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Objectives: The students will,

1. Clap various rhythms found in their method book.

2. Identify musical symbols.
3. Define music terms.
4. Perform excerpts from their method book.
5. Quickly identify note names.

Procedures: The students will,

1. Come into class and read instructions written on board.
a. Sit anywhere with instrument and method book.
2. Unpack instrument.
3. Listen to explanation of rules of Band Jeopardy.
4. Split into two teams.
5. Play Band Jeopardy.
a. Rotate which member of the team gets the opportunity to choose the question.
b. Listen respectfully when the other team is playing.

Assessment: The students will,

1. Answer questions in Band Jeopardy game.
2. Perform on instrument for Band Jeopardy.
3. Respect team members and opposite team members throughout game.
4. Encourage team members with positive feedback and reinforcement.

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