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Fandood, Sam N.


Drug Name Classificatio Dose Action Indication Contraindication Side Effects Nursing Responsicilities
GENERIC Antibiotic Tablets: 250, It is effective Parenteral use History of Special Senses: • Monitor blood
NAME 500, and 600 against a wide restricted to hypersensitivity Ototoxicity pressure, pulse,
: mg. variety of bacteria treatment of to or toxic (vestibular peripheral pulses,
azithr Suspension: such as serious reaction with disturbances, and urinary output at
omyci 100 mg/ Hemophilus infections of GI, any impaired intervals prescribed
n teaspoon, 200 influenzae, respiratory, and aminoglycoside hearing), optic by physician. Precise
mg/teaspoon, Streptococcus urinary tracts, antibiotic. Safe neuritis. CNS: measurements are
BRAND 167 pneumoniae, CNS, bone, skin, use during neuromuscular essential for accurate
NAM mg/teaspoon Mycoplasma and soft tissue pregnancy blockade: skeletal titration of dosage.
E: or 1 g/packet. pneumoniae, (including (category C) or muscle weakness, • Report the
Zith Powder for Staphylococcus burns) when lactation is not apnea, following indicators
rom Injection: 500 aureus, other less toxic established respiratory promptly to physician
ax, mg. mycobacterium antimicrobial paralysis (high for use in decreasing
Zma avium, and many agents are doses); or temporarily
x others. ineffective or arachnoiditis suspending dose:
Azithromycin, like are (intrathecal use). Reduced urine flow
all macrolide contraindicated. CV: hypotension rate in absence of
antibiotics, Has been used or hypertension. hypotension;
prevents bacteria in combination GI: Nausea, ascending
from growing by with other vomiting, tachycardia;
interfering with antibiotics. Also transient increase dysrhythmias;
their ability to used topically in AST, ALT, and disproportionate rise
make proteins for primary and serum LDH and in diastolic pressure
secondary skin bilirubin; (marked decrease in
infections and hepatomegaly, pulse pressure);
for superficial splenomegaly. signs of peripheral
infections of Hematologic: ischemia (pallor,
external eye Increased or cyanosis, mottling,
and its adnexa. decreased coldness, complaints
reticulocyte of tenderness, pain,
counts; numbness, or
thrombocytopenic burning sensation).
purpura, anemia.

Fandood, Sam N.
Drug Classification Dose Action Indication Contraindication Adverse Effects Nursing Consideration
Osmotic Oliguria: In the oliguric phase Acute oliguric Susceptibility CNSEffects: Nervous >Monitor BP closely
Generic Diuretic 50-100 g of acute renal failure, renal failure ness, depression, whenever a drug is
Name: as a 5- Mannitol increases Dehydration restlessness, added to or withdrawn
25% osmotic pressure Toxic crying, euphoria, from therapeutic
Mannitol solution. (pressure needed to overdose floating, hostility, regimen.
stop the absorption of unusual dreams,
Brand Intracra something or Edema confusion, faintness, >Monitor I&O during
name: nial/Intra osmosis) of the hallucinations, dysph period of dosage
ocular glumerular filtrate, adjustment. Report
Increased oria, feeling of
pressure thereby, promoting change in I&O ratio or
Osmitrol, intracranial heaviness,
: 0.25-2 diuresis (treating change in voiding
Resectiso pressure (ICP) numbness, tingling,
g/kg as the oliguric phase of pattern.
l unreality.
15-25% renal failure) and
excretes toxic Intraocular Cardiovascular: Hy
materials pressure (IOP) pertension, hypotensi
(management for on, bradycardia, tach
ered for
30-60 toxic overdose). ycardia.Gastrointest
minutes. inal: Cramps, dyspep
It also elevates blood sia, bitter taste.
plasma osmolality Respiratory: Depres
thus, inhibiting the sion, dyspnea, asthm
reabsorption of a.Dermatologic: Itc
water and hing,
electrolytes (for burning, urticaria
relief of edema) and
mobilizing fluids in
the cerebral and
ocular spaces
(lowers intracranial or
intraocular pressure).

Fandood, Sam N.
Medication Classification Dose Action Indication Contraindication Adverse Effects Nursing Consideration
DOPAMINE Classificatio Shock Naturally To correct Pheochromocyt CV: Hypotension, • Report the following
HYDROCH ns: Adult/C occurring hemodynami oma; ectopic beats, indicators promptly to
LORIDE AUTONOMIC hild: IV neurotransmitte c imbalance tachyarrhythmi tachycardia, anginal physician for use in
(doe'pa- NERVOUS 2–5 r and immediate in shock as or ventricular pain, palpitation, decreasing or
meen) SYSTEM mcg/kg precursor of syndrome fibrillation. Safe vasoconstriction temporarily suspending
AGENT; /min norepinephrine. due to MI use during (indicated by dose: Reduced urine
Dopastat, ALPHA- AND increas Major (cardiogenic pregnancy disproportionate rise in flow rate in absence of
Intropin, BETA- ed cardiovascular shock), (category C), diastolic pressure), cold hypotension;
Revimine ADRENERGIC gradua effects produced trauma, lactation, or extremities; less ascending tachycardia;
AGONIST lly up by direct action endotoxic children is not frequent: bradycardia, dysrhythmias;
(SYMPATHOM to 20– on alpha- and septicemia established. widening of QRS disproportionate rise in
IMETIC) 50 beta-adrenergic (septic complex, elevated diastolic pressure
mcg/kg receptors and shock), open blood pressure. GI: (marked decrease in
/min if on specific heart Nausea, vomiting. pulse pressure); signs
necess dopaminergic surgery, and CNS: Headache. Skin: of peripheral ischemia
ary receptors in CHF. Necrosis, tissue (pallor, cyanosis,
mesenteric and sloughing with mottling, coldness,
Renal renal vascular extravasation, , complaints of
Failur beds. piloerection. Other: tenderness, pain,
e Azotemia, dyspnea, numbness, or burning
Adult: dilated pupils (high sensation).
IV 2–5 doses).
mcg/kg •