy: Action to be taka

fTo be snnrrlerl hv -{FMS)
Exm ideficimi) billiag
thP roted for further action

{pproved for paymelt


lertified {ppmvcil

[SupportilgAoflmmts mmplex€ and amomt claim€d

ls this the last balch ofbiliing lor this tcm ofAy ?Olfi-20i9?

l-lr* l_lu"
Signatue Signature

Printed Name Printed Nme

Position Position
Hed, AcmuntinS Authorized Represenletiv€ Prmidmt/ Authorized R€sffi nta.tive
D ate Date
rf lw o (]) hwcha { pynnkp$fl dcr 'A whn*,Y d' w iil up therywhw theAT fugm {eg 2018rqr AY 1f,}&a0$,

'\ w" rfu to theMnicy rw wie$t w tans

T heFwHE saanat@rwumnlx *d)rnnp* q' thi[Efl1]l4lffiX P4i8t),

W HEI {nN {ulpln @, AC/,INilI (. r EAR (#git},Tm:at gastS,

mdB4lffi .\1i/8tr f diSt). I hl,@im nd rtu w paiMMew : hdw$a 2 Sanner

'tsdd'@rlle run,r#tinxapdt,9Il hnr#iD ia osrsc

Nu ethdpil drlffis q lill $ilh fftrI w w e thn M fi) fud$ F waq,

Renm t& RwtuAfu @ Cods

,?e$mJ 0J R$ow6 M RqLmll 11 F;rmdx fi ahlitg tfisrnI da

R.rywtl ff) ftegrim: 0: TILq i:iq I hei$Mil dfry idntstt *mittdby lRtJ in }s w* "11 Xll&1019:

,fsgffi3 fli firglxf tr c4,?dc,1 c4,?4s4 I&.&tltrllLlJ

44 U Rqwn9 N 41l,1il .4fi,11v I fu wrdfuid STN idnnt sbti#dlfi Jwfiua} Lhir.u$ifl i;r llreFisSsrct'{r

8 'lllfiRtrA Regon)il i0 cl,t c{t fat4l 20lE-20A

,?egorj flf Rqr'|I l) NL-litlfi19-1.1

'pruteH$ fd'$anh tle low*vnud ty !*,etn{,t*in Sil ayntdry ri &im@dIES $ldan mtForw f om )) t*
eg jorlil*lUnixm5r-fiLl
Annex 'rC"

Consolidated Billing Details


I Fom2 TES

lhwdhbtuWe Etwit&M


lSBdhgDob&RdirruoNu${ :X.YYYYY}-Y'il19.X. X
DffitrfldA Ma&4{dirolr.rrjffr}&drgbj ralBllh$}d&t d$tt
I i. fri BSJlisrBd*,l4rJ if$L_rrd& i'Ih[r]bbrr a$raEus]fiir li Im I 1!S-tin$lila*, l3Jri$tr tuMr
2 I,qfl i h'&eiideC lb'zulg *el
I : ldl, iii dekernli{ li{ dd eddt fi, v& 0mdd B &j &.,ilhilr!d!eilDNiltrsaidCm#*{U}rierttdj?si,&1o.p?Mqn
b! rflyBlix{,bd\ut&t oj.ei$* luzhjkJ i#dilfiJ D1?.di! e&e'i nd tud dd &iddf, {ilqi&tur qd
ll]irie dd orty cJ@jrrA.fl #rtu 4d dww Nj tu e d wtu E ), ! il q1
9. Fito@, irodI h'$&rlrrbiB4rlsi,ne &ii&ers lL t@ 16\dh $hdj,tf! It
t rtloj C.nisq* o:lqbtMoinlir:*.rlte)h.tu )n rd I s h; ew!t, oj tJ)*r.ltr.hrk.igbr&!eia, js$ffi /r8ry ,4
&6d.*r,'rir;dli-;slliididtu3tr#rd tdd 14)tahtu 7# ills!Al1-

, 3@l dX.irkd &dnb lLsjihi, d&idd:.zlfl fll ,l rrffir fdlglu)I: i, }}

!&{* r.l4,t}.dtti ill b-rrry"B i,id::Jrdii Ad fl4sAr: ffip H! ui{ .tN ue jfl
i /dl{n{ Jd8l.rrbil!{rna,r,rddi sa}ded& tu -rr{it{nFJc.*d}} adsrd
$hrtogrdiy! ih ffiddiirif6idr:,b!ed'&dt h +i.
i .+n * d tgmd dad.&r r;.lt! arrxry ei ffik*sqiri. $.i!nb,r0rfioftd
E Fffi) at a bB.dotMt ltdtld ,rdr'J lntri,&, fr&

