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How to pract ice T H E E S S N E W I S D O M

Olivier Manitara
Adapted by
the Circle of Hierogrammats



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© 2009 - Olivier Manitara – all rights reserved

The book you hold in your hands is published by the Essenia

The Essenia Foundation aims at preserving a heritage that is common

to all humanity: wisdom.
Wisdom is the presence of a light in the conscience and sensibility of the
man. Such light emanates from a common higher conscience. To access
this light man must have within himself a body capable of receiving the

Based on the principle that for heritage to be saved it needs to be alive,

the Foundation’s task is to allow wisdom to be received, nurtured and

With this in mind and to create a body that can receive wisdom in
man as well as transmit this living knowledge, the Fondation Essenia
publishes courses.

Everyone can have free access to all courses.

A gradual evolution of experimentation is however proposed and

advised: the increasing number of the entire course indicates what the
position of each course as a whole is.

These courses are nothing but a part of the many activities that the
Foundation proposes to restore a humanity of light living in harmony
with the higher common conscience and the respect for diversity of
human viewpoints and beings inhabiting the living nature.

The Essenia Foundation is an opportunity for all men and women of

good will in the world to meet and join their strength together to bring
about a new look and a new way of being in the world.

5 About the Author

9 Introduction

11 Develop the Correct Attitude with regard to Stress

14 Free Yourself from Stress through the Balance of the 4

Elements in Your Life

16 EARTH : Achieve Inner Peace through Stability

1st method Sitting on Mother’s Lap
2nd method Sitting on the Earth with Consciousness and Love
3rd method Walking on the Ground with Consciousness
4th method The Fern

26 WATER: Achieve Inner Peace through Flow

5th method The Shower of Light

31 AIR : Achieve Inner Peace through Balance

6th method Breathe the Omnipresent Light
7th method Breathe in the Blue Sky

36 FIRE : Achieve Inner Peace through Dignity

8th method Te Flame of Life
9th method Welcome the Sun in Oneself

40 Guided Meditation: Love for the Earth

10th method Love for the Earth

43 Conclusion

44 The Secret of peace
47 The Circle of the Archangels
49 To know more


O livier Manitara is the living memory

of the Essenes whose aspects related
to culture he has fully mastered.
He has been recognized in his tradition as an
Essene Master. He can impart all initiations to the
highest degrees. For nearly twenty years, he has
been putting down the foundations of the Essene
wisdom for modern times. Through all his activities,
he never ceases to impart the real cultural heritage
of mankind.

He has been publishing books since 1989

unceasingly and continues to write to the point of
having published over 200 works of extraordinary
variety. Every month since 1991, he has been
writing a monthly letter of teachings to all Essenes.

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About the author

That year, responding to the then global situation of the Gulf

War, he created the Circle of Peace. His work for peace has
been recognized by UNESCO. He also participates in the
«Meditation Room» of the United Nations.

Since his first public seminars in 1991, he has been a

lecturer and teacher appreciated for his gift of simplicity and
clarity. He has been giving on average 65 original lectures
every year since 1993. A tireless traveller, he has taught on
different continents and is constantly initiating meetings
with all people of the earth. As a result of these countless
meetings, Olivier Manitara has been rallying Essenes around
the world to live and to work in everyday life according to their
convictions by creating Essene Villages®. In these villages, it
is not uncommon to see him armed with a hammer or a drill to
participate in building houses.

Olivier Manitara has also been imparting Essene teaching

through song and sacred dance, meditation, meditational
movement, and art. All his teachings are conveyed via unique
training methods, combining traditional knowledge of the
Essenes and the reality of modern life. The Circle of the
Archangels® is the first stage of this training, during which
he transmits the psalms of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel,
Raphael and Uriel.

In 2006, he founded the Essene Nation™, so as to enable

all Essenes to meet, whatever be their country of origin, by
giving an earthly body to these people of souls. The Fondation

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About the author

Essenia, a Canada-based charitable organization recognized

by the Government, aims to protect and safeguard the living
memory of the people of Essenia.

Olivier Manitara lives in the Essene Villages, where he finds

time to actively manage his three children. His life is so rich
that many wonder if he finds time to sleep! This ‘hyperactive
meditative’ is a man of passion who divides his time between
writing and imparting his knowledge. Those who know him
know that he is a very simple man, a loyal friend and a cheerful

Olivier Manitara grew up without religious education. Nothing

predestined this son of a teacher for such work. When asked
«why?» he simply answers:
«One day, my heart opened up. I saw that something was
wrong in the lives of men. At the same time I saw the remedy
for evil in the words of the great Masters of humanity. Later,
I was fortunate to discover that these words came from a
‘common fund, called the Essene wisdom.
Yes, wisdom is universal and greater than humanity: it
touches not only stones, plants and animals but also the
invisible reign above man. Man can escape from wisdom
and live without it. The Essenes are those who recognize the
universal wisdom, accept and implement it in their lives.

