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Merry Child School

Zone 7, Bulua Cagayan de Oro City

Business Plan

Filipinos Dolces
Submitted by:

Agan, Christian Jason

Alipio, Sabina Kristine

Dante, Danica Mae E.

Impron, Caitlin Dawn T.

Libe, Hazel Jane P.

Pana, Jomar Jules

Valdon, James Lawrence

Submitted to:

Teacher Eleny B. Cariaga

Filipinos Dolces is a café-like ambiance Filipino sweet shop which
has a lot of varieties from the yummy maruya with ice cream toppings, to
the delicious palitaw, different variands that the Filipino love along with our
refreshing beverages which is the taho and mais con yelo. This business is
worth pursuing for the benefit of customers satisfaction and for them to
indulge their taste buds. Filipinos Dolces also aims to give delight and
gratification towards customers making their life less stressful for it is a
place where customers can spend their time to relax and be gathered
together with the people they love.

Filipinos Dolces name literally means Filipino Sweets. The name was
inspired from when the Philippines was invaded by the Spaniards and so
as a tribute to the Filipinos history Filipinos Dolces was created.

Truly this business has been creatively planned out based on our
experience with other sweetshops but with a unique twist to it. Filipinos
Dolces aims to promote Filipino delicacies to a certain degree that not only
the “Pinoy’s” will patronize but also the foreigners.

With a humble beginning of what seems to be only a feasibility study

for the behavior of the consumers, Filipinos Dolces has then flourish,
through the support of the school and the encouragement of both our
former and present Entrepreneurship Teachers, we are confident enough
that this business will grow to offer our products and services in a broader
range to promote Philippines best tasting desserts to satisfy consumers.

 Filipinos Dolces envisions to serve the best quality food and service towards the
 Endeavours to offer the broadest range of flavor experiences to the widest target
audience within the confectionary market.
 We develop talent and strive for continuous improvement.
 We aim to show respect, to inspire, to satisfy and support one another.


 Filipinos Dolces ensures to offer a wide variety of food with affordable and
reasonable price. To provide the high quality of food that our customers deserve.
 Aims to attain its vision, to provide delectable products and good quality services.
 To meet the needs and gratification of every consumers.
 Aims to promote good customer relationship.


 To provide the customers with good quality products to the best interest of the
 To ensure hygiene and clean working environment as to continue to produce
safe and clean products.
 To strive, meet and exceed the customers’ expectations.
 Aims to be one of the best sweetshop in the country and the entire world
Filipinos Dolces has become a reality out of our creative minds in order to
satisfy our customers cravings for sweets. This concept is inspired from Nummies,
Crumbcoat, Sugar rush and Backyard Grill they are considered as our strong competitor
too.Thus, the business was made possible through these sweetshops since we as a
student had experience their products and yet we wanted to offer something new, a
product and services that is local in order to promote the Filipinos’ sweets not only to
the Filipino but also to foreigners who wants to try the Filipinos’ desserts. It is for a
reason that these 4 competing sweetshops is already inspired from other countries so
why not? We create or build up a business from our own locality.

Filipinos Dolces started as a feasibility study in our subject Entrepreneurship

here at Merry Child School. It is due to the support and encouragement of our former
teacher, Ms. Daisy Eyac that even by just a small stall we planned out such kind of
business and also due to the guidance and enlightenment of our current
Entrepreneurship Teacher Mrs. Eleny Cariaga this has become possible.

Filipinos Dolces is approved by our respected principal of Merry Child

School Mrs. Ma. Isabelle C. Salcedo to sell our product in order to accomplish our vision,
mission and objectives. It is approved by asking permission through a letter to have a
consent that our Filipinos Dolces business could perform their selling activities here at
the school campus and hopefully it will flourish outside the campus. Filipinos Dolces
offers variations of Filipino sweet products along with good quality service. Our business
is a partnership organization collaborated by group of students from Grade 12
Confucius. Our product consist of Maruya, Taho, Mais con Yelo, Bibingka, Palitaw
with syrup, and Turon with honey.
Filipinos Dolces must be registered in the following government agencies:

 Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)

First step in every business Filipinos Dolces, the business name
must be registered since it is a vital part for the business to protect it
and claim the legal rights to use and operate the business. This
government agency governs the registration of business names in
our country.

 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

In this government agency, when a partnership business is
registered it is already sufficient for our business’ trade name. But
however DTI registration is still necessary in order to ensure that the
business name will not be use by others for their own benefit. This
government agency is responsible for securities laws and regulating
the securities industry in the Philippines. Filipinos Dolces must
secure a business certificate of registration in order to have the
license to operate a business.

 Local Barangay Office

All businesses must obtain a Barangay Clearance from the local
Barangay Office and Filipinos Dolces is no excemption to that. This
clearance assures that your business is a community friendly
establishment and adheres to the standards of the Barangay.


Our business on the other hand
 Their store also offers a
will have an option on how much
variety of sweets.
the customer sugar or sweetness
 They serve great quality level will be, adjusting it to suit the
desserts and beverage but consumers preference.
sometimes it is not
consistent and because of
too much sweetness base
on experience you can
easily get sick of their
desserts causing of waste
of the product.


 One of the popular Filipinos Dolces though doesn’t

sweetshop in Cagayan de have any popular and pricey
Oro because of the ingredients but we serve high
affordability and the quality products that comes from
quantity per servings they the freshest ingredients to create
served. our yummy products. We also
 They also have products have a very affordable price that is
that contains nutella which great for students, workers, and
is a popular and pricey seniors at a fair quantity.
chocolate here in our


 Their unique selling point is Our business since it is inspired

that their shop located at from their concept and so we also
Carmen has a Unicorn decorated our place with a touch
theme great for customers of Filipino vintage style with pastel
who loves this mythical colors in order to promote the
creature uniqueness of our business and to
 They are instagarammable engage consumers.
and is great for people who
like to take pictures.


 Backyard grill has a lot of

different varieties of sweet
shakes and meals that are Thus in our business we also
to be served. aim to have a relaxing and calming
place that consumers will love.
 This is a sweetshop
restaurant where the people
can interact and enjoy the
ambiance of the vicinity.
Filipinos Dolces has a great reputation in means of competing with other
business. We have set prices depending on the quality while considering its affordability
that many could afford.
The marketing strategy is a comprehensive process of understanding the
customers intricacies and the industry that they revolve in. First, we had conducted an
interview with random people with which type of Filipino-food would they want and what
price would it be at.
The price that we have set to our product is ranging from a minimum of 30 pesos
to maximum of 65 pesos, considering what the customers do want. We also have
discounts when purchasing a minimum of three (3) products.
We promote our product with the word of mouth, online advertisements and also
giving out flyers regarding of our business, and introducing it classrooms after
classrooms and through a video presentation because of our school takeover just like
what we did at Merry Child School, during their Sci-Math Celebration.
The distribution of our product is that either its ready-made or on-the-spot
creation of our product orders.

The 4M’s that is used in the business are as stated below;

 Following the products procedures to ensure good sanitation.
 Ensure that the product that would be served should always be new and fresh.

 Employees must have enough knowledge with their designated jobs.
 Employees must attain the costumers’ needs.
 Employees should practice good etiquette.
 Employees should maintain cleanliness and good sanitation in the business.

 The machinery is an important tool that is used in the business to make the
 The machines are made to turn the product into reality.
 The machines are responsible to handle the quality and quantity of the product
that would satisfy the customers taste.
 The machines that are used in making the products are; stove, refrigerator,
freezer, heater and a microwave oven.
 These machineries are an additional helping hand to help the employees in times
of making the product or to be the substitute of the employees and fill the blanks
that the employees are unable to do.

 The business’s material in creating the product is needed in order to provide the
product that customers have ordered.
 The materials that are used in making the product are going to be fused together
to create a masterpiece.
 The suppliers of the materials in creating the product are
o Flour at Great Crescent Flour Corporation
o Sugar at Hearts & Bell Sugar Flower
o Ice cream at Nestlé
o Ice at Jica Ice
 Some of the materials are bought at the local store, Monster Kitchen and at the
local marketplace.

Kitchen-crew Kitchen-crew Counter-crew Service-crew Service-crew

Job Positions:

o College graduate.
o Has at least 3 years experience in managing.
o Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in business or a
departmentally related field.
o Specialized training in managing human resources, preferred.
o Has good leadership ability and good people skills.
o Has the ability to communicate well and the knowledge and experience to
take initiative.
o Must have a strong attention to details and be able to effectively take
direction from an immediate supervisor.
Job Description:
o Health and safety of the workforce and the place.
o Carrying out and attaining the mission and the goals of the business unit
o Development of a superior workforce.
o Development of an employee-oriented company culture that emphasizes
quality, continuous improvement, key employee retention and
development, and high performance.
o Personal ongoing self-development and personal growth as an employee.
o Basic math skills.
o Excellent interpersonal communication.
o Ability to effectively manage your time and prioritize tasks.
o Strong product knowledge and understanding of target customers.
Job description:
o Greet customers and ask what they want.
o Take customers’ orders efficiently.
o Dispense correct change.

o Communication skills
o Honesty
o Technical Competency
o Work ethic
o Flexible
o Determination and Persistence

Job description:
o Maintain a fast speed of service, especially during rush times.
o Clean your station thoroughly before, during and after each shift.
o Respond to guest questions, concerns and complaints and make sure
they leave satisfied.
o Follow all restaurant safety and security procedures.
o Arrive on time for all shifts and stay until shift completion.


o Should have done some relevant course in culinary studies

o Bachelor's degree is not mandatory, but will be helpful for them moving
ahead in the kitchen

Job description:

o They perform all the tasks in the kitchen other than cooking and serving.
o They are the ones responsible for the hygiene of the kitchen and they
have to clean so the kitchen remains clean before the surprise
o They have to fill up the positions of the absent staff and complete their
o They have to report to the manager.
o They have to train any new members of the kitchen staff regarding the
work culture of the kitchen
o They have to clean all the equipment that is used in the kitchen.
o They should not divulge any information about the kitchen to any

 Source of Capital: Our capital is Php 300, 000.00 in which it is from our
personal savings. Afterwards, once the establishment reached its quota
Filipinos Dolces then will loan from the bank separating completely the
personal and business expense.

 Personal savings – Since we are in a partnership business

organization we tend to feel that it’s still risky to take loan
from a bank and so, we will collaborate and use our personal
savings for our business. But the money for personal use
and for business expense is separated.

 Bank Loan- Once we see that Filipinos Dolces sales is

progressing it will be the time to loan to a small bank in order
to buy other necessary things for the business’ benefit.
 Targeted Daily Sales: It is key to our financial success to grow Filipinos
Dolces not just one lone branch. Here is our targeted daily sales: P 8, 800
per day.

Income Statement
Filipinos Dolces Sweetshop
For The Month Ended May 31, 2018

Sales P 228, 800.00
Less Cost Production 15, 000.00
Gross Profit P 213, 000.00

Transportation P 100.00
Electric and Water Bill 3, 000.00
Salaries Expense 54, 000.00
Tax Expense 3, 000.00
Advertising Expense 5, 000.00
Rent Expense 15,000.00
Maintenance Expense 600.00
VAT 2, 000.00
Miscellaneous Expenses 2, 000.00
Benefits Expense 1, 968.00
Total Expense 86, 668.00

Net Income P 126, 332.00

Filipinos Dolces is the one and only business here in Cagayan de Oro that
provides a unique quality of sweets that provide variety of great offers to the customers.
Though some may say that our business is common as it provides different kinds of
sweets that others can also offer, but we assure the customers that their experience on
our business will be different from others.

Filipinos Dolces location:

Filipinos Dolces Flyers:
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