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Journey 32 - CONCLUSION

There is truth in the old saw that "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." We have enough
knowledge to create nuclear fusion bombs, but not enough wit to create a society where such things
are unnecessary. It is as if we have scaled a cliff half way, and find ourselves perched on a narrow
ledge. Impossible to stay here, all too easy to fall off, and difficult to continue to the top of the
cliff. In the universities, we have the physical sciences, but no moral, mental or spiritual sciences.
We know enough to debunk the literal truth of the old religions and mythologies, but not enough to
make a science out of mystics and revelation. To return to fundamentalist Christianity or
fundamentalist Islam would mean a new Dark Age, a new burning of the books, a new inquisition.
Yet, they offer things that the physical sciences cannot, such as life after death, immortality, and a
divine purpose.

All such shadows vanish if we apply the full light of reason to all subjects.

Many books have one big (or little) idea, and the entire book is an argument to that point. This
book isn’t like that. It contains dozens of original ideas, and dozens more known but to a few. I
have not uncovered any new data. I haven't the patience for the tedious hard work of researchers,
though my hat's off to them. I have uncovered the great classics of the 20th Century, such as
Bowen’s book, THE HUMANOIDS, which even Ufologists seem not to know. I have always found
just what I need. I seem to have a knack for finding the needle in the haystack. Whether luck, or
fate, I do not know.

In the chapter on physics, I present evidence that anti-matter has anti-gravity, and suggest that this
is the explanation for the temporary acceleration of the Hubble expansion. The large scale structure
of the universe consists in soap bubbles, with super clusters of galaxies where the bubbles intersect.
This is because the bubbles are filled with anti-particles or anti-atoms, which try to stay as far apart
from one another and from ordinary matter as they can. These bubbles were made by the early
quasars, since the jets they produce are nothing but anti-matter. It should be possible to check this
hypothesis by looking at the spectra of the jets sent out by quasars and other super-massive Black

I also present evidence that gravitons alter the spin vector of the Earth once a decade or two. This,
plus Bode’s law, provides the starting point for quantum gravity. It is all towards the end of the

I have done what one man can do to create new sciences. We have utopian analysis, psionics,
metaphysics, and Toynbeean History. Of course, sciences are inherently collective enterprises, and
I have based my work on that of others. Hobbes and Locke are the grandfathers of utopian
analysis. The great Psi researchers such as Ian Stevenson and Raymond Moody are the fathers of
psionics. C. G. Jung and the American philosopher William James are the grandfathers of
empirical metaphysics. And of course, Arnold Toynbee will be remembered as the founder of a
science of patterns of challenge-and-response in history. I have merely reminded people of his