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A Brief History of Man - The Root Races - Part III


As the Lemurian civilization was dying, the Fourth Root Race, the Atlantean Race, was being birthed.
The Atlantean Race was a scientifically advanced race. Their continent initially spread across what is
now known as the United States and the Atlantic Ocean. They were extraordinarily gifted in their
knowledge and use of natural forces. They could literally control the Elements. They, like the
Lemurians, also communicated telepathically. They excelled in the building of canals and waterways
for irrigation. They were knowledgeable in the use of crystal technology for the purposes of healing
or for use as weaponry.

If I may, a word about the word “crystal”. When we refer to crystal, most of us get a picture in mind
of something clear like glass, and expensive. But crystal in the context of the ancients actually stands
for a type of molecular structure – the crystal lattice. This arrangement of molecules is found in all
precious and semi-precious stones. It is also found in materials like marble, limestone and granite.
Huge pyramids were constructed that acted as power plants and healing temples.

The method of power generation had to do with the collection of Solar and Earth energy and
spiraling it through the pyramid structures, which were always built with impeccable geometric
precision over powerful sacred sites on the Earth's surface. These sacred sites are actually "nodes"
connecting powerful ley lines which criss-cross the earth, themselves originating from one of several
of the Earth's chakras. The Atlanteans knew where these "energy centers" were, and built crystal
structures (i.e. granite, limestone, etc.) over these particular locations in order to take advantage of
the energy that accumulated there.

One such pyramid sank with the destructive floodings of Atlantis and lies underwater in the so-called
Bermuda Triangle. This submerged pyramid has a crystal capstone which is still functioning, but is
functioning out of control. The disappearances in the Triangle are the "effects" that we see. Now you
have an idea of the "cause" of these effects.

The Atlanteans were able to communicate with the Consciousness of the materials that they were
building with. They (or rather, certain members of their Race) had the ability to literally "speak" with
stone and ALL of nature. This telepathic link enabled them to transport their building materials great
distances, locate them with precision and construct edifices of tremendous beauty, precision and
magnificence. This is how the great pyramids, Stonehenge and structures like them were built. No
ramps, no legions of slaves rolling monoliths on logs or sleds or any of that other rot has been force-
fed into our brains by our Controllers in a monumental insult to our Intelligence and our Human

The Atlanteans had air travel and also knew how to travel by sea. Because of the knowledge of
impending floods, some segments of the Race left the main islands and founded colonies in Egypt,
Ireland, Mexico (the Maya) and North America (certain tribes of Native Americans). Atlantean
colonization spread as far east as Mesopotamia, Central Asia and Mongolia. The Chinese are
descendants of ancient Atlantis (the Japanese are more in the line of Lemurian ancestry). The
Atlanteans co-existed with the remnants of the Lemurian civilization but warred with them as well.
They looked down upon the Lemurians and their spiritual way of life. Many times, they attempted to
conquer and enslave these peoples.

To complicate matters, the Atlanteans had learned how to travel through Space and Time. They were
able to bring other Entities to earth through the use of what are known as portals or stargates.
However, some of the invited guests weren't always benevolent. Because the Atlanteans had
superior mental abilities but the discipline, discernment, curiousity and ethics of a two-year old, they
were easy to manipulate. Due to this off-world interference and their own spiritual immaturity, the
Race hurtled towards decline. The Atlanteans sank into Depravity, Deviance and Sorcery (what we
call "black" magic). As the Atlantean sorcerers abused their powers more and more recklessly,
greater and greater numbers of people acquired and practiced these terrible "black arts".

The Atlantean lands and its people became divided between those who followed The Good Law (The
Law of One) and those who were followers of The Left Hand Path. A good portion of Atlanteans
shunned the Spiritual and worshipped Selfish pleasures instead. Because of this imbalance, many of
the wonders produced by this race were put to destructive uses. For example, because of their pre-
occupation with Sex and their high scientific knowledge, they often indulged in the grafting of larger
sexual organs onto their bodies. Just because they "could".

As with Lemuria, the Earth was negatively affected by the negative actions of the Atlantean Races.
This time, Earth's destructive response came via floods of varying degrees of severity. It has been
said that there were 3 major floods. The first two catastrophes broke the Atlantean continent into
several pieces. The final one sank the last vestige of Atlantis about 11,000 years ago. This was the
island historically known as Poseidon. This was the Atlantis that Plato described in his work, The

The names of the different Sub-races are said to be as follows:


Note the 5th sub-race, which according to the formula I outlined earlier, is always used to provide
"the seed" for the next Root Race. This sub-race is called "the Original Semites" to distinguish them
from the people who call themselves Semites to day. The Original Semites actually correspond to the
early Mesopotamian, Babylonian-Assyrian and Caucasus peoples.

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