Seeing this, I started to work with all my heart for helping

my fellow human beings and all creatures in the world, and
also to glorify the Father and the Mother. Thus I followed the

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About the author

impulse of my heart as best I could. I continue today, striving

to improve myself without fail. Because if nature keeps on
changing constantly, there is no reason why man should stop
moving forward...”

About Hierogrammats
The Hierogrammats are Essene scribes. They devote their time to
recording and transmitting the Essene Teachings.
They collect the speeches, writings, pedagogical drawings, and
meditations in motion, ceremonies and the holy songs put forth by
Olivier Manitara.

Everything is archived, classified, sorted, organized and made

available in the form of books, brochures, letters, study books, websites,
audio CDs, videos…

If you like the content of this book, you can extend your support
to the charitable organization of the Hierogrammats: make a donation
to the Essenia Foundation specifying that it is for the Order of the

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W elcome oh reader; who opens

this book.
If you are reading these few lines,
it means that you have taken a decisive step to put
your life in your own hands and to listen to your real
needs. You have seized the opportunity that life
offers you at the right time. Bravo!

Nowadays, stress can be seen as one of the

most common problems. Be it due to situations at
work, family relations, financial difficulties... or any
other cause, it often enters our lives to stay forever.
Thus, it ends up ruining the existence of those
who have let it settle in their lives.
A real nuisance, stress never comes alone. It
gets along a retinue of friends, more or less serious,
such as sleep disorders; fall in immunity, nervous
and emotional instability that can lead to depression,
difficulty at work, family tensions...

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Of course there are ways to overcome this.

So, act!

In this book, we present 10 unique methods to relieve

Developed from the thousand year old Yoga of the Essenes,
invigorated via non-stop practice of millions of beings across all
ages, these 10 methods (among the hundreds that make up
the Essene yoga) have already proved their worth.
Today they are made available to you so that you can enjoy
their inestimable value.
Each exercise is a door, a path in itself, which may result in
surprising efficiency and transform the vision you have of life.

Obviously you cannot perform these techniques to

perfection over night but you have to exert yourself to get good
results. If you are already sure that you are not ready to work in
this direction, then
do not go further...
However, with practice, you can see that these apparently
simple methods harbour unexpected treasures and can radically
transform your life.
In reality, they are the first steps towards an inner blossoming
and towards self-discovery without limits.

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I f you want benefit the most from these

10 methods, you must first adopt the right
attitude with respect to stress and know to
observe yourself in your daily life.

In stressful situations, try to understand and

follow these three key steps:

1 First, look at yourself when you are under

stress.Observe your thoughts, your feelings; look
at the strength of your will. Feel what is changing
you. Often you say, «But what is happening to me?
Usually, I am sure of myself, but now I am in doubt,
I am not able to recognize myself....». Look also for
the signals of your body: trembling legs, being out
of breath, stomach in knots, headache, dry mouth
etc. Know and recognize the influence of stress on
you to quickly identify and know what to focus your

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Develop the correct inner attitude

Be aware that it is like a foreign body that worms its way

in you, makes itself at home and finally settles down happily in

2 ■ As a second step, you have 2 options:

■ You can see that stress and its army has invaded
your vital space, your inner space. And you do nothing; you have
already admitted defeat. In this first step, you can stop reading
this guide right from now...

■ Or then you have a hint of desire, a good dose of

self-esteem and dignity to spare. In the latter case, you are
determined to become the master at home!
And you choose to take matters in your own hands.

3 ■ Understand how this happens: you will need to work

on yourself for chasing this small invading world and to practice
different methods.
In this approach, the real key is on one hand,
to strengthen yourself and protect yourself so that stress
cannot return soon, and secondly, to choose consciously which
good attitude you can welcome in yourself.
Will you let anyone enter your house?
No? Well, this is the same thing that happens within
This work is the basis for a new understanding,
an inner attitude that is to be practiced and that grows
stronger daily. You must learn to consciously decide
what atmosphere you host and develop within you.

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Develop the correct inner attitude

With habit this custom of life will become a reflex requiring

less effort on your part. You will thus practice these Essenes
techniques very naturally, with pleasure, just like you have a
glass of water when you are thirsty or you take a shower when
you feel dirty.

Who are the Essenes ?

The Essenes are the source of all spiritual traditions on earth. On can
find their influence in Buddhism, Taoism, Celtism, Christianity, etc. They
are people within all people, a culture in all cultures, which has always ta-
ken care of Light in man through time.

Thus,the word «Essene» is primarily a state of being and consciousness.

