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Wehrmacht HQ Units
The bunker gives up to 6 soldiers excellent cover. The soldiers inside are very
well protected, even grenades won't do much damage. Flamethrowers on the other h
and are very dangerous, they are the best weapon to clear out a bunker.
When 4 soldiers are carried to the Aid Station you will receive a new, free Gren
adier squad (worth 300 manpower). This upgrade is very usefull, cheap and the bu
nker is hard to take out.
The bunker does not need to be upgraded to be usefull, a popular strategy is to
put an MG42 squad in there. Now its very well protected from enemy fire and it i
s able to shoot in every direction.
2.Wehrmacht Quarters Units
It's wise to stay in cover and always keep Volksgrenadiers grouped. Early in the
game their primary role is protecting flanked MG42's from being shot by Rifleme
n, after that their roles in combat can range from assaulting defended positions
with a mass of volksgrenadiers to sandbagging up and defending an important pos
Volks can also be upgrade with MP40's once tier2 is reached, these weapons chang
e volksgrenadiers from a unit that is good at long range to one that is excellen
t at short range. The big problem you'll have with MP40's is closing the range t
o enemy riflemen, but once the volks get close enough the extremely high damage
of MP40's will kill an enemy infantry very quickly.
Use the mbike to save flanked mg42's from riflemen, kill snipers, support volksg
renadiers in combat or hunt down enemy engineers capturing strategic points.
MG42's are the best infantry mg's in the game, they have decent firepower with t
he largest range of any Machine Gun combined with the fastest suppression and pi
nning effect around.
Make sure mg42's aren't flanked in combat by covering them with more mg's or vol
ksgrenadiers and if your mg's do get flanked, make the enemy take much more casu
alties than you do and set the mg up in a defensive position so that if it dies,
volksgrenadiers can recrew it for a very small manpower cost.
MG42's are great at defending strategic points or inside buildings & bunkers as
they have a 360' view to shoot at any direction of incoming enemy units.
Snipers can kill almost every unit in the game with 1 shot which makes them perf
ect for killing weapons teams and other snipers, however they are less used in i
nfantry-only battles against riflemen as the riflemen reinforcement cost is so s
mall and a jeep to counter the sniper can be made out of the same building as ri
flemen are.
Snipers can shoot weapons teams like HMG's or mortars from such a far distance a
nd without taking any return fire.
Mortar fire is perfect for extracting a sniper outside of a building.
3.Krieg Barracks Units
The grenadier squad is a great all-round unit, and will be the best infantry on
the map with lvl 2, or 3 of veterancy. It is the backbone of a T2 player. Grenad
ier spam is always great, but you have to remember that if you mix in 1 AT gun a
nd a mortar, you'll get a much more efficient force.
It will not fire until the unit has stopped moving, so its better for defensive
operations. 2-3 LMG's in 1 place are an excellent suppression tool, and will dea
l massive damage. Do NOT let the Allies players get the LMG from you, as it will
make Riflemen (which will probably have BAR's by then) or Tommies the best anti
-inf machine on the map.
The Halftrack is a great support unit for assaulting and defending all points, s
ince all Wehrmacht inf. and weapons support teams can reinforce from it like the
y would from the HQ for the same price. 3 squads can enter it, and max units ins
ide is 12. While there are some units in it, it receives 2 gunners, 1 in the fro
nt the other in the back. The front one deals more damage, while the one in the
back does more suppression, so its your choice which way you want to point it.
The halftrack can be upgraded with 2 upgrades: 1st. comes at teching to T3, and
its the flammenwerfer upgrade for 100 munitions. It gets 2 flame pipes from whic
h fire comes, and it deals decent damage to Allied infantry and great damage to
units in buildings, annihilating anything in seconds. It is great for catching y
our enemy off guard, and if you keep it always on the move, it will return much
of the map control to you in minutes.
2nd comes at teching to T4 and it's the "walking stuka" upgrade. Visually it's s
imilar to the nebelwerfer firing, but it is much more accurate, and deals a lot
more damage, but less suppression.30 second recharge time, and that is really fa
st, so you have to be keeping constant pressure at the enemy with it, the upgrad
e costs 150 ammo.
The first hit, (while camoed, the critical first hit) : Penetration x10, damage
25% more. The Pak 38 has a really great ability which in the hand of a good play
er negated all allied motor pool units, its the Camouflage.
Also note that when you re-crew the pak, it wont be able to cloak itself again,
so keep the first squad alive. Late game when you get a Tiger Ace or a Blitz Tig
er, use Paks as they will help immensely to kill perishings and heavy armor, as
they have a faster rate of fire than any tank's and they have huge range and wid
th of fire.
4.Sturm Armory Units
The Puma is a great light vehicle, one of 3 available to Wehrmacht commanders. R
ated a 6 against infantry, a Puma can very easily decimate squads in no cover wi
th a single volley. With it's 50mm cannon upgrade, it has the speed to hunt moto
rpool units like the Quad .50cal and M8 Greyhounds;
costs zero munitions. Unlike the Flammenwerfer Halftrack, the Puma can be "spamm
ed", which means to build several units of the same type to overwhelm the oppone
nt. Two or three Pumas can quickly overwhelm even the mightiest of Allied infant
ry. It's especially effective against weapon teams.