'0: {EID - Rr{ierl ofie

rd&6: {d&u dCEID ledod Ofin
ig$riirr4 _ gd.lSlCrftBriitfllD.[rrtildd0fBldfdadMmAmel
litrbgDrals Smry:
ll9ef er4 ni:'Ne to * j6ted tdlablrJel" ft* ladAtwl ait.ra llliot
wds*A&iuitl *e iohiazaui o1l4rlir t}l A"llao S,:t ilN far!'R@at
iplwrrldBlrdrdjyedl )iite: l'@#ret bi tdellw Neqiq
lilir rsTBrhl t&flli&tlbri{:

Irrthry Educaliun X*hidy

$hdqdsNat Sfrld }hfl! Crild InfmBr&il IT$-1 ttrr'lm sildtllilffirdN

nsttuul m-t-sl Sad M&,

toJal rJilr:
tu$t hd mlqfot
Ms '11sNm, tuirid rngm
Tns-1 Ti91 T0rtLm3
1-t?) @*aAY Il$

2{.llutLfl {t_lt0s.t}i 90-n00.[{

ln mJr nt fi{mlil
,m0f.0i {rB0nfi
?ji {I}I.{ti ,{]i l${r lu{.fi .ii.000.{i

,llrlrlrl ill ii| 0$n $r



,d,l J 0flqri AdeiiirdiB nm0tl lirlehd li$hniil


-l$to rydhis 0lmhdtid! .*ts eri{touts oflirecialidr

Pt!ffi{bJi tui*tdb. Crlitudlr} CditsnbJ: -lpEmdb:

hi*Ef,i,&ffiirkir ShlI Es{,AdDid$d*tfirr Pri}dlml(r*m }imffi&tu|-{suM EiBirm?hdlai

lPridNeed$$tur) 0dnNem{Si$de) E htNnsods$de, @Nu,udsllBbF) €*tN@edslpeft)
Annex rrD"
Republic of the Philippines
Name of the Private HEI
Address of the Private HEI





This is to certify that _ students were encoded in UniFAST's TES

management portal and _ students are qualified to Tertiary Education Subsidy
(TES) provision of RA 10931 also known as Universal Access to Quality Tertiary
Education, for Academic Year 2018-2019, the details are as follows:

Please use the table below if the College I lJniversity has Externat Study Center /
Sateltite Campuses.

Name of Campus Number of TES Number of Qualified and

Applications encoded Validated TES student-
into the UniFAST TES grantees
Management Svstem
Main CamBus
External Campus 1
External Campus 2
External Campus 3

This further certifies that the students' information stated in the Consolidated
TES Billing Details (For 2 TES) is accurate and complete.

This certification is being issued in compliance with the Guidelines on Tertiary

Education Subsidy Disbursement and Monitoring System to private Higher Education
lnstitutions with valicjated TES student-grantees during the transition period in
Academic Year 2018-201 g.

Print Name of Registrar

Annex "E"


This Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) Sharing Agreement, made and executed by and between:

The COMPLETE NAME OF INSTITUTION, a Private Higher Education lnstitution

with principal office at Address represented by its Official Position Title, NAME OF
HEAD OF INSTITUTION, hereinater refened to as "PHEI".


Name of Student, Filipino and resident of Address, hereinafter refened to as the



WHEREAS, under Republic Act No. 10687 or Unified Student Financial Assistanoe System for
Tertiary Education (Un|FAST) Act, the Un|FAST is mandated to increase the participation rate among all
socio-economic classes in Tertiary Education especially the poor but academicatly able and highty
motivated students to enable them to successfully pursue and complete Tertiary Education programi in
quality institutions, thereby promoting equitable and Rationalized Access by poor Filipinos to quatity
Tertiary Education;

WHEREAS, Sec{ion 7 of Republic Act No. 10931 or the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary
Education Act (UAQTEA), established the Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) for all Fitipino students who
shall enrall in undergraduate and post-secondary programs of private HEls. to support the cost of their
tertiary education or any part or portion thereof;

WHEREAS, the PHEI is authorized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to ofier
baccalaureate degrees;

WHEREAS, the Student-Grantee is currently enrolled in the PHEI and qualified under its existing
admission and retention policies;

WFIEREAS, the Student-Grantee is annng the identinod TES grantoes in the Otrcial Roster as
validated and verified by the Un|FAST Regional Coordinator and attested by the CHED Regionat

NOW THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises and the terms and
conditions below, the Parties hereby agree as follows:

1. Pursuant to the UniFAST Guidelines on the Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) Disbursements and
Monitoring System for Private Higher Education lnstitutions (HEls) with vatidated TES Grantees
during the Transitory Period in Academic Year 2018-2019, the Student Grantee shalt be enti{ed to a
maximum of $ixty Thousand Pesos (PhP 60,000) as grant for Academic Year 2018-2A19;

