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CNP Connections

-As council for n-tion-l policy member Morton Bl-ckwell once s-id “The policy
[of CNP] is th-t we donʼt discuss who -ttends meetings or wh-ts s-id” Its
membership, meetings, & projects -re -ll secret, even though the group enjoys t-x
exempt st-tus.
-The council -ctu-lly h-s two rel-ted org-niz-tions, the council for n-tion-l
policy, the t-x exempt 501(c)3 membership group, -nd CNP, INC, - 501(c)4
element set up in 1987. The l-tter will -llow the p-rent council to lobby -nd
eng-ge in legisl-tive m-tters without jeop-rdizing its t-x exempt st-tus. Since the
council intends to m-int-in very low vi-bility, its likely th-t members lobbying -t
the behest of cnp or cnp inc will use n-mes of other groups with which they -re
-ffili-ted. These -re the off shoots, or sub groups.
-Individu-ls p-y $2,000 per ye-r to be - member of the cnp , for $5,000 on c-n
become - member of cnp bo-rd of governors, which elects the executive
committee of cnp. Th-t executive committee then selects the officers on -n
-nnu-l b-sis. Members of CNP -re encour-ged to give p-rt of their membership
fee to CNP inc.
-CNP w-s founded in 1981 when Tim L-H-ye, - le-der of mor-l m-jority, & P-ul
Weyrich w-s -n Americ-n religious conserv-tive politic-l -ctivist -nd
comment-tor, & co-founded the conserv-tive think t-nks such -s The Herit-ge
Found-tion, the Free Congress Found-tion, -nd the Americ-n Legisl-tive
Exch-nge Council (ALEC), proposed -n ide- to we-lthy tex-n t. Cullen D-vis.
D-vis then cont-cted billion-ire NelsonBunker Hunt - jbs member, -nd from th-t
point on they beg-n recruiting members. By 1984 the council h-d four hundred

-How import-nt is it? Without underst-nding this umbrell- structure or even

recognizing its existence it -ppe-rs to be - network of re-l independent “truth
seekers” This is the key disconnect, this is - network of JUDEO-Chritst-n zionist
p-wns or true believers -s cnp member Oliver north c-lled them & bon-fide
oper-tives they provide - smoke screen of seemingly christi-n white men but -re
ultim-tely oper-ted by jewish hidden h-nd. These -re Zionist prop-g-ndist -t
their core. This is the origin & continu-tion of the conspir-cy culture. You h-ve to
underst-nd the history to know where were going.
-Every single religious -dvoc-cy group youʼve ever he-rd of -nd some you
h-venʼt -re listed -t the cnp. Every m-jor think t-nk from Herit-ge to A.E.I, CNP to
the Feder-list Society tr-ce their roots b-ck to the JBS.
-CNP Anointed Trump in 2015 & bush in 1999, this is the f-ce of - l-rge network
of groups & subgroups ultim-tely tying b-ck to the jbs controlling the opposition
since the 1950s.
-It is import-nt enough th-t in f-ll of 2016), -ccording to -n -ccount in The
N&tion&l Review, Don-ld Trump -nd five other Republic-n presidenti-l c-ndid-tes
e-ch took 30 minutes out of there busy schedule to -ddress the group;

-The CNP reflects - slick upd-ted rep-ck-ging of the JBS philosophy -s well -s
The JBS -s p-r-digm or p-ttern of thought & -s conduit, the jbs is the origin-l
fr-mework & secret society, the precursor to -ll of this,
-FBI documents of the er- were -lw-ys structured -round how they fe-red Jbs
would be used by foreign Govs to subvert the west by the use of we-ponized truth
to we-ken the country from within, by inst-ting the ideology into the powerful
influenti-l domestic groups such -s the milit-ry, FBI, police, medi-, the house &
sen-te etc.
-A prime ex-mple of this is when jbs member m-j gen Edwin W-lker w-s
indoctrin-ting his troops with jbs m-teri-l, Edwin w-s - close friend of the f-ther
of the origin-l cnp fin-ncer Nelson bunker hunt, HL hunt ], hl set up - right wing
intelligence network vi- the JBS -s - conduit which included r-dio shows th-t
were used to promote their beloved c-mp-ign of Joseph McC-rthy which
ultim-tely h-d the opposite effect helping the communists, he -lso excluded
jewish involvement in communism the cl-ssic jbs style kosher g-tekeeping. It w-s
estim-ted in 1964 th-t the John Birch Society w-s spending $10 million - ye-r on
7,000 weekly television -nd r-dio bro-dc-sts. The JBS continued to grow -nd by
1964 it h-d -n income of $3,000,000 -nd employed - st-ff of 200. Around 100
people were employed -t the JBS he-dqu-rters in Belmont, - suburb of Boston. In
- survey c-rried out in 1964, the JBS w-s supported by 11 per cent of Americ-ns.
-According to Alex jones Fred Trump g-ve m-ssive -mounts of money to the JBS
in 50s & 60s, this is right on course given the -mount jewish groups he g-ve
generous don-tions to -s well.
-This is ex-ctly the type of org-nized group the soviet Isr-el would h-ve loved to
infiltr-te or cre-te. The use of illeg-ls or du-l citizens would h-ve likely been used
to dict-te JBS direction -s -n Americ-ns but under cover h-ving - direct line b-ck
to Moscow & tel - viv. This ide- of controlling both extremes to we-ken is -
cl-ssic soviet Isr-el t-ctic \which is ex-ctly wh-t Isr-el & Russi- is -dmittedly
doing to this d-y, Russi-n & Isr-eli intelligence go b-ck - long w-y if you -re not
-w-re of this ple-se reserch this subject, Isr-el w-s essenti-lly set up by soviet
jews & western jews -llied with the e-st to cre-te - b-ck door into the west vi-
-Neocons -re r-mp-nt within the CNP Just -s they -re in the trump
-dministr-tion -nd the rep p-rty in gener-l, the neocons were st-rted by Russi-n
jews such -s Irving Kristol & Leo Str-uss, who immigr-ted to the west under -
long r-nge pl-n to bring the west to its knees.
Leo s-id it is the duty -nd the right of govt to lie to the people & m-nipul-te them
in wh-t ever direction the le-dership w-nts. A prime ex-mple of this is CNP
endorsed bush lying to the Americ-n people for w-rs in the Middle E-st th-t
benefited soviet Isr-el, Irving Kristol is - Trotskyite & promoted the ide- of
dest-biliz-tion, th-t ch-os is - good thing bec-use theyʼre provided with the
opportunity to ch-nge & remold the west in the form they desire. The tot-l t-ke
over of the right wing beg-n with CNP president Ron-ld Re-g-n, Re-g-n set up
the synthetic coll-pse of the Soviet Union which w-s predicted long before by
former KGB -gent An-toliy Golitsyn in his book new lies for old, he s-id the Soviet
Union would f-ke its bre-k up so it could g-in control of western resources, once
it h-d done th-t & corrupted the west into - point of - crisis it would then not only
secure the former Soviet Union -s well -s -ll of Europe. Th-t ex-ct s-me situ-tion
w-s predicted by the first PM of Isr-el in 1962 D-vid Ben Gurion when he w-s
interview by look m-g-zine -nd -sked wh-t the world would look like in the future
he s-id Europe -nd Asi- would form - Eur-si-n union which is ex-ctly wh-t Fugin,
Putin & soviet Isr-el -re -ttempting to do. The end go-l is -n -lli-nce between
Russi- -nd Isr-el & Chin-, - communist zionist -xis dict-ted from Isr-el. The new
Silk Ro-d & Americ- is nowhere in the picture.


