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This action research entitled “The Use of Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education in
Teaching Mathematics Among Grade 1 Pupils of Tibig Elementary School” was focused on the
use of first language as teaching techniques in Mathematics in order fully express pupil’s thoughts
and enable learners to participate well inside the classroom. Using the learner’s first language
can lead to a successful and meaningful learning and will bridge to the development of other basic
skills such as listening, counting, writing and reading.

The study was carried out starting from collection of data and information to be used. The
research design and techniques were the main consideration to fully understand the effectiveness
of the said study. After being cleared on the design and techniques to be used, assessment of
performance of respondents during mother tongue were not yet implemented and preparation of
lesson plan and test material in Mathematics using mother tongue - based instruction in addition
and subtraction. Construction and validation of test material was presented to evaluator for
appraisal and for additional inputs for improvement. Next step was the administration of test
materials, assessment of test result, analysis and statistical treatment of gathered data.

And based on the data gathered, it shows that in addition without regrouping, there were
7 respondents or 64% got high score of 10 and 1 respondent or 9% got the lowest score of 4.
While in addition with regrouping,36% or 4 respondents got the highest score of 10 and 9% or 1
respondent got the lowest score of 3. Meanwhile, in subtraction without regrouping, 6 respondents
or 55% got the highest score and 1 respondent got the lowest score of 4. On the other hand, in
subtraction with regrouping, 27% or 3 respondents got the highest score of 10 and 9% or 1
respondent got the lowest score of 3.

Based on the findings, the study arrived on the following conclusion that learners have
more enthusiasm in learning Math when first language was used. Majority of the respondents
were on the average performance based on analysis and statistical treatment of data which give
the idea of using mother tongue was effective.

And for recommendation, teachers may use the same strategy and techniques in teaching
addition and subtraction of numbers. Teachers may develop and plan the activities that aim to
improve learning of low performing students. Teachers may construct supplementary activities
which will enhance the performance level of students.