2. The grant is intended to cover academic and extra-cunicular expenses, including tuition,
miscellaneous and other school fees, purchase of textbooks, board and lodging, transportation,
clothing, admission / entrance fees, health and other valid related education expenses and support
services to complete the student-grantee's degree program;

3. The sharing for the said grant shall be PhP 40.000 to the Student-Grantee and PhP 20.000 to the
4. lf the Student-Grantee paid any academic and extra-curricular expenses to the PHEI prior to the
receipt of cheque payment from the UniFAST through the CHED Regional Office, the PHEI must
refund the Student-Grantee of the said amount;

5. Upon receipt of the check representing fund transfer for TES for AY 2018-2019, the PHEI should
release to the Student-Grantee the amount of PhP 40,000 within 2 weeks;

6. The Student-Grantee and the PHEI shall execute and properly comply with the provisions of the
Guidelines on TES Disbursements and Monitoring System for Private Higher Education lnstitutions
(HEls) with Validated TES Grantees During the Transitory period in Academic Year 2018-2019;

7. This Agreement shatl take effect upon signing by the Parties hereto and shafi be tennifiated upon the
satisfactory fulfilment of all terms and conditions embodied herein.

lN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have signed this TES Sharing Agreement this Month, Day, Year
at the Place where this Agreement was executed.

Name of the PHEI

Name of President of PHEI Name of StudentGrantee

President StudentGrantee

Note: Parcnfls or ouatdianls shall co-sion alona with the minar student-arantee

Signed in the presence ot

PHEI's witness Student-Grantee's Wtness


Municipality I Cig of ) S,S

BEFORE ME, this Month, Day, Year in the MunicipalitylCity of Name of Municipality/City
personally appeared the following:

1. Name of PHEI's Prcsident, representing to be the President of Name of PHEI, knovyn to me to be

the same per$on who executed the foregoing Agreement for and in behalf of the said PHEI and
acknowledged to me that the same is the ad and deed of Name of PHEI and that he/she is duly
authorized to sign the same, The same Name of PHEI President exhibited to me hislher
Competent Evidence of ldentity issued at Place of lssuance on Date of lssuance.

2. (lf Minor) Name of Student-Grantee with Gompetent Evidence of ldentity issued at Place of
lssuance on Date of lssuance and Name of ParenUGuardian with Competent Evidence of
ldentity issued at Place of lssuance on Date of lssuance, known to me to be the same persons
who executed the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged that the same are their free and voluntary
acts and deeds. (&lete this item rf Sfudenf-Grantee is of tegat age)

3. Name of Student€rantee with Gompetent Evidence of ldentity issued at Place of lssuance on

Date of lssuance, known to me to be the same person who executed the foregoing instrument, and
acknowledged that the same is his/lrer free and voluntary ad and deed.

WTNESS MY HAND AND SEAL, on the date and at the place first above written.

Page No._
Book No._
Series of 2019.
Region EmailAddresses
01- llocos Region
arndol ph
02 - Cagayan Valley
chedro2. un lfast@gmai l. com
romeomal IiI
03 - Central Luzon unifastro3@ch^ ph
kmcasugay. u ph
dharsunsa2l{6smai l. csm
ched4a. re co rds @ch e d. gov. p h
05 - Bicol Region unifastro5@ched. gov. ph
jred ita. u n i p h
06 - Western Visayas u nif ast" ch e d ro6@9ma i
christineagui larO8@gmai Lcom
lozada. rechie @gmai Lcom
Region EmailAddresses
07 - Central Visayas hmarol
dmal unjao @cft e d.
u nifastroT@ch e d. sov. n h
08 - Eastern Visayas ched. u nifastro8@gmai
johnnhel rnej ido1l@grnai
vegajanpaol o@gmai Lcom
di onna.sal a1992@emai l. com
09 - Zamboanga
heidif aith33_cruz@yahoo. corn
maryiuni 1989@smai l. com
10- Northern Mindan unifast.regionx@gmai [.com
mpangi I i nan. ph
i I I ore n. u n ifastrolO@ched. gov. ph
11 - Davao Region
unif ph ph
12 - SOCSKSARGEN laruyane ilrose @gmail,com
e rnestpaul oge na @gmai

markj u neaporador@gmai l. com

Region EmailAddresses

13 - NCR
ifmansi bang. ph
14- CAR
ioef rence.sauye n.yangya ng@gmai L co
15. BARMM unifastarmm@ched.gav,ph
harold noe I h idal
16 - CARAGA fpadi I I
h parade ro@ch e dcaraga. com
chedcaraga @che ph
lT.MIMAROPA agonza les@ched. gov- ph
unifast. mi maropa @ch e ph