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Student Feedback Report Analysis Using

Data Visualization in Python


Educational Institutions attempts to gather feedback from students to study their

sentiments towards courses and instructors and to enhance the performance of the
instructors. Basically, such feedbacks are represented in tabular forms. However, this
technique is very tedious, hard to understand. But, analyzing those feedbacks is also
challenging. To address this problem we propose the creation of a system that will
collect ratings from each individual student and all that data is used to visualize the
results. The ratings from the students will be extracted along with the student details
such as gender, class, branch etc. The feedback will be stored in the database and the
required data will be maintained in the form of csv file. Based on student’s rating and
sentiments, the Feedback will be rated accordingly. Admin will Login into the system
and can perform task such as viewing graphs and printing the graphs. Hence we
conclude to build such a system that will graphically represent student’s feedback on
faculty of the subject.

Project guide: Project Members:

CH. SRINIVAS K.Gayatri Devi (315177110182)

M.Kalyan Saxena (315177110123)

S.Anupama (315177110152)

T.Tarun (315177110171)

Project Coordinator: