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Business Process Outsourcing : Call Center


A call center is a communications-based company

which serves as a support system for larger
companies in first world countries like the United
States. Call or contact centers handle customer
complaints and inquiries and provide technical
support for a wide array of products and services like
electronics, e-mail management, mortgage,
insurance, advertising, telecommunications and
even volunteer and charity work.

Basically, the work is to receive from and make calls

to foreign countries. There are two categories of call
centers: inbound and outbound calls. And there are
three types of accounts: telemarketing, customer
service and technical support. Telemarketing
belongs to the inbound category. However,
customer service centers also engage in up selling,
which means offering or selling services.

After being introduced in the airlines in 1970s, call

centers soon became synonymous with the
telemarketing industry, where their reputation
languished for years. Today there are almost
hundreds of thousands of call centers around the
world- and seemingly as many reasons for their

Today’s call centers have evolved to become more

sophisticated, high-tech showcases of services,
support and sales. Meanwhile, the look and layout of
call centers are changing to keep up with the new
demands being placed on them.
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Call Center Industry in the Philippines

The Philippines is now gaining a quick share in the customer-service call center industry, which
is a steadfast business in the world today. The outsourcing business is something that is being
given importance because for the Philippine Government, this is a huge economic boon in terms of
employment since It had been operating in the country in 2000.

A call center in the Philippines is stable based on the recent State of the Nation Address of
President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo last July. Arroyo highlighted that the government is seriously focusing
on keeping this industry by putting satisfactory budget in the education sector which will be utilized in the
conduct of trainings in the field of computer, Internet and English to the students and teachers. The
call centers continue to grow and surpass the target of employment every year because of the high
demand of theoffshore business in any parts of the world. Over the past few years, the entry of the
foreigninvestors owning small-and-big call centers company in the
Philippines signified that business process outsourcing is considered as the sunshine industry. I cannot be
denied that call centers is now playing an important segment in boosting the economic industry of the

The conducive way of the Filipinos to communicate in English strengthen the campaign of the
government to establish more contact centers. It is noted that this country has been referred to as an
English-peaking, with almost 95 percent of the population can deliver fluency and understand it
effectively. English, an outgrowth of American colonialism, was the medium of instruction in schools for
decades. With a long history of contact with the United States, including several decades
of American colonial rule,
Filipinos are more attuned to Western culture than most Asians are. Call center employees in the Philippines
not only find it easy to relate to Westerners but are also quick to adapt to a variety of accents. The
intensive training which acquired by the employees prove their competency in dealing with their
customers in no hassle anytime. In retrospect, the Philippines was placed under the colonial hostage by
the three powerful first world countries the Americans, Japanese and Spanish colonialism. Their
presence had brought tremendous change to the Philippine lifestyle and culture. If the Spanish rule (1521-
1898) sharpened our religious belief in terms of Christianity, then the Americans (1848-1946) taught us the
importance of education and used English as the primary medium, aside from the local dialect which is

The call center phenomenon in the Philippines started in 2000 wherein it has been recorded
that four contact centers started to do outsourcing business. After five years, potential investors started
to outsource their business here until it continues to expand. To connote, the ability of the Filipinos to
do better in customer service is a good advantage. Likewise, the Philippines geographic location
which is the gateway to the other Asian nations maintain the interest the investors. Today, the
Philippines is one of the world's key players in offshore call center business together with China and India.
Investors are likely to place more contact centers because of the lower cost of labor compared to the
other Asian countries and better infrastructure including the state-of-the-art technology.

A call center in the Philippines is continue to be acknowledged as the sunshine industry because
of the massive developments brought to the country. Not only, Metro Manila specifically Tortillasis housing
the famous contact centers. It also starts to expand in the other provinces such as Baguio, Cebu, Iloilo,
Bacolod, Davao, among others. Call centers in the Philippines continue to gather support from the
government. With all these good development happened, the country will achieve its goal by 2010 by
stabilizing this industry.
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Recruitment and Training Process

Call Center: Types of Support

•Internal Employee Referrals
•Internet Joba Sites
•Campus Interviews
•Press advertisements
The calls managed by a number of Philippine call •Job Fairs
•Tie-ups with strategic
centers can be categorized into: a Selection of accountsa
Customer Service •Official Website/online
Agents applicants
Outbound calls – the services
•Bill Boards
cover telemarketing, advisories, sales •Radio
verification, credit and collection, •Internet
reactivation/reinstatement of accounts, •Direct Mailers
loyalty program benefits, customer services, •Visibility and Branding

surveys or cast evaluators and order entry.

Call center agents call the customer.

Inbound calls – cover a broad range of

services, from all types of inquiries, technical •HR - The candidates' track
help, transcription, complaints, customer records are verified and
references, attrition risk, no
service, support, sales, marketing, and hire zone and salary fit are
billing. Customers call the call center agents. checked.
•Group Discussions -
Candidates are assessed
Other Services Supported for verbal communication
skills with a focus on
accent, diction, clarity of
- Email Support
Screening speech and thought, and
their overall confidence.
- Chat Support •Operations - Basic tests are
- IP Relay administered to check
written English, numerical
- Back-Office Processing and analytical skills. Based
- Work Force Services on their assessment and
- Services skills inventory, candidates
are assigned roles ensuring
- Training and Support/Career Enhancement the best fit.
- Virtual Assistant

Top 10 Call Centers in the Philippines

1. 1.HSBC EDP, Alabang •The final step of the call
center recruitment process
2. Teletech, Pasay is an induction for the team
3. 24/7 Customer members, where they
would be imparted
4. Convergys, Cebu information on:
•Basics of the Business
5. Convergys, Alabang Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Induction Industry
6. Sykes, Quezon City •Company Code of
7. Teletech, Bacolod City Conduct
•Security & Data Integrity
8. eTelecare Global Solutions, Alabang •Benefits & Perks
9. IBM Daksh •Joining Formalities
•Baseline Evaluation
10. HSBC EDP, Makati •Pre-Process Training
•Process Training
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Factors Affecting Call Center Design:

Foreign vs. Local

 Population and Demographics of the

 adequate pool of available and
qualified workers
 quality of local work force and the work
ethic of the area
 local culture and time zone
 strong local accent
 legislative restrictions in the area
 unions as part of the work culture of the
 climate of the region
 anthropometrics of the workers

Local Call Center Designs

Concentrix- Synex Corporation Company in Davao

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Foreign Call Center Designs