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Each question in this paper is followed by three or four possible answers. Choose the best answer
from the answers marked A, B, and C or A, B, C and D.
Section A.
Questions 1-4
Choose the best word to fill in the blanks.

1. Mother bought a ____________ of eggs yesterday.

A. tray B. bottle C. bag

2. My brother was trimming a ____________ of bushes this morning.

A. hedge B. crowd C. troop

3. Her grandmother presented her with a __________ of China.

A. group B. set C. crate
D. nest
4. The cat gave birth to a ___________________ of kittens.
A. gang B. group C. bunch D. litter

Questions 5-7
Study the pictures carefully and choose the best phrase to complete the paragraph.

Swee Ting and her mother are in the supermarket. There is a big

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________ (5) going on there. There are looking at _______________ (6). Swee

Ting found a nice ______________ (7). Her mother bought and paid for it. Then they
went home.

5. A. sale B. show C. fiesta D. carnival

6. A. some clothes B. some food stuff C. some stationeries

7. A. a pair of jeans B. pair of socks C. pair of gloves D. pair of shoes

Questions 8-10
Study the pictures carefully. Then, choose the best answer.

8. A. Mary is typing a letter on her computer.

B. Polly is drawing a butterfly.
C. Jackie is writing a letter to her friend.

9. A. My mother is combing my hair.

10. A. Pat and Anna are quarrelling.
B. Susie’s mother is tying her hair.
C. I am tying my hair. B. Molly is dancing and singing.
C. The girls are singing and having fun.

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Questions 11-15
Choose the best sentence to fit the situation shown in the pictures.

11. A. Well done, son!

B. Pardon me 12. A. For about two weeks.
C. May I know what the time is? B. I’m sorry to hear that.
D. You forgot to switch off the lights C. Yes, I can see an island.

13. A. May I know what the time is?

B. Don’t mention it.
C. I’m fine, thank you.

14. A. Oh no!
B. Congratulations!
C. How are you? 15. A. I need help.
D. Have a nice trip. B. How do I get to the museum?
C. Thank you for coming.
Questions 16-20

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Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

16. I ran _____________ the thief but could not catch him.
A. in B. off C. after D. between

17. She spoke very _______________ that no one could hear her speech.
A. softly B. roughly C. loudly D. hurriedly

18. These _______________ shoes have to be washed.

A. dirty B. dirtier C. dirtiest

19. _______________ eating healthy food, he exercises regularly.

A. Besides B. Although C. Therefore D. Furthermore

20. August comes before ______________.

A. June B. July C. September D. October

Questions 21
Choose the word that has the opposite meaning as the words underlined.

21. Coconut tree is tall but banana tree is _____________.

A. long B. slim C. short D. thick

Questions 22-23
Based on the pictures, choose the answer with the correct spelling.

During recess, the pupils line up in the ____________.
A. cantein B. cantin C. canteen D. kanteen

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Rogers likes to eat fried __________________.
A. ciken B. chicken C. chikken D. chiciken

Questions 24-25
Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation.

24 A. Arman and james are taking a train to Kelantan.

B. Arman and James are taking a train to kelantan.
C. Arman and James are taking a train to Kelantan.
D. Arman and James are, taking a train to Kelantan.

25 A. Have you watched ‘the Lord of the Rings’?

B. Have you watched ‘The Lord of the Rings’!
C. Have you watched ‘The Lord of the Rings’?
D. Have you watched ‘the Lord of the Rings’.

Questions 26-30
Based on the picture, choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that

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It is Deepavali. Suresh is standing ___________ the door. He is waiting for Afiq
and Simon to _____________ his house. They _____________ Suresh’s close
friends. About ten o’clock Afiq and Simon arrived at Suresh’s house. They
_____________ Suresh ‘Happy Deepavali’. They enjoyed _____________ and drinks
served on the table.

26. A. over B. above C. at D. in

27. A. come B. coming C. came

28. A. is B. are C. was D. were

29. A. wish B. wishes C. wished D. wishing

30. A. food B. fruits C. drinks D. cookies

Questions 31-35
Read the catalogue and answer the questions that follow.

Sharhan 2008 6
Cameron Highlands is the largest hill resort in Malaysia. It is located in the state of
Pahang. The region has a series of villagers scattered among tea plantations and rose
gardens. Visitors like its cool climate and fresh air. This is different from the hot and
dusty air of the city. When they are up on the hill, they will visit the tree plantations,
strawberry farms and rose gardens.

Another hill in Fraser’s Hill. It is also the state of Pahang. People who love nature would
love its cool surroundings, jungle trails, waterfalls and colourful nurseries. Finding a
place to stay is no problem at all. The hill resort has a wide range hotels, chalets and
colonial bungalows.

31. The advertisement claims that Cameron Highlands is

A. small B. large C. modern D. noisy

32. The highlands consists of

A. a city B. many parks C. fish ponds D. tea plantations

33. The word ‘region’ means

A. area B. garden C. lane D. land

34. The main attraction of the Fraser’s Hill it is

A. busy street B. high-rise buildings C. big hotels D. cool

35. Visitors can stay in

A. coaches B. caravan’s C. chalets D. wigwam

Questions 36-40
Read the articles below and answer the questions that follow.

Your hair and nails are made out of the same material, keratin. However, since your nails
are much thicker, they are harder than your hair. Brushing helps to stop dirt from
building up in your hair by cleaning much of the dirt out. It also makes it easier for the
oils in your hair to go down the shafts of your hair.
Dandruff is the flaking of dead skin from your scalp. It doesn’t hurt at all. Dandruff is
caused by a dry scalp. Dandruff looks like white flakes, and you can usually see it when

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it falls from your hair onto your shoulders. Normally, you can simply wash it out with a
good shampoo. However sometimes a special shampoo is needed. To stop dandruff
before it starts, make sure to wash your hair every day with shampoo.
Another reason why you have to look after your hair is lice. Lice are very tiny insect
that live in your hair. It is commonly passed from person to person. You should talk to a
doctor if you have lice. The doctor will give you a prescribed shampoo or medication to
stop lice. To prevent lice you must make sure not to share hats or combs with anybody.
At the same time, look after your personal cleanliness. Those with long hair must be
more careful. You must make sure to wash your hair every day with shampoo. By doing
these you can have healthy and shiny hair.

36. What is keratin?

A. It is another name for your hair.
B. It is another name for your nails.
C. The material your skin is made of.
D. The material your hair is made of.

37. How can brushing help your hair?

A. By taking out the dirt.
B. By making your hair longer.
C. By making your hair beautiful.
D. By making your hair colourful.

38. Which statement is not true about dandruff?

A. Dandruff looks like white flakes.
B. Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp.
C. Do not use a shampoo when you have a dandruff.
D. Dandruff is the flaking of dead skin from your scalp.

39. How to avoid lice?

A. Don’t have friends with ling hair.
B. Don’t share hats or combs.
C. Don’t keep long hair
D. Bald your hair.

40. What is the benefit of looking after your hair?

A. Your hair will get scalpy.
B. Your hair will get dandruff.

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C. Your hair will damage easily.
D. You will have a clean and healthy hair.

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