This term characterizes someone who takes his life in his own hands in
order to preserve a superior intelligence in life.

As far as the Essene tradition goes, it is a living path that allows an

individual to find harmony with the Great Nature and with his own deep
and radiant nature.

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T he natural state (i.e. the one linked

to nature) of man is inner peace and
profound calm. Stress comes when an
individual gets cut off vis-à-vis living nature.
This separation and imbalance is grafted on
to the pace of life and an artificial environment,
on to a way of life that is completely away from
actual needs.
By harmonizing yourself again with the great
principles of nature, you can find a force of stability
and a fluid and harmonious life.

Look at nature
as a source of balance.

For the Essenes the whole nature is alive. It is

animated by intelligence, a soul and a benevolent
presence that takes care of man and allows him
to walk towards the Light.
This eternal principle is known as: the Mother.
It is reflected through beauty, abundance, harmony
and loving attention that is given to us daily by the
Earth and which enables us to live.

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Free yourself from stress

In the Essene Tradition, the four elements represent the

four faces of the divine intelligence that wishes to flourish all
that is eternal in man and we can see this at work especially
through the 4 seasons.

By approaching nature in a fair manner, you can again

find the path to your soul; the path that leads to inner peace
and balance.

The therapeutic action of the 4 elements

Nature is made of four major elements: Earth, Water,

Air and Fire. They exist in material terms as well as at a
subtle level 1. Learning to work with them is a powerful key to
transformation and harmonization whose secrets we shall be
unveiling to you.
You should know that these methods based on the
4 elements figure among a multitude of other possible
approaches of the Essene science.

1 For more information, refer to the Circle of the Archangels. This practice takes place 4 times in
the year and relies on the Intelligence-Spirit of each of the 4 elements. This is the quintessence of this

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ven though it is the medium on

which we walk and grow, the Earth
is above all a living being, wanting,
feeling, loving... Her body carries ours - like a
mother carrying her children in her womb - and
enables us to exist in this world. If we begin to
approach her with respect and consciousness, a
true and subtle relationship can be forged between
her and us, in order to help us accomplish the
mission of our soul. Then, the Earth rids us of
what is weighing on us, heals us and opens the
path of inner peace for us.

Like the earth beneath our feet, there is in

each of us a subtle earth. Through it, we reap
what we sow through our thoughts, our words and
our actions.

To know how to sow seeds of Light in this

earth is one of the major objectives of the Essene
science. By correctly applying some tested methods

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Inner peace and stability

- based on gestures, words, thoughts and movements - it is

possible to sow sacred seeds which will change our entire

The following short exercises are for this purpose.

They can be practiced anywhere: at home, in the subway,
on the street or in office. However, they are most effective
when practiced outdoors, in direct contact with the Earth, or
at least, where there is greenery (for example, in a public
park). For best results, these exercises need to be performed
several times consecutively, with calm and patience. It goes
without saying that impatience is an obvious stress factor.

I First method: Sitting on Mother’s lap

Place: You can perform this exercise wherever it is

possible for you to remain in a standing position: on the
street, in the subway, in a small space inside or outdoors.


1 Keep standing and take a few deep breaths. Let

the air enter and leave you softly.
Think of the Earth that carries you with love. You stand
on it, like on the belly of a Mother.
Let the full weight of your body fall on Mother Earth with
confidence. Your head is slightly bent forward and your neck
is relaxed. Yours arms are hanging on both sides of your

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Inner peace and stability

2 Bend your knees slightly and at the same time,

observe how all the tensions within you flow downward
through the legs to be absorbed by Earth.

3 Feel that everything that is tired, sick, tensed,

strained in you, is collected by the Earth like waste water to
be transformed and purified. Through the alchemy of nature,
this negative energy will be mutated into life in the form of
plants, trees, flowers, anywhere on the planet...

4 Stretch your knees again slowly, and as you sit

up, leave all your problems and anything that clutters up your
life to the earth. Notice that you are now free, light, calm and

Repeat this exercise at least three times consecutively,

deepening each time your contact with the Earth. While
practicing this, feel that your heart is coming close to the
soul of the world, of the Mother, that you are entering into
her aura of gentleness, warmth, tenderness. Deeply feel her
love, because it is her who cleans you, as a mother cleans
her child.

5 After you have done it a number of times, deepen

your relationship with Mother Earth. You can also feel that
you are leaving a used, old, heavy-weighing coat to the Earth
when you approach her and that when you sit up, you are
reborn, like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. All this
takes place in finesse and subtlety.

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Inner peace and stability

Then, quietly thank her by slightly bending before her


Benefits: This exercise has the ability to free you of stress,

of all that is inharmonious and of several latent diseases. It
can also facilitate the healing of diseases already installed.

