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The four bishops of the state of Kentucky, through the Catholic Conference of Kentucky,
review proposed statewide legislation.

The values and principles that the Bishops use in evaluating legislation on this topic
include the following:

 The Catholic Church is a leading advocate for the dignity of all people, and she
condemns every form of unjust discrimination.

 Those who experience same-sex attraction must be accepted with respect,

compassion and sensitivity and should not be subject to unjust discrimination.

 The concern about any legislation of this type is to what extent it might go beyond
prohibiting unjust discrimination and cause unintended consequences.
Concerns could include an inadequate distinction between sexual inclination and
behavior and religious liberty protections.

 The Church stands ready to work with leaders and people of good will to end all
forms of unjust discrimination.

Archdiocese of Louisville
March 22, 2019