– The council for n-tion-l policy is he-vily -ssoci-ted with the reinc-rn-tion of
the Soviet Union, Founder P-ul Weyrich doesnʼt hide his connections to the
second inc-rn-tion of the Soviet Union -24. In 1991, Weyrich spoke -t the
in-ugur-tion of “Russi- House, - … go-between for Russi-n -nd U.S.
businesses … s-id to be the first of its kind….”essenti-lly - b-ck door. https://
25. Weyrich w-s -lso - member of the Kriegel Institute for Freedom -nd
Democr-cy in Russi-. In 2000, he -ttended the World Russi2 Forum, with then
Sen2tor Sessions -nd Sen2tor Gr2ssley (-mong others). http://
26. Weyrich “bemo-ned the Bush/Cheney -dministr-tionʼs f-ilure to dr-w closer
to Russi-…”

– We will get into the close ties l-ter, -s we know, vi- defectors the Soviet
Union never -ctu-lly went -w-y itʼs simply - new fl-vor.

(Trump CNP Medi2)

-Every single m-jor conserv-tive medi- outlet, minus the m-in stre-m Fox News,
is present in the 2014 member directory.
-The Founders of Newsm-x (Christopher Ruddy),
-Red St-te (under e-gle pub. Ak- S-lem medi- Stu-rt Epperson, Edw-rd G
Atsinger III),
-Town H-ll(-lso s-lem medi- Stu-rt epperssion, Edw-rd G Atsinger III),
-Christi-n Bro-dc-sting Network(P-t Robertson),
-CNS News Service(L. Brent Bozell III ),) ,
-Judici-l W-tch(L-rry Kl-ym-n & pres Tom Fitton),
-The Americ-n Conserv-tive(P-t Buch-n-n)
-Americ-n Thinker(Thom-s Lifson),
-Breitb-rt founded in Isr-el(Steve B-nnon) -re -ll listed in the member directory.
- Right Side Bro-dc-stingʼs CEO Joe Se-les, Trump, NewsM-x CEO Chris
Ruddy(CNP), -nd N-tion-l Enquirerʼs D-vid Pecker(jewish m-fi-) -re -ll good
-Rush Limb-ugh -k- Chris Cristy spe-ks -t CNP meetings, beloved.
-Infow-rs, the inform-tion w-rf-re mind w-r oper-tion perpetu-ting the cl-ssic
jbs we-ponized truth p-r-digm, -lthough jones is not directly tied to the CNP
roster heʼs so closely linked he might -s well be,
promoting jbs books such -s none d-re c-ll it - conspir-cy. Not only is using
r-dio/tv for spre-ding prop-g-nd- - cl-ssic t-ctic of jbs/cnp, jones h-s h-d m-ny
cnp members or spe-kers on his show including guests such -s Dr. St-nley
Monteith, P-ul Cr-ig Roberts, Phyllis Schl-fly, Jerome Corsi, St-nley Monteith,
L-rry Pr-tt, J-ck McL-mb, J-mes Dobson, P-t Buch-n-n, Joesph F-r-h & Joel
Skousen(he-vily promoted not offici-l member or spe-ker, brother of cnp member
m-rk & nephew of CNP member & JBS supporter Will2rd Cleon Skousen, will-rd
w-s not only -ssoci-ted to the jbs but -lso the closely linked so c-lled Mormon
m-fi- which we still see echoed tod-y with trump, he w-s -lso closely linked the
Myer L-nskey jewish m-fi- sect, will-rd funded mercen-ry Loren H-ll to deliver
hum-nit-ri-n supplies to -nti-C-stro Cub-ns in Florid- -nd in Cub-. Skousen w-s
-ssoci-ted with - group of JBS right wing nuts who pl-nned to -ss-ssin-te John
F. Kennedy on his June 1962 visit to Mexico. The JBS is ultim-tely behind the
-ss-ssin-tion of JFK, This conspir-cy included JBS & Myer l-nky sect -ssoci-ted
Rich-rd Nixon, jbs member & Myer l-nky sect -ssoci-te LBJ & JBS member HL
hunt f-ther of CNP origin-l fin-cer Nelson hunt, hl hunt not only set up - right
wing intelligence network vi- the JBS conduit which included r-dio shows wh-t
were used to promote JBS member Joseph McC-rthys c-mp-ign but hunt -lso
funded -nti cub-ns working closely with the jewish m-fi- & CIA. ironic-lly the true
story of the jbs involvement in the jfk -ss-ssin-tion w-s initi-lly & immedi-tely
reported in soviet Russi-n medi-, put two & two together the Russi-n - plenty of
moles -t the le-st within the JBS, Clint Murchison other oil m-n -nd business
owner -lso - jbs member -nd close -ssoci-te to Nixon, LBJ & Hunt -s well -s the
Myer L-nsky jewish m-fi- f-ction w-s -lso closely tied to the jfk -ss-ssin-tion
-ccording to LBJs lover midline brown the hunts, Nixon & LBJ -long with others
were -t Murchisonʼs house the night before the -ss-ssin-tion where lbj to her
“-fter tomorrow those godd-mn Kennedys will never emb-rr-ss me -g-in th-ts no
thre-t th-ts - promise” Murchison w-s closely linked to the co-founder of the civil
-ir p-trol which lee H-rvey Osw-ld w-s - member of, both Byrd & CAP -re closely
-ssoci-ted with the jbs DH Byrd -lso owned the f-mous school book depository
where the p-tsy lee H-rvey Osw-ld w-s fr-med, Osw-ld w-s the perfect p-tsy
due to his overtly soviet connections, the lone wolf with two wives…He provided -
smoke screen for the covertly soviet m-ssively influenti-l ultr- right wing network.
The true conspir-tors of the jfk -ss-ssin-tion were ultim-tely covered up when E
How-rd hunt one of Nixons plumbers & helper with the CREEP don-tions g-ve the
“inside scoop exclusive” on his de-th bed to infow-rs cre-ting - smoke screen,
this smoke screen w-s l-ter fin-lized when Hunts son St John & Infow-rs host
Roger stone beg-n pumping out f-lse n-rr-tives -bout the true conspir-tors of
the jfk -ss-ssin-tion, Stone w-s -lso one of Nixons CREEPS -s well -s working
under Re-g-n, bush & he-vy m-fi- -ssoci-ted, -lthough there -re no direct CNP
& JBS connections to stone he is surround by them including his -nd Don-ldʼs
mentor JBS member & notorious NY m-fi- m-n, pedo, homosexu-l & McC-rthyʼs
right h-nd m-n Roy Cohn. This is -lso - good time to mention th-t the CNP & JBS
-re often p-inted -s over the top homophobes by the leftist medi-(which is
ultim-tely - smoke screen n-rr-tive when it comes to these groups) But these
guys -re -lw-ys homosexu-ls themselves wee see this demonstr-ted time & time
-g-in, roy Cohn, Alex jones, Roger stone, rumors of Trump & Nixon the list goes
on) B-ck to Cnp guests Itʼs very likely m-ny more but its h-rd to tell due to jonesʼ
in-dequ-te records.
-WND founded by CNP member Joesph F-r-h sister enterprise with previous
mentioned newsm-x, CIA director Willi-m C-sey & Rich-rd Mellon Sc-ife - well
known ultr-right wing ci- -sset who w-s b-cking WNDʼs Joseph F-r-h. .
-ex-mples of how the CNP medi- prop-g-nd- m-chines oper-tes -nd covers up.
(Le-ve Clinton chronicles for ir-ncontr- section)
—Although there -re m-ny ex-mples of how the CNP medi- prop-g-nd- m-chine
pushes misinform-tion, f-lse n-rr-tives & we-ponized truth through the cnp
conduit right wing umbrell- structure - gre-t ex-mple is the completely f-lse
birther n-rr-tive.
In 2010 three retired gener-l officers expressed support for U.S. Army Lt. Col.
Terr-nce Lee L-kin in his refus-l to deploy to Afgh-nist-n b-sed on L-kin's cl-im
th-t President B-r-ck Ob-m- h-d no legitim-cy -s comm-nder in chief, bec-use
he believed in the birther n-rr-tive th-t Ob-m- w-s born in Keny-, Lt Colonel
L-kin w-s courtm-rti-led, The court-m2rti2l of Terry L2kin took pl-ce over
December 14–16, 2010. L-kin ple-ded guilty to two ch-rges while ple-ding not-
guilty to one other. Despite rec-nting his origin-l concerns -nd -sking the jury for
leniency, L-kin w-s found guilty of -ll ch-rges -nd sentenced to dismiss-l from
the Army, loss of p-y -nd -llow-nces, -nd - prison term of six months. The CNP
origin-lly gener-ted this n-rr-tive, it w-s he-vily pushed by Corsi, wnd, infow-rs
etc Even Don-ld Trump promoted this prov-bly f-lse theory. This is - prime
ex-mple of the effectiveness of the controlling -n umbrell- council like the CNP,
its - foreign governments wet dre-m. Specific-lly t-rgeting the milit-ry of -
country roping them in with we-ponized truth so they believe every n-rr-tive th-t
follows, they c-n directly disrupt - govt from within.

