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A Brief History of Man - The Root Races - Part IV


It is commonly believed by many that Atlantis disappeared due to a Flood that occured several
thousand years ago. The Greek philosopher Plato referred to this catastrophe in a work that has
become known as "The Critias". What is not commonly known is that Atlantis was not just one
continent, but a collection of large islands and that it did not sink "all at once" but suffered
catastrophic floods over a period of hundreds of thousands of years. The Flood that Plato spoke of
was simply the final and most recent Flood of 11,000 years ago. It is at this point that I resume this
brief historical outline.

As previously stated, many Atlanteans were warned of the coming destruction and fled, mostly to
the outlying colonies mentioned earlier (Egypt, the Yucatan peninsula, off the Spanish coast, etc).
From the Fifth sub-Race (Original Semites) of this Fourth Root Race (Atlantean), the Fifth Root Race
(the Aryan), was born.

When the last Flood occurred approximately 11,000-12,000 years ago, it signaled that Humanity had
finally descended all the way into 3D experience. Hit "rock-bottom", so to speak. Earth still retained
some higher 4D characteristics, but these were slowly fading. It was at this point that "outside
forces" began to meddle in man's evolution in earnest.

After the Flood, there were pockets of Atlantean civilizations scattered across the globe. These were
composed of those who had been able to escape the Atlantean continent before it sank. There were
also some dying Lemurian civilizations still in existence. And there was the seed of the Fifth Race that
had been selected and hidden away for development in Central Asia.

Central Asia was the cradle of the Aryan Races, the "seed" of which was selected from the Original
Semites of the Atlantean Races. The names of the Aryan sub-Races which have spread over the Earth
during this Fifth Epoch, up to the present time, are as follows:

1. The Aryan, which spread to the Near East and India

2. The Babylonian-Assyrian-Chaldean
3. The Persian-Greco-Latin
4. The Celtic
5. The Teutonic-Anglo-Saxon
6. ??
7. ??

The area now known as the Gobi Desert was where the seed of this Fifth Root Race (collectively
known as the Aryan Races) got its start. An interesting side note: wherever there is desert and/or
similar desolation on this planet, you can be sure that the remains of a great civilization lay beneath
it. One will have to dig deep to find evidence of it - not ten or fifteen feet deep - we're talking
hundreds of feet. If this is done, one will find wonders and knowledge beyond belief. Earth buries
then hides her great civilizations so that knuckleheads like us cannot find them. At least until we are
spiritually mature enough to handle the Knowledge we would gain from such a find.

From Central Asia, there were migrations to India, Mesopotamia and Europe where new sub-races
took root. It is in Mesopotamia, the land currently known as Iraq, where the events affecting our
current history were set into motion. "Mesopotamia" means "land between two rivers". Those two
rivers were the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Iraq.

To review, the Lemurian races were primarily black and brown races. The Atlantean Races were
primarily red, brown and yellow races. The Aryan races were the Indus Valley and Near Eastern races,
along with some white sub-races. Egypt was founded as a major Atlantean colony. The Maya were
Atlantean refugees. The Basque of Spain were Atlantean. Archaeologists theorize correctly when
they state that the ancient island of Minoa (in the Aegean Sea) was Atlantean. They err when they
propose that it WAS Atlantis. Minoa was a small Atlantean outpost, founded by like-minded people
who wanted to live life a certain way. Remember, all of the Atlantean races did not get along.

Here is where I conclude this briefst of outlines of the origins of the various races of man upon this
sphere. I may be off a smidge here or there as far as time goes, but these are vast amounts of time
that are being referred to. What I have tried to provide is a progression, a logical flow that will
illustrate the manner in which the Races have come about and how one Root Race evolves to
become the next.


Into this mix of Earth races, separated and scattered by the several Floods which consumed the
islands of Atlantis, intruded a manipulative and controlling race from the beyond this solar system.
This race of off-world beings has deliberately caused much trouble and confusion for Earth man. This
race has worked tirelessly to set back the development of Humanity by thousands of years. This race
or collection of races is commonly known by the ancients as


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