II Second method:
Sitting on the earth with consciousness and love 2

Place: Any place where you can remain standing straight,

then sit down even on the ground.

In this place, you should preferably be alone in order to

be able to perform the exercise in the best conditions. The
best way is to practice it outdoors or in a garden.


1 Put yourself in a standing position, be straight

but flexible.
Feel the soles of the feet touching the ground.
Above you, think of the vastness of the sky.
Feel yourself standing on the ground, vertical, combining
the intelligence of the sky and the earth of forms. Think of
yourself as a link between the invisible and the visible.

2 Extract from the book “Les secrets du lâcher-prise” by Olivier Manitara – Ed. ULTIMA

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Inner peace and stability

2 Observe your inner self: observe the

thoughts that float in your head, your state of mind, analyze
your desires, your motivation and your goal.
Refocus yourself on your intention to sit in a genuine
and beautiful manner.
Breathe consciously. Let the air enter and leave you

3 Invite the flow of thoughts and the moods

which restore your honour, your dignity and your preciousness.
Everything in you and around you is clear, bright, pure and
Cultivate in you a sense of gratitude towards the
noble, the beautiful, the just and the good in life.

4 Think consciously and say:

«Through my thoughts, my heart,

my will and my body,
I invite in me all the genuine persons
who have sat down with purity
with the intention to reach the inner awareness
of self,
to unite with the Supreme and to celebrate

May they support me in love

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Inner peace and stability

and that through me be perpetuated the

of enlightenment and service.
With love, I bless the light that awakens me,
the air that gives me life, water that makes me
aware of myself
and the earth that carries me.

May the ground on which I am going to sit be

may it become for me a sacred place
full of strength, purity, clarity and security.»
5 Let calm, harmony and well-being fill your soul.
Sit down, calm and relaxed. Bow down before the sacred;
the presence of life in everything. Then slowly sit up, without

6 You are yourself, in your radius of existence,

one with Everything. Your head is large and clear, your heart
is warm and big, your belly, your feet and your hands are
completely relaxed. You feel serene and completely detached
from the external ephemeral concerns.
Breathe softly, letting air enter and leave you freely.

7 Think of the silence that can be found beyond all

the noise and music of the world. Think of the harmony that

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Inner peace and stability

supports all worlds. Think of the universal intelligence that

enlightens all beings and leads them to the goal.
Enter into immobility. Ensure that no inharmonious
movement is printed on the psychic waters of your self.

Learn to enjoy this state, this sacred atmosphere for

several minutes, then end the exercise taking care to keep
the influence of this atmosphere in you. At certain times of
the day, it will visit you, you will need to be aware of it and
invite it freely in you. These are the first steps on a path of
development and beneficial service.
Be at peace.

Benefits: Powerful exercise of focusing and overall


III Third method:

Walking on the ground with consciousness

Place: Preferably a quiet place where you will not be

disturbed, where you can walk at least a few meters.
If you are in a public place, do this exercise
without paying attention to the people around you.
However, try not to attract attention by giving very visible
external signs.
If you are outdoors, in a forest of your choice or
in a place that you particularly like, you can do the exercise

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Inner peace and stability

Technique :

1 Start to walk very slowly, placing each step

consciously on the ground. Your breathing is calm and slow.

2 Feel the contact with the Earth and become

aware that you are walking on a living being that carries you
and loves you - like a mother loves her child.

3 Place each step gently, with love and open

yourself to the love of the Mother that is climbing up to you,
like invisible water filled with sweetness. In this communion
and this attention, let your perceptions open and widen.
Each of your actions must be very slow, conscious and full of
This walk can be extremely slow.

Benefits: By practicing this for a few minutes, you can

gradually enter a state of calm and get out of the negative
state in which you were while starting. With practice, you will
be amazed at the transformations that this simple technique
can make in your life.

When you will be well trained, you will be able to

change your inner state in one or two minutes, even in a few
seconds. You will then be able to use this technique in any
place, without difficulty.

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Inner peace and stability

IV. Fourth method: The Fern

Place: This exercise can be
practiced in any place where you can
remain in a standing position, preferably
in a quiet place.


1 Put yourself in a standing

position, calm and relaxed.
Put all the weight of your body on
Mother Earth. Feel the stability and the
confidence in the Mother, the loving
being that is carrying you.

2 Now notice the attraction

of the Earth that pulls you towards her
Your head is bent forward, your
neck is relaxed.
Then vertebra after vertebra, bend
down till your toes, while trying not to
bend your knees.

3 When you are bent down,

the head, neck and arms are completely
Remain in this position for a few
minutes, completely relaxed, close to the
Breathe calmly.