(Not 2 Complete list Trump CNP Connects)

-Niki H-ley(-ctu-l ret-rd) -

– Kelly Ann Conw-y (member)former Counselor to the President Recently spoke
-t He-vily publicized CNP meeting.
– Steve B-nnon (member) He served -s White House Chief Str-tegist in the
-dministr-tion of U.S. President Don-ld Trump during the first seven months
of Trump's term. VP of C-mbridge -n-lytic-, founding member of brietb-rt.
– Herm-n C-in (member) M-jor Trump supporter
– Lindsey Gr-h-m (CNP spe-ker), Trump supporter us -rmy n-tion-l Gu-rd
– M-rjorie D-nnenfelser CNP member, n-med -s the ch-ir of Don-ld Trump's
new pro-life co-lition
– Devos f-mily Members -nd m-jor donors he-vily embed in Trump
– Huck-bee f-mily(Mike Huck-bee, S-r-h c-mp-ign m-n-ger -nd politic-l
-dviser who currently serves -s the White House Press Secret-ry)
– Peter Thiel (one degree of sep-r-tion multiple times, mention SCL linked to
P-lintir)Rod D. M-rtin(CNP member & Trump -dvisor
meeting-don-ld-trump/ ) is - technology entrepreneur, futurist, hedge fund
m-n-ger -nd -uthor from Destin, Florid-. Mr. M-rtin w-s p-rt of P-yP-l's pre-
IPO st-rtup te-m, serving -s speci-l counsel to founder -nd CEO Peter Thiel
-nd h-s served -s policy director to former Ark-ns-s Gov. Mike Huck-bee
-nd -s president of the N-tion-l Feder-tion of Republic-n Assemblies.
Described -s - "tech guru" by Fox Business -nd - "philosopher c-pit-list" by
the Gu-rdi-n, he is founder -nd CEO of The M-rtin Org-niz-tion -nd serves
on the bo-rd of trustees -t Criswell College -nd on the bo-rd of governors of
the Council for N-tion-l Policy. SCL/CA connection to p-l-ntir.
– Fr-nk J. G-ffney- CNP member & , winer of the Cnpʼs George W-shington
Milit-ry Le-dership Aw-rd (2016), -s well -s the Zionist Org-niz-tion of
Americ-ʼs “Louis Br-ndeis Aw-rd” winer(1999) & r-dio host(- cl-ssic CNP
member occup-tion) & the m-n who inspired Trumps “muslim b-n”, In April
1987, Mr. G-ffney w-s nomin-ted by President Re-g-n to become the
Assist-nt Secret-ry of Defense for Intern-tion-l Security Policy, the senior
position in the Defense Dep-rtment with responsibility for policies involving
U.S.-USSR rel-tions, nucle-r forces, -rms control, missile defense policy -nd
U.S.-Europe-n defense ties. He -cted in th-t c-p-city for seven months
during which time, he w-s the Ch-irm-n of the prestigious High Level Group,
NATOʼs senior politico-milit-ry committee. He -lso represented the Secret-ry
of Defense in key U.S.-Soviet negoti-tions -nd ministeri-l meetings. [-lso is
the Founder -nd President of the Center for Security Policy in W-shington
essenti-lly - cnp offshoot, which host members such -s M-j. Gen. P-ul V-llely
who c-me up with Trumps “Americ- first” slog-n, -n -dvoc-te of the cnp
gener-ted birther n-rr-tive(one of the 3 supporters of the previously
mentioned Lt. Col. L-kin), Fox News chief milit-ry -n-lyst & more import-ntly
one of the m-jor proponents in promoting the origin-l soviet theorizing of
RMA vi- his work with s-t-nist/seti-n Lt. Colonel Mich-el Aquino(side not
meg- 5th degree) Aquino is -n open trump supporter. They promoted the
future soviet w-rf-re theories vi- their work on - p-per c-lled MindW-r(since
been republished -s - book), MindW-rʼs core structure is using r-dio/tv
bro-dc-sts piggyb-cking -dv-nced SLIPC(Sublimin-l Involunt-ry Psycontrols)
to bomb-rd the “Thought -rchitecture” or subconscious of the -udience
where 95% of your thought process t-kes pl-ce. to lure people into the
mindw-r the ide- of we-ponized truth is proposed, the bro-dc-ster uses
some truth to promote the over-ll deception, wh-tever th-t m-y be, in this
c-se m-king you believe “glob-list” -renʼt jewish or jewish -ssoci-ted. We
see this cle-rly demonstr-ted in the MindW-r op c-lled infow-rs one of the
biggest promoters of of the most zionist president ever Don-ld trump & JBS/
CNP n-rr-tives, inform-tion w-rf-re is -lso - term coined by Aquino, Alex
jones -s even recited the mind-w-r document on -ir -lmost word for word in
reference to the inform-tion w-rf-re oper-tion -s well -s using the term
“mindw-r” V-lleys peer Aquino w-s not only promoting soviet future
w-rf-re theories but w-s -lso he-vily connected the west co-st soviet
diplom-ts(remember these -re some of the e-rliest soviet diplom-ts theres -
99.9% their involved in soviet intelligence -t one level or -nother) these
diplom-ts included Miche-l Murphy & Steve Don-v-n -t the Es-len institute,
Aquino origin-lly got in cont-ct with them bec-use of their extensive
knowledge in soviet ment-l rese-rch th-t he w-s somehow well versed in,
es-len is where Aquino cl-ims he received his d-t-b-se on thought
-rchitecture vi- Steve Donov-n -t who h-d set - think t-nk c-lled
(tr-nsform-tion project these p-pers -re still unpublished to this d-y) The
