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A Brief History of Man - "777"

I've written a lot regarding where we are going. I'd like to balance that by offering to shed a little light on where we've been. So, I am going to start a short series of posts on the Brief History of Man.

We'll start with “777”.

"777" stands for “The Seven Revolutions Around the Seven Globes of the Seven World Periods”. This is also known as “The Pilgrimage of the Virgin Spirits”.

People have wondered for ages why seven is supposed to be a lucky number. It's because "7" is the number of Creation. We refer to Lucky Seven, Seven Seas, Seven Continents, Seven Sacred Planets.

There are seven major Chakras, seven orifices in the skull (two eye sockets, two ears, two nostrils and

a mouth). There are seven ductless glands in the human body (pineal, pituitary, thymus, thyroid, two

adrenals and the spleen). It is said that if you skip a rock on a pond, it will skip seven times maximum before sinking. If you tap your coffee cup, you will see seven concentric rings (if you can count them fast enough!). I could go on and on, but I think you get my drift.

"As Above, So Below". If we look into higher aspects of The Creator's Creation, we will see that Seven

is always at work. The Creation has no Beginning and no End. Instead, there are a series of "Out-

breathings" and "In-breathings". The Out-Breathings and In-Breathings are known as World Periods. Each World Period is trillions of years in duration. Between each World Period is a "Rest Period" (I believe the Hindu call it "Pralaya") of an equal duration. During this time, all Activity ceases. The Creation rests.


For the purposes of this Creation, there are Seven World Periods that concern this human Life Wave of which we are a part. Remember, each period represents TRILLIONS of years.

1. SATURN Period - we were Mineral-like

2. SUN Period - we were Plant-like

3. MOON Period - we were Animal-like

4. EARTH Period - we are HUMAN

5. ?

6. ?

7. ?

I'll leave the coming Periods blank for now. Below is a graphical representation of what was outlined above. This indicates the direction our Spirits are traveling, starting at (1). We are currently halfway through the 4th Period, the exact midpoint of all Seven World Periods.







Each circle, or World Period contains seven "globes", marked "A" through "G" (just like a musical octave. Hey, there's that "7" connection again!). So, Period 1 will have a Globe A, Globe B, Globe C, etc. A group of Spirits, or a "Life Wave" will travel seven times around a globe before moving on to the next globe in that Period. When all seven globes of a World Period have been traveled seven times by a Life Wave, the Life Wave rests for an Eternity of equal duration before reawakening for the beginning of the next World Period. This is why "777" is referred to as “The Seven Revolutions Around the Seven Globes of the Seven World Periods”.

Creation works on a merit system, based on vibrational suitability. Starting with the Saturn Period (Period 1), our individual Virgin Spirits spent eons experiencing all of the kingdoms below the Human, beginning with the Mineral Kingdom. After spending trillions of years experiencing "life" as sand, metal, moss and mountain, our Life Wave moved on to the Sun Period (Period 2), where we experienced a Plant Consciousness. From there, we moved on to the Moon Period (Period 3), to experience an Animal-like existence. You may not remember being Predator or Prey, but you were. Those of us who had advanced sufficiently left the Moon Period and began our evolution here in the Earth Period (Period 4). We have are now halfway through this 4th World Period.

Gaining Experience is the reason that The Creator divided Itself into countless Divine sparks to begin with. When our spirits reach a vibrational level that matches the next "step" on the ladder, we move on to the next. We move on collectively AS A LIFE WAVE.

A portion of the Life Wave may develop or advance quicker than the rest. They are the “pioneers”. Most pioneers will choose to wait for the rest of the Life Wave to "catch up". They reach back and help pull us up. This is why it’s important for all to remember that we are ONE. We cannot move on until our entire Life Wave is ready to move on.

Those who lag behind in their learning, are known as “stragglers”. These are the ones who are in the most danger of not “graduating with their class”, so to speak. Keep these concepts in mind. If it doesn’t make sense now, it will soon.

Once again, we are now at the midpoint of the Fourth Period, which is also the midpoint of the Seven World Periods. We are at literally at the Fulcrum, the Balancing Point, the Turning Point for this Life Wave. We do not have unlimited time to “graduate”. At this point we have to choose between the Light and the Dark.


We spent the last 3 1/2 periods on a "descent into matter", also called "Involution". It’s called involution because our Spirit was "involving" itself INTO matter. Our Spirits were focused, or concentrating on adapting to the material universe. We are now at the point where we are about to make the turn UPwards to begin our "Evolution". Evolution is where we “evolve” our Spirit FROM

matter. The difference is, as we evolve towards higher Spiritual states, we will take with us the attributes of Love and Wisdom acquired during all of our experiences in this difficult Earth Period.

During our Descent, we as Spirits were totally aware of all Wisdom and all Love. Being brand-new individualized sparks of the Creator, we contained all of what the Creator is. As we descended, the farther away we moved from our Source, the more we forgot. This was The Plan. We purposely forgot our origins so that we could experience our Involution honestly… devoid of Wisdom. We were purposely separated from the Love of Creator in order to “learn” what Love is. That is why this era that we live in is so extremely critical. It is The Turning Point., the far swing of the pendulum.

This brief period, this Pivot, represents The Gate of Choice. It is time for all Souls in this Life Wave TO CHOOSE.

The Pivot Point

This "Gate" is the shortest of all the developmental sectors. It has to be. The Illusion is so strong (to which we all can attest) that there is a very real possibility of losing much of this Life Wave to the Darkness.

The decision we are now making on a Soul/Spirit level will determine the next untold Eons of our Spiritual Evolution. There is a possibility that many will remain trapped in this dimension for an unfathomable length of time. It is this terrible possibility that looms before us now, in THIS era. And it is this terrible possibility that we are here to mitigate and/or prevent, by whatever means we can.

As an introduction, I hope that this hasn't been confusing. I'm trying my best to put what I've learned into plain language, so that all will have an opportunity to understand the overall scheme of our Development and Evolution.

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