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0 ; ON caren eee Ce By inure: Abr naa xX am dt rec Oe re re H CASS eee ee oer By oii e Shiba Keoepdt 8. Ptr ote Temporary Urban Scene: Beach on the Moon Ecosistema Urbano In contrast to traditional problem- solving methods for reactivating degraded public spaces in historic urban centers, we believe that another form of intervention is possi- ble-without spending vast amounts ‘of money, time, and energy. We focus on low-cost actions capable of generating responses from residents, in effect obtaining a sys- tem of self-produced revitalization where the citizen plays an active role in the creation of public space. This proposal demonstrates new notions of neighborhood connectiv- ity, developed to positively affect the existing way of life through the creation of a new, temporary urban ‘scene (Beach on the Moon). This proposal aims to aid a neigh- borhood united by the need to improve a degraded area near the Gran Via, in downtown Madrid. It was necessary to act in a short period of time, support residents’ ideas and wishes, and garner the media attention required to force those responsible to negotiate with residents for substantial ‘a neighborhood Anew, temporary urban environ- ment called Moon Beach provided ‘an activity zone for neighborhood residents while offering an amenity for users of the Gran Via. During the months of the urban installation (summer 2006), many unexpected connections were generated, mul plying the effects of the project. In this period of time, the idea emerged that itis possible for citi- zens to make decisions about their city and feel part of the urban space. MEASURE 512