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Taha Science Academy

Intermediate Part-I
Test Session: 2019 Name: …………….....
TIME ALLOWED: 45 mins.
SUBJECT: Physics Max. Marks: 30

Attempt this section on the same Sheet.

Q.1: Pick the correct one from the given four options below. [15]
i. A body covering equal displacement in equal intervals of time possesses:
a) Variable velocity b) Uniform acceleration
c) Uniform velocity c) None of above
ii. Change in momentum is called:
a) Force b) Impulse
c) Acceleration d) Torque
iii. Slope of velocity time graph is:
a) Acceleration b) Distance
c) Force d) Momentum
iv. The time rate of change of momentum is called:
a) Force b) Impulse
c) Acceleration d) Torque
v. Inertia of an object is quantitative measure of its:
a) Volume b) Density
c) Mass d) Temperature
vi. Momentum depends upon.
a) Force act on the body b) Mass of the body
c) Velocity of the body d) Both mass and velocity of the body
vii. An alternate unit to 𝑘𝑔𝑚𝑠 is:
a) Js b) Ns
c) Nm d) N
viii. When velocity time graph is a straight line parallel to time axis then:
a) Acceleration is constant b) Acceleration is variable
c) Acceleration is zero d) Velocity is zero
Attempt this section on the separate Sheet.
Q.2: Write the short answers to all of the following questions. [2x5=10]
i. Motion with constant velocity is a special case of motion with constant acceleration. Is this statement
true? Explain.
ii. A man standing on the top of a tower throws a ball straight up with initial velocity and at the same
time throws a second ball straight downward with the same speed. Which ball will have a larger
speed when it strikes the ground? Ignore the air friction.
iii. Define impulse and find its relation with momentum.
iv. Describe the equations of motion for the object that is moving with uniform acceleration and when
these equations are useful.
v. Find the change in momentum for an object subjected to a given force for a given time and state the
law of motion in terms of momentum.
Q.3: Explain Velocity-Time graph and its various conditions. [5]

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