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Fertilizer is basically composed of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compounds. Fertilizer is made off
and converted to biofuel in order to produce biodiesel

Biodiesel basically is the mono-alkyl esters from vegetable oils and animal fat which can be used as
alternative way to replace conventional petroleum diesel fuel (petrodiesel). It is very environment-
friendly. This study is about the process that would be run to prepare a biodiesel from Nitrogen-
composed feedstock that could produce fertilizer. This paper will show the type of catalyst used for the
production of biodiesel, the effects of free fatty acids on biodiesel production, the influences of
biodiesel composition on fuel properties.


 Feedstock

Biodiesel is known as a fuel composed of monoalkyl ester of long-chain fatty acids derived from
renewable vegetables or animals fats. Vegetables oils and animal fats are made up from triacyglycerols
which there is a long chain of fatty acids bounded chemically. Biodiesel undergo a process named,
transesterification reaction in which triacyglycerols is reacts with a short- chain of monohydrid alcohol
by the help of catalyst to form fatty acid alkyl esters at suitable temperature.

Methods ( process, products characteris

Results And Discussion