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Inner peace and stability

4 Then feel something like an impulse rising from

the Earth. It is the impulse of spring, the call of the Light and
of the sun inviting you to straighten up.
Something awakens in the bottom of your spine
and you start straightening up, vertebra after vertebra, in the
same way as you had bent down, very slowly. You gradually
come back to a straight and flexible position.
This is the fern that is straightening out towards
the sun.

5 Your head is lifted slowly, only after your back is

Then think of clarity in your head.

Benefits: Practicing this exercise is very beneficial

for releasing tensions, anxieties, and for finding inner
balance. It has the power to purify the nervous system and
the personality, the terrestrial self.
The exercise of the fern also has the ability to
awaken «the serpent of wisdom» in the spine.

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n everyday life, man naturally

gets loaded with all kinds of physical
or mental impurities. Just as the body
gets dirty due to the different situations that it
encounters; thoughts, feelings and desires are
also tinged with influences that they2 face every
day. Stress is one of those undesirable ‘deposits’
that stick to the skin and which one must learn to
clean for restoring his inner balance.

To move in this direction, water can become

a true friend. But to approach it in a fair manner,
one must open its multiple dimensions. For; if
there is water that makes up our physical body
and without which it would be impossible to live,
move, speak and look... there is also a subtle
water that bathes all our organs and creates our
moods. This water can be transparent, bright and
beautiful and dirty or cloudy.

If water is clear, the Light of the soul can pass

through it - like sunlight passes through a crystal.

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Inner peace and flow

Thus the human being can be at peace with himself, focused

and present. But if it is opaque, all life is tainted with a dark
It is in this water that harmonious and disharmonious
influences manifest themselves before entering the physical
In fact, there is a close relationship between
physical water and the subtle water because they
are two different states of the same element and the
same magical and alive principle.

Place: While taking your shower if you are doing the

full exercise. At any place, if you practice this shower of light
only at a subtle level.

Technique :

1 When you take a shower, let the water run over

you imagining it comes from a superior, brighter source that
is very high in the sky. Become aware that this water is alive
and that it is not only physical, but also flowing in the subtle

2 Feel this water like a water-Light, a water of Love

that flows from the Source of sources and cleans, gives life
and calm to your entire sanctified being. This water gets you

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Inner peace and flow

great calm and peace and great gentleness. It is filled with

the presence of God and cleans your thoughts, your feelings,
your will and all that is not in harmony with the most radiant
in you.

3 To reinforce this practice, you can pronounce these

words with feeling:
«All that is not in harmony
with the will of God,
the light of the true being
that I Am eternally and the cosmic order,
is now released and transformed.
The source of life flows through me.
In my mind, I am one.
In my soul, everything is purified, revived and
In my destiny, everything is purified, revived
and awakened.
In my mind, everything is purified, revived
and awakened.
In my feelings, everything is purified, revived
and awakened.
In my desires, everything is purified, revived
and awakened.
In my actions, everything is purified, revived
and awakened.

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Inner peace and flow

In my body, everything is purified, revived and

The source flows in me, I am one.
Thank you, Angel of the water and bless you.
I want to live and work for the good of all
When tensions, negative state of minds come to visit
you, you can also get rid of them by washing your hands or by
taking a shower in this manner.

If you do not have the possibility of using water:

You can relate yourself with the Angel of water through

your thoughts and imagine that spiritual water is entering
you, passing through you and is taking away everything that
is negative in the centre of the earth.
This water first flows through your mind and renews
your thoughts and then your conscience of vigil.
Next it runs through your chest and renews your
feelings, your imagination and your conscience of dream.
Then through the stomach to renew your creative will
and the unconscious part of your life.
It flows through your legs to the feet and then is finally
absorbed by the earth.
Practice this exercise until all darkness flees and
disappears from you.
Until the water of life flowing in you is pure, crystalline
and diamond-like.

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Inner peace and flow

When the water is so clear and pure that you have

become as transparent as the light of the true being “I-Am”,
let the light-water flow a little more in you and load it with a
beneficial pulse for the good of all beings, then let it spread
again on earth.

Benefits: This method is a powerful water therapy. It

revitalizes the whole being, removes all tensions and negative
feelings and thoughts. It allows to clean all the subtle bodies
and to focus, to connect to higher dimensions of his being.

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tress is a tension that grips the

body because of concentrating on a
specific problem, a given situation,
additional work or tension... As it settles down, it
leads to shortness of breath that imprisons man
in a state of a closed soul, in fixed thoughts and
within limits of his body and his personality.
Working on respiration techniques in the
Essene tradition is a powerful way to open this
invisible cage and get out of this prison. It is a
way to run towards the blue sky and breathe with
one’s soul.

VI Sixth method:breathe the omnipresent


Place: In a car, train, inside the office or

anywhere outside or inside. The surrounding air
must however be relatively healthy and neutral.
Avoid places full of tobacco smoke or exhaust
pipes and places having strong odours (nauseating
smells and synthetic fragrances).

