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Ready for CAE p 18. Times Change Photos.


- rocking chair: a chair with two curved pieces of wood under it that make it
move backwards and forwards.
- Barefoot: not wearing anything on your feet: e.g. poor children going barefoot
in the street.
- We can see a middle-aged man with receding hair / a receding hairline.
- double-decker: a bus with two floors, one on top of the other
- billboard: a large board on the outside of a building or at the side of the road,
used for putting advertisements on.
- A man is climbing up a ladder
- a bus conductor: a person whose job is to collect money from passengers on
a bus or check their tickets
- ironing board: /aɪənɪŋ/ a long narrow board covered with cloth, and usually
with folding legs, that you iron clothes on
- iron: /aɪən/ a tool with a flat metal base that can be heated and used to make
clothes smooth.
- do the ironing.
- Salt cellar: a small container for salt, usually with one hole in the top, which is
used at the table. (Salero)
- Sugar bowl: container for sugar
- She is wearing a dressing gown (bata).
- Bucket: an open container with a handle, used for carrying or holding liquids,
sand, etc.
- A rolling pin is a cylindrical food preparation utensil /juˈtensəl/ used to shape
and flatten dough /dəʊ/
- A tea towel is a small towel used for drying cups, plates, knives, etc. after they
have been washed
- Boiler: a container in which water is heated to provide hot water and heating
in a building
- Pot: a deep round container used for cooking things in.
- Dishcloth: a cloth for washing dishes (bayeta).
- Mop: a tool for washing floors that has a long handle
- Meat mincer: /ˈmɪnsə/ a machine for cutting food, especially meat, into very
small pieces.
- Coffee grinder: /ˈɡraɪndə/ a machine or tool for grinding a solid substance
into a powder.(Grind ground ground: moler)
- cutlery: knives, forks and spoons, used for eating and serving food.
- crockery: plates, cups, dishes, etc
- appliance: a machine that is designed to do a particular thing in the home,
such as preparing food, heating or cleaning: e.g. electrical / household
appliances. They sell a wide range of domestic appliances—washing
machines, dishwashers and so on.
- Housework: the work involved in taking care of a home and family, for
example cleaning and cooking: e.g.
to do the housework.
- Chore: a task that you do regularly: e.g. doing the household / domestic
- I do the washing (= wash the clothes) in our house.
- Do the washing-up: the act of washing plates, glasses, pans, etc. after a
meal: e.g. If you cook, I’ll do the washing-up