Very few units can flank the 57mm AT gun as well as the Puma. The Puma has excel
lent speed and acceleration which allows it to quickly circumvent Allied defense
s and will usually kill the AT gun crew in 2 volleys. The best way to use the Pu
ma is to learn the cooldown of the 20mm cannon and try to position the Puma in a
favorable position so that the gun is reloaded and is ready to shoot when the P
uma is standing still. This way, the 20mm cannon does not incur a 50% accuracy w
hile on the move. The Puma's 20mm cannon works best when in short-mid range.
Protecting Pumas is extremely vital; the entire middle game can depend on how we
ll the Pumas are used. Be conservative with the Puma; it doesn't have the HP nor
the Armor to effectively take anti-tank fire. You can lose the Puma in as littl
e as two 57mm shots.
Finally, the M10 Wolverine can kill a Puma in 2 or 3 shots. It also has the spee
d to catch and hunt down your Pumas. Try to keep an AT gun or shrek'ed Storms or
Grenadiers nearby to deal with chasing M10s. M10s have great damage output, but
they lack the armor and HP to effectively over-extend in most situations.
Although commonly called a tank, the StuG is actually an assault gun. It lacks a
rotating turret, which forces the StuG to rotate in order to attack units that
are not in it's immediate cone of fire. Many Allied commanders have learned to e
xploit this weakness by circling StuGs with M10s or Shermans. The StuG rotates s
lowly and cannot catch the vehicle circling it.
Good vs: Snipers, Infantry, with it's indirect abilities
Available at Assault Phase are the abilities to force retreat a single squad for
50 munitions and to double the production of any building for free, but this oc
cupies the officer. Once in Battle Phase, the officer can also call down a barra
ge of 81mm shells for 150 munitions.
While expensive, the 81mm barrage can saturate an area very quickly.Two officers
forcing two squads away can be a huge blow, especially on the larger maps.
It acts as an enabler; allowing other units to do much more damage than they nor
mally would. Finally, the nebel only suppresses for a short time.A well position
ed MG42 crew can provide much more reliable suppression, much more damage and in
still more panic than a dozen nebel batteries can provide. This is one of the le
ast recommended units in the Wehrmacht arsenal.
5.Panzer Command Units
The Knight's Cross Holders are by far the hardest soldiers in the game. A full l
ife Knight's Cross Holder can survive a Sniper hit from a vet1 or 2 sniper witho
ut taking a casualty and even without veterancy has so much supression resistanc
e that they can run through the fire from an Allied HMG and get behind it's line
s. Armed with fully automatic MP44s these men will utterly destroy any infantry
that gets too close. They provide the most effective infantry counter to weapon
crews available and are entirely capable of wiping BAR riflemen from the map.
Knights Cross Holders are best used to clear out weapon crews and support armour
ed vehicles as an incredibly fast infantry-killing response force.
Good Vs: Tanks and infantry, extremely good all-round unit.
The PanzerIV is designed to be the mainstay wehrmacht tank of the war. Similar t
o a Sherman the PanzerIV is slightly cheaper and slightly more powerful than it'
s allied counter-part and is equally manouverable, the rotation speed of the tur
ret makes it immune to circle strafing and once it gains veterancy it is capable
of taking on even upgunned Shermans. The PanzerIV is an all-round excellent uni
t, it is capable of fulfilling nearly any role as it is both fast, hard and dead
ly. PanzerIV's are good against all types of armour (although they struggle to c
ompete with Super-Heavy tanks such as Pershings) and are also deadly to infantry
allowing them to tackle anything the Allied forces can throw at them.
Due to the high speed and maneuverability of a PanzerIV it is ideal for taking o
n M10s, Shermans, any form of Allied infantry and is even capable of strafing AT
guns to great effect as it's range allows it to continue to avoid sticky bombs.
However one of the PanzerIV's greatest strengths is it's ability to hunt down a
ny armour lighter than itself with ease and even to chase down the feared Allied
M4 'Crocodile' Sherman tank. Once it has veterancy it also gains the ability to
supress Allied infantry and to Annihilate all Allied armour excepting the Persh
ing, it's only real weaknesses are it's high vulnerability to Allied AT guns AP
ability (as all axis tanks are) and it's incredibly costly arrival (tier4 is far
too costly for any serious 1v1 game and the added cost of veterancy leaves the
PanzerIV as a rarely used unit in 1vs1 scenarios). However if a player does mana
ge to achieve tier4 the PanzerIV is likely the most cost-effective tank in the g
The Ostwind is also extremely effective as a counter to light armour due to it's
high rate of fire and speed, if you do get an Ostwind against Motor Pool units
it is entriely capable of running them down and destroying them with great alacr
ity. Ostwinds are weak to heavier armour as their weapons are almost completely
ineffective against them.
Good Vs: Tanks (exceptionally long range and incredible frontal armour)
The Panther Tank is capable of defeating any Allied armour when at veterancy3, u
ntil then it can take anything but a Pershing. It is the most manouverable tank
in the Axis arsenal if not the whole game, it's high speed and long range make i
t technically possible for a Panther to "kite" any allied tank (shoot them whils
t staying out of range).For a defensive player the Panther is the ultimate tank
and it is an extremely powerful unit, unfortunately it's high cost and relative
weakness without veterancy makes it entirely unsuitable for 1vs1 play leaving it
as more of a team game unit. Panther tanks are powerful but not as versatile as
the PanzerIV as they are weak against infantry.