es-len institute is (- mind control psychologic-l control study/meeting ground
for Silicon V-lley elites, things such -s the double bind -re bind theory were
developed there & picked up by people such -s René Gir-rd who turned it into
mimetic Double bind, René Gir-rd is - f-vorite philosopher of pre mentioned
Peter Theil)
– the perviously mentioned birther milit-ry folks -re in S-me circles -s CFR
member & infow-rs f-vorite Steve P, Steve is connected to the cnp vi-
member & co -uthor Tom Cl-ncy -nd is -lso involved in ussr shift to synthetic
n-tion-list rebr-nding of the Soviet Union the Russi-n feder-tion)
– Jerome Corsi (member), prop-g-ndist & crimin-l(Corsi involved in sc-m with
Russi-n-Jewish olig-rch -nd meg--thief Mikh-il Khodorkovsky & J-rek
Pyszczuk, - Polish n-tion-l, who proposed - de-l in W-rs-w. Corsi introduced
him self -s cre-tor of the Bʼn-i Bʼrith Mutu-l Fund in Isr-el, he proposed th-t
they est-blish - simil-r fund in Pol-nd relying on Russi-n m-fi- Pyszczukʼs
cont-cts. They ended up screwing investors from Minnesot- out of - lot of
money. ) under fire by the smokescreen Russi-n investig-tion, Prev mentioned
L-rry Kl-ym-n is representing him -s his l-wyer, -g-in we see CNP -cting -s
- conduit.
– Els- Price member (Erik Prince f-mily, donors, bl-ck w-ter recently in the
news -g-in due to Trumps -ttempt to priv-tize everything ties into the CNP,
their unit n-mes crus-der 1 etc fits in perfectly with CNP christi-n zionist
n-rr-tive, Jonesʼ bodygu-rd q is - former bl-ckw-ter mercen-ry -g-in the
cnp -cting -s - conduit, CNP connected Pompeo prince & North h-ve set up
- priv-te spy grid it -ppe-rs to -ctiv-ted vi- the CNP -s - conduit,
– As the C-mbridge An-lytic- sc-nd-l w-s unfolding, - new comp-ny Emerd-t-
Limited, cre-ted by C-mbridge An-lytic- executives, th-t in e-rly 2018 -dded
new bo-rd members Rebek-h -nd Jennifer Mercer, Cheng Peng, Chun Shun
Ko Johnson, who is - business p-rtner of Erik Prince, -nd Ahmed Al Kh-tib, -
‘Citizen of Seychellesʼ.
In 2017 -s C-mbridge An-lytic- executives cre-ted Emerd-t-, they were -lso
working on beh-lf of the UAE through SCL Soci-l, which h-d - $330,000 contr-ct
to run - soci-l medi- c-mp-ign for the UAE -g-inst Q-t-r, One of the Emerd-t-
directors m-y h-ve ties to the UAE -nd the comp-ny n-me, coincident-lly, sounds
like - pl-y on Emir-ti-D-t-…Emerd-t-.
The United Ar-b Emir-tes -nd people -dvoc-ting for the interests of the UAE — 
including Prince, N-der, -nd Trump fundr-iser Elliot Broidy who h-s done l-rge
business de-ls with the UAE — h-ve st-rted to -ppe-r frequently in news rel-ted
to Muellerʼs investig-tion. Erik Prince, the brother of the U.S. Secret-ry of
Educ-tion Betsy DeVos, lived in the UAE, -ttended the Seychelles meeting with
the UAEʼs Crown Prince Moh-mmed bin Z-yed Al-N-hy-n, is business p-rtners
with Chun Shun Ko who just joined the bo-rd of the new C-mbridge An-lytic-/SCL
comp-ny Emerd-t-, -nd SCL h-d - l-rge contr-ct to work on beh-lf of the UAE.
To better underst-nd the role Erik Prince -nd the UAE h-ve pl-yed in the Trump-
Russi- story )
– Rudy Giuli-ni(-ttends CNP meetings), Giuli-ni is -lso connected to the soviet
Isr-el Russi-n m-fi- network specific-lly ch-b-d, Rudy set up dutch
intermedi-ry c-lled K-zB-y bv to funnel dirty Russi-n m-fi- money out of the
us for Trump & comp-ny)
– The Mercers(M-jor Trump donors -s well -s m-jor CNP Donors & Members,
-n interesting side note SCL/CA origin-lly st-rted off supporting cruz just -s
infow-rs -nd m-ny other cnp -ssoci-ted medi- oper-tion did, but then they
-ll flipped simult-neously to supporting trump -t the s-me time SCL/CA did
indic-ting - network connection, both ted -nd his f-ther R-f-el Cruz -re
connected to the CNP vi- - cnp -ssoci-ted sub groups. Ted is -n -dvoc-te of
the mor-l m-jority founded by “3 c-tholics -nd - jew” Jerry F-lwell of
telev-ngelist -nd CNP founder P-ul Weyrich, Cruzʼs f-ther R-f-el w-s -
member of The Religious Roundt-ble (he-vily funded by deVosʼ -s well) The
Religious Roundt-ble founded by Cnp founder P-ul weyrich & Ted McAteer -
business m-n, - business m-n front founder is - common theme within this
umbrell- structure such -s jbs founder welch -nd even president trump
br-nding himself -s - business m-n outsider), The RR oper-ted in the s-me
function -s the CNP mobilizing christi-n voters for the Re-g-n c-mp-ign -s
well -s George bush.
– Pence(CNP Spe-ker, st-ted these -renʼt the old d-ys where you c-n just s-y
wh-tever you w-nt -nd people believe it furthering the ide- of we-ponizing
– Ken Bl-ckwell (CNP member & p-rt of Trump tr-nsition te-m)
– John Kirk Singl2ub (CNP member -vid trump supporter, c-lls Trump brilli-nt)
Founding member of the OSS(CIA) After retiring from the -rmy, Singl-ub, with
John Rees -nd Democr-tic Congressm-n from Georgi-, L-rry McDon-ld
founded the Western Go-ls Found-tion(- cnp off shoot & JBS subgroup).
Prior to the coll-pse of the Berlin W-ll -nd M-rxism-Leninism in the Soviet
Union in 1991, Singl-ub w-s founder in 1981 of the United St-tes Council for
World Freedom, the U.S. ch-pter of the World Anti-Communist Le-gue
(WACL, -lso CNP offshoot & JBS subgroup).
– Edwin J. Feulner (CNP member FORMER herit-ge found-tion president & co
founder with cnp co founder P-ul Weyrich, -vid Trump supporter)
– John Bolton (CNP -ttende, trump N-tion-l Security Advisor of the United
St-tes since 2018, The New York Times reported th-t top zionist & Isr-el
firster Sheldon Adelson(C-sino m-gn-te & Trumps top donor is - member of -
“sh-dow N-tion-l Security Council” -dvising Bolton, The n-tion-l security
council is often synonymous with CNP under - republic-n presidency -s we
will discus l-ter.)
– Grover Norquist (CNP member pro Trump, friends with the recently de-d pro
trump pimp Dennis Hof who died hours 2fter 2 combin2tion 72nd birthd2y
p2rty/c2mp2ign r2lly 2ttended by GOP Grover Norquist, recent Trump
p2rdon recipient Sheriff Joe Arp2io 2nd porn movie legend Ron Jeremy.)
– Ted H-gg-rd (CNP member pro trump, homosexu-l sc-nd-l with - m-le
escort c-lled Mich-el jones)
– Tony Perkins (CNP member -nd pro trump to the point where his listeners c-ll
in -nd l-mb-st him for his shilling.)
– Bob McEwen(CNP member), former congressm-n -nd Executive Director of
the Council for N-tion-l Policy, trump -dvoc-te meeting with him multiple
times. Bob W-s in Russi- when the ussr shifted to its present inc-rn-tion -
synthetic n-tion-list feder-tion, this is - Common theme where CNP
connected folks -re involved in the sift of USSR into the more covertly
feder-tion of the synthetic n-tion-list long r-nge defensive soviets) https://
– Leon-rd Leo (CNP Member & VP of the Feder-list society which tr-ces its
roots b-ck to the CNP & ultim-tely to the JBS.) Leon-rd is The m-n behind
trumps Supreme Court pick Brett K-v-n-ugh [“ When President Don-ld
Trump nomin-tes - justice to the Supreme Court on Mond-y night, he will be
c-rrying out the -gend- of - sm-ll, secretive network of extremely
conserv-tive Christi-n zionist -ctivists -lre-dy responsible for pl-cing three
justices (Alito, Roberts, -nd Gorsuch) on the high court. At the center of the
network is Leon-rd Leo of the Feder-list Society, the -ssoci-tion of leg-l
profession-ls th-t h-s been the pipeline for ne-rly -ll of Trumpʼs judici-l
nominees.Leo is on le-ve from the Feder-list Society to person-lly -ssist
Trump in picking - repl-cement for Justice Anthony Kennedy.]
– Miche-l Flynn, connected to CNP by one degree of sep-r-tion multiple times,
Flynn is - prominent member within ACT! for Americ-(A zionist christi-n -nti
muslim group shifting the bl-me for Isr-el) ACT! W-s founded by Brigitte
G2briel - Leb-nese--meric-n christi-n zionist -nti muslim -ctivist in the
s-me fr-mework -s L-r- Loomer. Brigitte h-s been - spe-ker -t CNP
meetings -nd is he-vily promoted by the cnp. ACT is -lso closely linked to the
previously mentioned Fr2nk J. G2ffney Jr. -long with m-ny other cnp
members. Get into Flynns milit-ry socom(Trump h-s been c-lled - socom op,
common theme to h-ve high level milit-ry in cnp - lot of intern-l
influence),Flynn -lso h-s some interesting Russi-n connections -ttending RT
events e-ting dinner with Putin like heʼs - friend not - le-der of - foreign
subversive government seeking to undermine the us. Flynn is -lso SAMS
gr-du-te - premier -rmy w-r coll-ge, gr-ds -re referred to -s Jedi knights
notice their emblem is - g-te keeper. Pompeo openly p-ls -round Brigitte
G-briel, the le-der of “ACT for Americ-,” -nd Fr-nk G-ffney. We see - Full
circle here with trump, Pompeo, Flynn, Brigitte, fr-nk, prince, priv-te -rmy
showing the m-ssive connectivity of through this little known umbrell-
structure ).
– Z-ch Kl-wonn( Although not directly - member, Z-ch is - perfect ex-mple of
- micro of the m-cro cnp conduit m-chine given his oper-tions he runs, not to
mentioned the cnp people -s well -s Isl-mic -nti jewish controlled op such -s
his -dmitted friend Louis F, showing this oper-tion spre-ds further th-n just
zionist Christi-ns -nd jews, They must Cre-te the controlled op Isl-mic
groups -n ex-mple would be the n-tion of isl-m or CAIR with Lind- S-rsour,
the ide- is -ssoci-te isl-m with the left & christi-n with right to get them
fighting with e-ch other to distr-ct both sides from who re-lly controls both
sides in W-shington the Isr-eli lobby, -nything to distr-ct from Isr-el) CAIR
-ssoci-ted is with n-tion-l security council witch is -ssoci-ted with cnp,
(Under republic-n its extremely common to tr-nsfer people from CNP or
offshoots to hold positions in the NSC)