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Inner peace and balance

To enhance this exercise, however you can burn Armenian

paper or get one of the incense sticks dedicated to the Essene


1 Sit in a comfortable position and put the entire

weight of your body on the Earth. Feel the stability, surrender
to Mother and practice some deep breathing.

2 Then concentrate on your breath and become aware

of the air that enters and leaves you with softness.
Feel the transparent air around you. This air is alive and
full of goodness. It radiates Diamond-Light that is transparent
and pure. This clarity is wonderful and belongs to the
omnipresent Holy Spirit and the eternal Love that bathes the

3 Breath in and out this air-Light consciously. As you

breathe in, feel the gentleness, the calm, the Light and the
love that enter you.
As you exhale feel the gentleness, the calm, the Light
and the love that leaves you.
With your breath, feel a communion with the subtle and
radiant air that surrounds you. Let your thoughts dilate them
and let your perceptions widen. Your body fills with light and
Let this state settle in you, more and more, and remain
for a while in these dilated, open thoughts that are present
in the great calm.

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Inner peace and balance

You can choose to breathe especially a virtue, such as

peace or love, or prefer to breathe the all pervasive Diamond-
Light that contains all the virtues.

Benefits: This Essene exercise is very powerful. It not

only has a therapeutic effect and huge benefits, it can also
lead the practitioner to a gradually awakening interior and a
blossoming of his consciousness.


Place: In a car, train, inside the office or anywhere outside

or inside. The surrounding air must however be relatively
healthy and neutral. Avoid places full of tobacco smoke or
exhaust pipes and places having strong odours (nauseating
smells and synthetic fragrances).
To enhance this exercise, however you can burn Armenian
paper or get one of the incense sticks dedicated to the Essene


1 Sit on the floor or a chair in a comfortable position.

Your back is straight and relaxed.
Put all the weight of your body on Mother Earth and feel
the calm and stability.
Breathe gently and conscientiously

2 Think about the gray sky above you. The sky is full
of clouds linked to all your tensions, your problems and your

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Paix intérieure et équilibre

worries... Feel it as a heavy reality that tries to enclose you

and which you must overcome.

3 With imagination, lift yourself to the gray sky and

cross it by putting all your heart and soul in your actions.
Think of you crossing this gray sky as an opaque veil that hid
the blue sky from you.

4 With imagination and feelings, enter the blue sky and

observe that the sun never stopped shining, it was always
there, even in the worst of moments.

5 Breathe in the blue sky and let your mind expand to

Breathe in the limitless space.
Feel the calm and the great peace beyond time.
Feel the eternity that lies above deceptive appearances
and open up to capture the sun’s rays.
Become aware that just an effort with will is enough to
cross the layer of clouds that enclose your existence.
Whatever the circumstances, your soul is always on top
of all problems in this blue sky.
Learn to look at the world through the eyes of your soul.

With gentleness and beauty, bring on this state of being

linked to the blue sky and the sun into your physical body.

Benefits: Develops the ability to get out of all burdensome

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Inner peace and balance

situations. Gives great strength of mind to face difficulties in

life. Develops confidence in all that is superior to man.

With practice, you will be able to regain this state of being

and consciousness very quickly as and when you call it.

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n life, fire may take many forms. It

may appear as the fire of destruction, the
fire of bombs, of anger and discord... that
is to say a sick fire that has been diverted from its
original mission. Or it can be the fire of friendship,
joy, excitement, the splendour of truth and the
love of God... a fire of healing and purification.

The Essenes have always worked with this

element, because it is the body of the Light. It is a
living support that allows beneficial influences to
subtle, pure and angelic beings and to approach
man ... It can become a gateway to the soul and
to the great hidden Sun.

Just like each element, fire too has two

aspects: a visible physical aspect and an invisible
but very much alive aspect.


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Inner peace and dignity

Place: Any place where you can light a candle


So as to invite peace and calm in oneself, it is always

beneficial to light a candle in a place of life and meditation.
Electric light due to the interference it provokes on the
aura and subtle bodies is naturally a generator of stress
and imbalance. By lighting a candle conscientiously you get
connected to the Light of life. In doing so, you can make an
intention to increase its positive influence.

1 While lighting the flame, think, feel and say:

«As I turn this candle,

I turn on the flame of harmony
in me and around me.
May this flame be
a drop of sunshine in my heart,
and bring the sacred fire of beautiful and pure

2 When you want to extinguish the candle, place

your right hand behind the flame, as if to protect it from wind
and, while blowing from above, imagine, feel, that it continues
to burn in your heart to enlighten your life from inside.

