CONTROLLING AREA : 1. Creation of Controlling Area – OKKP (SPRO/ Controlling/General Controlling/Organization/ Maintain Controlling Area) a) Assignment control. b) Activate components / control indicators. c) Assignment of Company Code. (CoArea = CoCode, we can assign only one Company code) Maintain Number Range for Controlling Documents – KANK. Maintain Versions.

2. 3.

COST-ELEMENT ACCOUNTING 1. 2. 3. 4. Creation of Primary Cost Elements – KA01 (can be created under FI also – FS00) (SPRO/ Controlling/ Cost Element Actg./ Master Data/ Cost Elements/ Create Cost Elements) Creation of Secondary Cost Elements – KA06 Creation of Cost Element Group – KAH1 Change Cost Element Group – KAH2.

COST-CENTER ACCOUNGING: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Creation of Cost Center Account – KS01 (Cost center in Controlling is what Business Area in FI) Change cost center – KS02 Creation of Cost Center Group – KSH1 Change Cost Center Group – KSH2 Postings in FI : F-02 Line item display in Cost Center – KSB1 (SAP/ Accounting/ Controlling/ Cost Center Accounting/ Information System/ Reports for Cost Center Accounting/ Line items/ Cost Center Actual Line items) REPORTS : Plan / Actual Comparison : S_ALR_87013611

INTERNAL ORDERS :(Sub task under cost center) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Define Order Types (groups)– KOT2 (SPRO/ Controlling/ Internal Orders/ Order Master Data/ Define Order Types) Create individual internal orders (under the group)– K001 (SAP/ Actg./ Controlling/ Internal Orders/ Master Data/ Special Functions/ Order/ K001-Create) Change Field Status Group (where internal order is required entry) – (From G004 to G002) (Note : G001 – No Cost centre, G004 – Cost Center, G002 – Cost Center & Internal Orders) (Copy G004 as G002 & make required changes – CO/PP required entry) Posting – (with Cost Center & Internal Orders) – F.02 Line item display in Internal Orders – KOB1 (SAP/ Accounting/ Controlling/ Internal Orders/ Information System/ Reports for Internal Orders/ Line Items/ KOB1 – Orders – Actual Line Items) REPORTS : Plan / Actual Comparison : S_ALR_87012993

NOTE : Revenue postings are not allowed in Internal Orders.

8.SAP R/3 – FICO CONTROLLING PROFIT CENTER ACCOUNTING : 1. 7. . 4. 7. 6. KE91. PROFITABILITY ANALYSIS 1. 3. Posting – F. 11.02 REPORTS : Plan / Actual / Variance : S_ALR_87013326 2. KEA6 – To change the value) Define Profitability Segment – KEQ3 Define Characteristics Hierarchy – KES3 Define Characteristics Derivation – (Under SPRO – KEDR) (Under SAP – KEDE) Create REPORT – KE31. 5. 5. KE32. and then) (SPRO/ Controlling/ Profit Center Accounting/ Basic Settings/ Controlling Area Settings/ Maintain Controlling Area Settings) Create Dummy Profit Center – KE59 Set Control Parameters for Actual Data – 1KEF Maintain Plan Versions Create Profit Center – KE51 Assign Profit Center to Cost Center – KS02 Define Number Range for Local Documents – GB02 Maintain Field Status Variants (Copy & Create G010 – Profit Center required entry) Changing Control Indicators in Cost Center – KS02 Maintain Automatic A/c assignment of Revenue Elements – OKB9. Define Operating Concern – KEA0 Set Operating Concern – KEBD (KEA5 – To change the characteristics. 10. (SAP/ Information System/ Define Reports/ Create Profitability Reports) Execute REPORT – KE30. Maintain Controlling Area Settings – OKE5 (First set controlling area. 9. 3. 4. 6. 2. 12.

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