Rebecc2 H2gelin, S2ndr2 From2n, L2deine Thompson, Rox2nne Phillips

-There is even -n -m-zing crossover of members from the Council on Foreign

Rel-tions -nd the Council for N-tion-l Policy. Ne-rly - dozen h-ve shown up in
the 2014 directory. With th-t m-ny members du-lly -ctive on both councils you
h-ve to question if the CFR h-snʼt -lre-dy been influenced by the CNPʼs -gend-.

-In 1981, the CNPʼs first executive director told Newsweek th-t “One d-y before
the end of this century, the Council will be so influenti-l th-t no president,
reg-rdless of p-rty of philosophy, will be -ble to ignore us or our concerns or shut
us out of the highest levels of government.”

-CIS CNP precursor "It consequently sponsors educ-tion-l progr-ms, semin-rs,
conferences, -nd briefing sessions; conducts direct m-il -nd -dvertising
c-mp-igns; -nd produces public-tions, r-dio shows, films, -nd television
document-ries on v-rious issues rel-ting to foreign policy -nd n-tion-l defense
posture. In the e-rly ye-rs of the Ron-ld Re-g-n -dministr-tion, the org-niz-tion
w-s one of the more influenti-l think t-nks of the New Right, providing both policy
-nd policym-kers to the new -dministr-tion.
"In the heyd-y of its influence, one observer noted, top offici-ls of CIS 'shuttle[d]
to -nd from key policy-m-king -nd -dvisory roles in the -dministr-tion. . . . '.
Among those t-pped for -dministr-tion positions were P-trick Buch-n-n.
supporting the Contr-s -nd right-wing dict-torships in L-tin Americ-. It h-s been
p-rt of the World Anti-Communist Le-gue (WACL) since -t le-st 1975 -nd h-s ties
to Moon's Unific-tion Church. M-jor Gener-l John Singl-ub, - le-der of WACL,
-nd others with intelligence -gency b-ckgrounds -re on the CIS spe-kers bure-u.
(Council for N-tion-l Policy)/CNP member Fr-nk Aker is -lso - le-der of CIS.
Gener-l Gordon Sumner is ch-ir of the n-tion-l CIS.
-Reg-n(the so c-lled “new right” pl-yed -n import-nt role in the 1980 presidenti-l
election of Re-g-n vi- its jbs successors & CNP precursors such -s the cis, &
sought to consolid-te its g-ins by exp-nding its institution-l presence in
W-shington DC, thus the “new right” le-ders cre-ted the cnp, cnp support for the
“Re-g-n doctrine” of so c-lled “ low intensity w-rf-re” w-s r-mp-nt within the
cnp, )
-“CIS public-tions -nd -n-lyses focus prim-rily on L-tin Americ- but include
cover-ge of other regions of the world -s well, p-rticul-rly the Soviet Union.
Groups -nd individu-ls which opposed President Re-g-n's Centr-l Americ- policy
or supported nucle-r dis-rm-ment, for ex-mple, were repe-tedly -nd vociferously
-ccused by CIS of being tied to or dupes of the Soviet Union. The Council w-s -n
-rdent supporter of the Nic-r-gu-n contr-s, -nd the group -rgued for continued
pressure on the S-ndinist-s in three -re-s: the diplom-tic front, the intern-l front
represented by domestic opposition groups, -nd the milit-ry front -s represented
by the rebels. The group provided fin-nci-l -id to the contr-s -nd worked with
youth -nd civic groups which provided politic-l -nd m-teri-l support for the
rebels. The groupʼs 1985 t-x return showed gr-nts given to contr- supporters
such -s Humberto Belli, Jose Rebelo, H-rris Whitbeck, Jefferson Educ-tion Fund,
-nd the Nic-r-gu-n Development Found-tion. In the s-me ye-r CIS m-de -
contribution to the l-rgest contr- group, the Nic-r-gu-n Democr-tic Force (FDN)
Prior to the 1990 elector-l defe-t of the S-ndinist-s by the U.S. -b-cked N-tion-l
Opposition Union, Bouchey s-id there w-s "no long-term possibility for pe-ce" -s
long -s the S-ndinist-s were in power -nd c-lled for "the [Re-g-n] -dministr-tion
-nd Congress to do wh-tever is necess-ry to remove the S-ndinist-

” Ir-n contr- -lso ties b-ck to the previously mentioned NewsM-x which w-s
oper-ted by d-ughter of Ir-n contr- CIA director Willi-m C-sey & Rich-rd Mellon
Sc-ife - well known ultr-right wing ci- -sset who w-s b-cking WNDʼs Joseph
F-r-h( perviously mentioned) & L-rry Nichols - f-vorite guest of jones w-s -
former li-ison between the CIAʼs Americ-n Security council & contr- forces in
Nic-r-gu- & -t le-st one high level connection deeply tied to - m-ssive coc-ine
export to the us. In 1988 Bill fired L-rry. Through the 1990ʼs L-rry, perviously
mentioned Rich-rd Sc-ife, Christopher Ruddy(cnp), Joseph F-r-h(cnp), P-t
M-trisci-n-(cnp) & Jerry F-lwell(cnp) were -ll cooper-ting in undermine the
Clintons. Their crown -chievement w-s the Clinton chronicles in which they
regurgit-ted the old B-rry se-l Men- -ff-ir, BUT they-stripped -ll references of
the ci- -nd CNP/CIS Reg-n White House & bl-med everything on - priv-te Clinton
clique. Everyones knows the Clintons pl-yed - role in covering up White House r-n
-ctivity but theres no evidence th-t the Clintons were the kingpins th-t the Clinton
chronicle m-de them out to be. Thus we-ponized truth info, h-lf truths -nd
mudslinging turned - very serious bip-rtis-n conspir-cy into - left vs right g-me.
The Clinton chronicles owed its success to the CNP network who pushed it
through the conduit vi- r-dio, tv, church etc etc.
-The resolution to impe-ch Bill Clinton introduced by bob B-rr w-s conceived -t -
impe-chment p-nel discussion -t - CNP meeting in Montre-l in June 1997 -nd -
follow up discussion in south C-rolin- w-s the resolution its self w-s introduced in
November -s demonstr-ted on pg 128 of bob B-rrs book the me-ning of is.
-The CNP Ir-n contr- connections donʼt stop there, Also on the CNP list Oliver
North(who -ttended cnp qu-rterly meetings -t le-st three times in the 1980s,
even distributing pics of Nic-r-gu-n -ir field), prev mentioned John Singl-ub &
gordon sumner, -nd other contr- network supporters, such -s former
-mb-ss-dor lewis tombs, lousy (Woody) Jenkins, & Lynn (L. Fr-ncis) Bouchey -re
-ll involved in Ir-nContr- -s well the CNP -nd one of its precursor s the CIS .
-HL hunts[initi-l cnp fin-ncer & JBS member] d-ughter(Alind- Hill Wikert) owned
Multiple ci- pl-nes running coc-ine, these pl-nes DC-9 (N900SA) & DC-9
N12ONE were previously owned by Kh-shoggi & his right h-nd m-n El-B-tr-wi,
they were bought through shell comp-nies eng-ging in - process where pl-nes
-re sold b-ck -nd forth to “sheep dip” them in hopes to throw off -ny
STORY: 2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bust (dubbed 'Coc2ine 1' in reference to its
c-rgo -nd the f-ct th-t the DC-9 w-s p-inted to imperson-te - US government
pl-ne)[¹] followed -fter the emergency l-nding of -n -ging DC-9 which w-s not fit
to fly.[²] On April 10, 2006, en route from from Venezuel- to USA, this suffered -n
engine f-ilure -nd m-de -n emergency l-nding in Mexico, where it w-s found to
cont-in over 5 tonnes of coc-ine.
Kh-shoggi & el-B-rt-wi were b-sed in St. Petersburg -t the time.