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Inner peace and dignity

Benefits: Driving out dark ideas and fears. Brings light,

clarity, warmth and softness in the aura of the practitioner.
Connects to the protective Light of the soul.


Place: This technique can be practiced in any

place. It can be performed before the natural sun, or inside
a room, by being connected to the sun using imagination in a
subtle way.


1 Keep standing on the ground.

Enter into an attitude of righteousness
and dignity and nobility of soul.

2 Feel yourself to be stable and

firm on Mother Earth and think of the
endless blue open skies above you. Your
mind expands in this bright blue sky, it
expands and enters the great calm.
In the middle of the sky, see the
Truth-Sun, the great sun of kindness and
of Love, origin of all life.

3 Open your hands to about the

height of your waist, palms facing the
Sky and place them on each side of the

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Inner peace and dignity

By opening your hands, feel that

you open the door of Heaven and of the
You welcome all that is superior to
man, all that is broad and limitless with
You find yourself in the position of
the tree of life.

4 In this posture, you imagine and feel yourself like a

flower that opens up to the sun of the mind to receive warmth,
Light and Love.
Let yourself soak in the sunrays until all your cells are
bathed in light. Thus you become a cut for the living Light.
You feel like a dawn that rises within you and radiates all
around you.
The Light dissolves all your dark areas and your body
enters in the grand clarity and transparency of crystal.

5 Remain some time in this bath of Light, gentleness

and love and resume your usual activities while trying to keep
up with this state of inner clarity and peace.

Benefits: This exercise stimulates the inner sun. It

dissolves negative state of minds and awakens a new Light in
oneself. By practicing regularly, preferably in the morning, you
gain strength and balance in your life. You learn to connect
to a Light that is not of this world, and which will accompany
you more and more throughout your day, whatever be the
external circumstances.

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«Love for the Earth»

This meditation can be carried out by
remaining seated on a chair, with a straight and
relaxed back, or by sitting on the floor in meditation
Lieu : To be practice preferably in a quiet
place, where you will not be disturbed.

Technique :

Remain in your righteousness, your nobility

and your freedom.
Around you and within you feel the purity,
harmony and the loving understanding.
The air that enters and leaves you gently
purifies and heals you.
The silence that surrounds you and wraps you
awakens your conscience deeply.

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Meditation : Love for the Earth

Gently, feel the earth under your feet.

Feel the ground and the stability.
In the stomach: peace and quiet. Everything is stable
and quiet... Feel the depth, the calm and the serenity.
In the chest, feel your harmony and your peaceful
In the head, perceive the clarity of the atmosphere, the
air filled with light and the head open in the blue sky.
Feel the top of your head from inside and at the same
time see the sky, the blue sky. Extend yourself into the
atmosphere. The blue sky fills the head like a soft energy
and a vibration.

Again, see the earth under your feet.

Feel the earth as a whole. Become aware of its being,
its intelligence and its soul, that it carries all the creatures
of the world and offers itself as food for their healthy and
harmonious development.
Let the image of the earth climb in you up to your
Form in your heart the image of the round earth with the
ocean and continents.
Place the earth in your heart.
The blue of the sky across the head; surrounds the earth
in a blue colour.

The immensity of the sky surrounding the earth, blesses

the land, cleans the earth in your own heart that is now fully
aware, awake and quiet.

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Meditation : Love for the Earth

Benefits: Powerful internal centring, cleansing and

awakening the subtle of the deep being.

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These ten methods to relieve stress are

among the hundreds of techniques taught by
Olivier Manitara within the contemporary Essene
School so as to enable everyone to assume lives
in their own hands and find inner fulfilment.

To explore this topic and to learn how to live

with peace in everyday life, discover the Circle of
the Peace.

To further deepen the living approach of

the 4 elements that would radically transform
your life, discover the Circle of the Archangels.
This technique, based on four great Spirits of
the elements and the four seasons is the most
powerful taught by the Essenes to date.

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For the Essenes, the great virtue of Peace is

the subtle body of an Angel. It is the body’s living
water, its sacred presence and its garment of
Light. This represents a profound truth that shows
us that in the invisible, everything is animated and
In light of this conscience, each virtue is a
being in itself that can visit man, associate itself
with him and inspire him to the right way of living
on Earth. But this relationship can work only if
man links himself consciously with peaces and
accepts its guidance.

From this point of view, it is easy to understand

that all attempts of men to bring peace in the world
will fail, so long as they do not actually associate
themselves with the Angel of Peace, and so long
as they do not embody it powerfully in the earthly
reality in order to give peace the ability to act.

However, it should be noted that if man

manages to welcome this Angel in his thoughts,

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The secret of Peace

in his feelings and in his will, by a very precise science and

a genuine desire to serve, he gives peace a powerful means
of working in the tangible world, beyond space and time. This
objective is one that can be progressively achieved by anyone
who participates in the Circle of Peace. He or she becomes
an activator of Peace in the world, a therapist and a servant
of life.

