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Amiel L.

Melendez STEM 3- Capricorn

Abstract Thesis no. 1

This research that the researchers made was to focus on And the study
was conducted at Bukidnon State University (BukSU) specifically in the College
of Teacher Education. The participants of the study were selected teachers form
the College of Education and College of Arts and Sciences in Bukidnon State
University. And the instrument used to gather data are guide questions and
interview in gathering the data. The first question at the research was the
academic language policy of the College of Education in Bukidnon State
University. Where they find that the academic language policy of the College of
Education emphasized the strict use of English in any means of communication
inside and outside the classroom setting. This covers the medium of instruction
in all subject areas except Filipino subjects. However, there are instances that
students and teachers use their first language despite of 18 the policy. The
rationale of the research was that study reveals that despite of the English
language policy of the academe, English was not the only language used in all
types of communication. There are circumstances wherein languages other than
English are used regardless of English-medium policy of the academe. In
Conclusion implementation of the academic language policy in the College of
Education was not strengthened because no written document would further
support the rationale and the scope of the program as well as the consequences
for students and teachers violating the said policy.



Blue-Research Question

Brown- Major Findings