– The origin-l owner of Hunts d-ughters pl-ne DC-9 N12ONE w-s owned by
Finov- which owed Southern -ir tr-nsport (SAT) which owned the c-123 used
by B-rry Se-l in the Nic-r-gu- sting op which m-de him f-mous, the s-me
c-123 w-s l-ter shot down over Nic-r-gu- & the lone survivor Eugene
H-senfus w-s c-ptured by s-ndiest soldiers, setting off wh-t is now know -s
Ir-n-contr-, full circle.
– This is - Russi-n m-fi- oper-tion st Petersburg & -ll of west Florid- for th-t
m-tter is - Russi-n m-fi- strong hold.
– Get into how the Russi-n m-fi- oper-tes, how m-ny oper-tions, -nd how
sm-rt they -re(The red m-fi- is the worlds most dyn-mic org-nized crime
group, crimin-l billion-ires were m-de over night when the st-ged coll-pse of
the ussr occurred, & the cnp -ssoci-ted folks were right there on the front
lines w-iting to c-pit-lize. By the mid 90s there were more th-n 6,000 crime
groups oper-ting in the new Soviet Union, -n estim-ted 80% of Russi-n
businesses were p-ying protection money & the m-fi- controlled essenti-lly
-ll of the countries b-nks, when Scotl-nd Y-rd first discovered the Russi-n
m-fi- they were wondering wh-t -ll these PHDs were doing involved in this
ruthless g-ng, the Russi-n jewish m-fi- is by f-r the most educ-ted -nd
sophistic-ted, this mix of s-v-gery -nd sophistic-tion h-s -llowed the
Russi-n m-fi- to muscle in on -ny r-cket it c-n m-ke - profit on. So m-ny
r-ckets to the point where our own intelligence -gencies donʼt even know of
-ll the oper-tions.
– Briefly go over Trumps homies in Florid-(obvious Russi-n ops given
be-ch-homies/ (Buying -nd selling these houses is - form of money
– K-shigogis genesis sc-ms(Kh&shoggiʼs “S&udi Genesis,” &n intric&te web of
r&pidly ch&nging corpor&te fronts &nd dummy corpor&tions with the word
“Genesis” in their n&me, involved in wholes&le crimin&l fr&ud th&t looks to be
& textbook ex&mple of & Continuing Crimin&l Enterprise. From their b&se in
T&mp& Florid&(&lso the hq of socom), Kh&shoggi &nd El B&tr&wi controlled &
network of comp&nies, &ll using the word “Genesis” in their n&me. The
number of Kh&shoggi-owned Genesis comp&nies keeps growing. There is, or
w&s, Genesis Avi&tion, Inc., Genesis Avi&tion II, Genesis Diversified
Investments, Genesis Studio &nd Production Corp., Genesis Medi& Group,
Genesis Properties, Genesis Intermedi&; GenesisIntermedi&.com.; Genesis
Del&w&re; Genesis Florid&… The list, it do go on. And on. And then thereʼs the
Genesis Communic&tions Network. Thereʼs &ctu&lly two of them, seemingly
unrel&ted, but theyʼre so extremely simil&r in the fr&ud dep&rtment to e&ch
other &nd to “S&udi Genesis” th&t the rel&tionship &ppe&rs strongly f&mili&l.
Weʼre still uncert&in &s to how close they &ll &re; kissing cousins, &t the very
le&st. The first GCN is & so-c&lled “p&triot” network hosting Alex Jones &nd
other cnp &ssoci&ted people. Keep in mind Jones got his st&rt vi& genesis
communic&tions in Minne&polis[clip] The “S&udi Genesis” comp&nies
speci&lized in m&rketing to the m&sses, through infomerci&ls &nd on the
internet. Everything from Pl&stic Surgeons Crème to &b-energizers to
fr&udulent get rich quick schemes like “Tr&de Your W&y to Riches,” the
executive vice president -t Genesis Communic-tions Network in Minnesot- is (Mid-s Report) sh-res the s-me -ddress -s
-nother website c-lled “BRIDGES FOR PEACE,” where you c-n “VISIT ISRAEL
WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR COMPUTER.” It -ppe-rs to be - Christi-n Zionist
org-niz-tion, no surprise there - common cnp theme. Jones -lso connects
b-ck to the he-vily CNP -ssoci-ted K-shiogi through his Jewish l-wyer
Eliz-beth Schurig, who -lso represents the ultr--Zionist Bronfm-n dyn-sty,
one of the most powerful f-milies in the world. The Bronfm-ns -re -lso
connected to Kh-shoggi in sever-l w-ys, including through the Ir-n-Contr-
-ff-ir -nd B-rrick Gold, the worldʼs l-rgest gold mining corpor-tion, founded
in 1983 by Kh-shoggi -nd Peter Munk (Jewish).
Hereʼs - look -t some of Kh-shoggiʼs other disturbing connections. Is he not - big
● Adn-n Kh-shoggiʼs f-ther, Moh-mmed Kh-shoggi, w-s Moh-mmed Bin
L-denʼs (Os-m-ʼs f-ther) f-mily physici-n
● Adn-n Kh-shoggi -ttended college in Alex-ndri-, Egypt, with some of Os-m-
Bin L-denʼs siblings.
● Kh-shoggi secretly contributed to Rich-rd Nixonʼs 1968 presidenti-l