The Circle of Peace - the method -

This wonderful work consists of practicing each week

between Wednesday evening and midnight and Thursday
evening to midnight, a half-an-hour exercise, repeated with
some magical words and gestures. This impersonal work is
as much acting as it is done with feelings.
Over time, it can become a source of profound inner
illumination and a delight for the soul.

Each participant is free to choose their schedule.

However, anyone who wants to support this humanitarian
action more intensely and become a link in this chain of Light
can register himself at a specific time weekly.

The educational work given by Olivier Manitara on

the ceremony of peace is essential to participate in this work.
You can buy it from Essenia Europe.

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The secret of Peace

By providing half-an-hour of your time each week,

you can not only help to nurture peace in the world, but also
learn to radiate it around you, like a flower that exhales its
You will become a true artisan of peace, a protector of
this holy Angel, to suit your individual commitment.

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S ince the dawn of time, the Essenes were known

for their knowledge of Angels and Archangels.
Their pure and authentic contact is the source of
all knowledge. The Circle of the Archangels allows everyone to
benefit from this know-how that is absolutely adapted to modern
life. It is also an introduction to longer training, especially the
Essene Therapy.
The Essene year is a circle, a round punctuated by four major

To enter the Circle of the Archangels, it is enough to unite with

the Angel of your choice during one of these celebrations.
Between each of these meetings, three months of very simple
individual practice enables the study of the Essene wisdom and
to approach his Angel.
It takes place once in the morning and once in the evening.
It only takes a few minutes and can be done by everyone with
utmost ease.
After lighting a candle, a sacred movement helps to harmonise
ones energies with his Angel. In his presence, a word of the
Archangels is read to connect to the divine. We can thus find
strength and serenity.

On a daily basis, the Circle of the Archangels is a privileged

moment of reconnection, which quickly becomes essential to
refocus. The Angel of the Circle of the Archangels is protection and
aid. Its energy also helps to understand the meaning of one’s life
and his mission of soul. In a process of personal development it
is an extraordinary power for harmonizing, transforming, healing
and moving beyond our limits. It is a gateway to another reality
that enhances life.
The Circle of the Archangels is an experience, a practical path to
discovery and happiness. It allows everyone to come into contact
with a world of purity, wisdom and love. It is a unique experience
in the world, a great human adventure where sharing, friendship,
confidence, hope, encounter, respect, discovery find their full
Do not miss such an opportunity!

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Summer Solstice Autumn Equinox

Archangel Uriel (linked to the Earth element) Archangel Michael (linked to the Fire element)
• Uniting with the kingdom of the Masters to accom- • Consecrating the fire of purification
plish the Divine will • Awakening uprightness and discernment
• The science of magical writing • Developing Michaelic thought
• Protecting oneself from the false light and illusion • Uniting with the intelligence of the Sun and the Siprit
• Balancing the mortal nature and the Divine nature in • Setting oneself free from the dark forces
man • Accomplishing one’s mission on the Earth in dignity
• Undertaking a concrete work and loyalty to the Divine
• The secrets of stability • Entering the School of the Mysteries
• Creatind and cultivating the land of Light • hallowing the name of the Father

Spring Equinox Winter Solstice
Archangel Raphael (linked to the Air element) Archangel Gabriel (linked to the Water element)
• Breathing, a living exchange with one’s soul • Science of the liberation of the soul
• Meditation and direct knowledge • Receiving the Essene Baptism
• Balance of the energies and purification of the ethers • Purifying the water of relations
• Re - activating the sacred memories in each one thanks • Taking care of the family
to the green stone of Raphael • Understanding the sacred discipline
• The true meaning of immortality • The true meaning of purity
• Medicine and secrets of Essene Therapy • The secret of the Essene Zodiac
• The science of healing


This four–day celebration is truly unique. About the celebrations of the Archangels,
The exchange of energy with an Angel an Essene says:
is extremely powerful and solves all the "I am now living to the rhythm of the big
problems of existence, as a lady participant gatherings of the Circle of the Archangels. Each
says: one of these days is unique. I come out of it each
"Since I entered the Circle of the Archangels, time purified, clarified, full of Divine forces and
everything in me became clear and I understand energies. My life has completely changed forever.
better the meaning of my life, my mission on this I am very proud of carrying an Angel on the
Earth. I would never have believed that such a Earth."
simple practice could be so powerful." Another lady participant says:
A male participant also tells us: "I now know that the Divine world needs men
"I have never asked anything from the Angel that and women of good will. I am however just an
I carry, but he has given me great blessings." ordinary person, but there is no doubt at all that
I feel somewhat ‘special’!"

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