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Service Agreement

Name: Date:

We always provide best possible service to our customers and are pleased to offer you Below

Annual service charges of your equipment.

Type Model Serial Number Annual charges With/without Parts

Your requested you to return this from duly signed stamped with your payment.

Note: This Service Agreement would not be considered valid without payment.

Customer’s Signature For AB Automation


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Co’s Name:

Khatikan bazaar, adda shahbaz khan Sialkot. Ph#: 0347-6173204, 0331-4058163 Email:

• This agreement covers preventive & corrective maintenance including lubrication, necessary
adjustments, testing repair & labour occasioned by normal usage.
• AB Automation will provide services on plain paper copiers, fax and computers during the
Contract period.
• Consumable items such as Drum, Blade, Toner, Developers, Ribbons, Fax Rolls etc.
• AB Automation shall be obliged to provide Maintenance service only between thr normal
business hours. If service is required outside our business hours, such as facility, if available,
will be arranged at charges upon request.
• AB Automation will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused due to misuse of
equipment, acts of God, and factors beyond its control I, e, flood, fire strikes etc.
• In this case equipment is shifted to another location during the contract period, AB
Automation has to be informed in writing of the change in address.Equipment installed in an
unsuitable environment will be entirely at your own risk.
• This Agreement is not transferable if the machine is sold or given away to any third party.