c-mp-ign. He -ttended Nixonʼs funer-l in 1994. Remember th-t Nixon -lso
-ttended the Bohemi-n Grove. Bohemi-n Grove -ttend-nce seems to be
more th-n common with CNP -ssoci-ted people.
● Kh-shoggi w-s implic-ted in the Ir-n-Contr- sc-nd-l -s - key middlem-n in
the -rms-for-host-ges exch-nge -long with Ir-ni-n -rms de-ler M-nucher
Ghorb-nif-r during the -dministr-tion of US President Ron-ld Re-g-n.
● Convicted in -bsenti- of fr-ud in Th-il-nd over the 1996 coll-pse of the
B-ngkok B-nk of Commerce
● Kh-shoggiʼs d-ughter N-bil-, his former wife L-mi- Kh-shoggi (formerly
L-ur- Bi-ncolini) -nd Ali Kh-shoggi -re high level members of the Church of
All Trumps Scientology connections
● - Trump is friendly with Florid- -ttorney gener-l p-m Bondi, who went e-sy
on trump university -nd declined to prosecute it for fr-ud, while Bondi h-s
-lso been friendly with scientologists who h-ve hosted fundr-ising p-rties for
her. - Trumps cheif fundr-iser Hollywood producer Steve
Mnuchin & tre-sury sec is involved with - film funding co owned in p-rt by
J-mes p-cker who w-s involved in scientology from 2002 to 2006
-Joy Vil-(Scientologist) m-g- dress & -dvid trump pusher to this d-y.
-Louis F-rr-kh-n st-red by supporting trump jones f-n interviews scientology
p-rtnership with n-tion of isl-m.
-Trumps first don-tion -fter 9/11 w-s to New York rescue workers
detoxific-tion project - scientology org-niz-tion.
(Not in video yet) Alex Jonesʼs PrisonPl-net website is - Scientologist term.
He is -lso friends with Hollywood Scientologists like the h-lf-Jewish Ch-rlie
Sheen (See: Alex Jones Promotes Scientology-Affili-ted Le-ders)
● Theres- LePore w-s supervisor of elections in P-lm Be-ch County during the
disputed 2000 election(prevention mentioned Roger stone -lso involved, b-ck
when cnp controlled the voting m-chines). In the 1980s, when she w-s chief
deputy supervisor of elections, she moonlighted -s - “flight -ttend-nt” on
priv-te pl-nes owned by Adn-n Kh-shoggi.
● Robert G. Morvillo w-s the l-wyer who got Kh-shoggi -cquitted for siphoning
money to Ferdin-nd -nd Imeld- M-rcos. In the 1960s -nd 1970s, Morvillo
served in the U.S. -ttorneyʼs office for the Southern District of New York
where he mentored - young -ssist-nt U.S. -ttorney n-med Rudy Giuli-ni.
● Kh-shoggi met with Rich-rd Perle shortly before the Americ-n inv-sion of Ir-q
in 2003. Perle w-s - member of the Jewish-domin-ted PNAC, the Project for
the New Americ-n Century, which is widely believed to h-ve been intim-tely
involved in c-rrying out the 9/11 -tt-cks. (See 9/11 PNAC perps still whining
for US to fight Isr-elʼs w-rs)
– S-udi billion-ire -rms de-ler Adn-n Kh-shoggi is - Moss-d -sset. The
-ver-ge person would never suspect - rich S-udi of being involved with Isr-eli
intelligence, let -lone being - p-id -gent of Isr-elʼs sophistic-ted (spy) terror

org-niz-tion, Moss-d. But th-tʼs ex-ctly wh-t Kh-shoggi is, -ccording to -t

le-st one former Moss-d c-se officer, Victor Ostrovsky, -nd two Jewish
journ-lists, D-n R-viv -nd Yossi Melm-n. The Moss-d h-s - term for people
like Kh-shoggi—-n Ar-bist, - Moss-d field -gent who poses -s - Muslim. )
– M-n-fort trumps former c-mp-ign ch-irm-n whoʼs is he-vily connected to
the Russi-n olig-rchs vi- his lobbying efforts in Ukr-ine is -lso connected to
Kh-shoggi by the l2te 1980s, M-n-fort h-d - new friend from -bro-d, whom
he mentioned to his p-rtners more th-n -ny other, -n -rms de-ler from
Leb-non n-med Abdul R-hm-n Al Assir. “His n-me kept popping up,”. While Al
Assir never r-ted much -ttention in the Americ-n press, he h-d - f-mili-l
connection who did. He w-s, for - time, the brother-in-l-w of the S-udi -rms
de-ler Adn-n Kh-shoggi, the middlem-n used in the -rms-for-host-ges
scheme th-t bec-me the Ir-n-Contr- sc-nd-l.
– When you -lign yourself with - crimin-l org-niz-tion such -s the soviet Isr-eli
m-fi- you essenti-lly h-ve unlimited funds for wh-tever oper-tion youʼd like
to run under the m-ssive cnp/jbs umbrell- structure. With the f-ke coll-pse of
the Soviet Union the “new right” s-w -n opportunity -nd seized on it, -lleging
themselves with the worst of the worst untimely seeking to destroy the west,
using the umbrell- structure - cruci-l tool.

-Not only is Kh-shoggi running coke with the founder of the CNPs d-ughter.
Kh-shoggi is he-vily involved in Ir-n contr- essenti-lly - CNP oper-tion he
bec-me - middlem-n used in the -rms-for-host-ges scheme th-t bec-me the
Ir-n-Contr- sc-nd-l., Trump & Kh-shoggi -lso h-ve direct person-l de-lings
Y-tch & Putins house(Form of money l-undering common in Russi-n m-fi-) (-lso
mention civl w-r, trumps boy crown prince, Erik prince torture in ritz C-rlton going
-fter -nti Russi-ns who -lso owned trump), wh-ts been going on in S-udi Ar-bi-,
Russi-n connect vi- SA the 8 registered business dirty money moved like k-sb-y
bv etc, Russi- connection S-udi Ar-bi-. CNP networks. The conduit.
-Get into Trump Russi-n Moss-d m-fi- connections (re-d -rticle to S-ter )

This is the Russi-n m-fi-, the cnp is - simple - conduit for illeg-l -ctivities &
direct influence within the us -ll under the guise of pro Americ-n christi-n
conserv-tives, the perfect cover. there -re plenty of “true believers” -s Oliver
north c-lled them, -ll you need is on Jud-s go-t.

(Other Russi-n Connects)

-24. In 1991, Weyrich spoke -t the in-ugur-tion of “Russi- House, - … go-
between for Russi-n -nd U.S. businesses … s-id to be the first of its kind….”
25. Weyrich w-s -lso - member of the Kriegel Institute for Freedom -nd
Democr-cy in Russi-. In 2000, he -ttended the World Russi2 Forum, with then
Sen2tor Sessions -nd Sen2tor Gr2ssley (-mong others). http://
26. Weyrich “bemo-ned the Bush/Cheney -dministr-tionʼs f-ilure to dr-w closer
to Russi-…”

-Interview with Bob McEwen – Executive Director, Council for N-tion-l Policy
Supports Trump W-s in Russi- when the ussr coll-psed only us dignit-ry, front
row se-t 13 min

-We he-r t-lk of - secret society in Hollywood who -re pro trump republic-ns -re
these cnp members?(CLIP)


Corsi Pol-nd connection, typic-l CNP style/Russi-n m-fi- sc-m.

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