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Nature of Nursing  A service for promoting early

DEFINITIONS according to: FLORENCE recovery and rehabilitation of

NIGHTINGALE patients, prevention of disease
 For over 100 years, she defined and promotion of health;
it as “the act of utilizing the  A service universal in scope
environment of the patient to because it is rendered to
assist him in his recovery.” anyone in need, regardless of
(1860) age, sex, economic, political or
 She considered a clean, well social status, creed, color or
ventilated & quiet environment nationality.
essential for recovery. International Council of Nurses Version
DEFINITIONS according to : SOTEJO & 2002
JACKSON  NURSING encompasses
 A personal service given with autonomous & collaborative
the heart by the nurse to her care of individuals of all ages,
patient, assistive or helpful by families, groups & communities,
nature, to anyone who, because sick or well & in all settings.
of pain, want or need, is not Nursing includes the promotion
able to do the things & health of health, prevention of illness,
activities he generally does for & the care of ill, disabled, &
himself. The nurse utilizes for dying people. Advocacy,
this purpose various promotion of a safe
knowledges, attitudes & skills; environment, research,
 A service based on an participation in shaping health
understanding of the patient as policy & in patient & health
a human being deserving of systems management, &
respect from his fellowmen; education are also key nursing
 A complex service concerned roles.
not w/relief of observable American Nurses Association 2004
physical signs of pain or  Nursing aids the protection,
discomfort alone but in freeing promotion, & optimization of
the patient from afflictions of health and abilities, prevention
the mind, emotion & spirit by of illness & injury, alleviation of
providing reassurance, an suffering thru’ the diagnosis &
environment conducive to treatment of human response &
freedom from fear & anxiety & advocacy in the care of the
appropriate health instructions; individual, families,
 A helping act impelled by communities, & populations.
genuine interest in the welfare Canadian Nurses Association 1987
and the well-being of the person  The nursing profession exists in
being helped brought about by response to a need of society &
the systematic study of the holds ideals related to human
patient’s social & family ties & health throughout the life span.
causes & effects, and thus Nurses direct their energies
establishing his worthiness & toward the promotion,
value. Because of this feeling, maintenance, & restoration of
the patient develops a sense of health; the prevention of illness;
urgency to recover & be his the alleviation of suffering & the
usual self again; ensurance of a peaceful death
when life can no longer be  Nursing is the act of
sustained. utilizing the environment
 Nurses value a holistic view & to assist the patient in his
regard an individual as a recovery
biophysical being who has the Emerging Definitions
capacity to set goals & make 1. Nursing is caring.
decisions & who has the right & 2. Nursing as collaboration.
responsibility to make informed 3. Nursing as professionalism.
choices congruent w/personal RTRMS definition:
beliefs & values. 1. Nursing as caring means
 Nursing, a dynamic & the concern for others
supportive profession guided by and self
its ethics, is rooted in caring, a Other definitions…
concept of evident throughout • Caring is the essence of
its four fields of activity : Nursing what is.
practice, education, • Nursing is the care of others.
administration & research. Nursing as collaboration means that
Definitions of Nursing by Other the nurse works as partners in health
Authors care team with other professionals.
 TAYLOR Nursing as professionalism means
 Nursing is a unique having a specific body of knowledge,
healthcare discipline in set of values, & skills that differentiate
which nurses provide a them from one another.
service based on Basic Definitions of Nursing
knowledge & skill.  From the Latin word “nutrix”
 HENDERSON meaning “to nourish”
 Nursing is assisting the  Most definitions of nurse
individual, sick or well, in & nursing describe the
the performance of those nurse as a person who
activities nourishes, fosters &
 WATSON protects & who is
 Nursing is caring prepared to take care of
 NIGHTINGALE sick, injured & aged