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Tel: (R) +91-XXXXXXXXXX Jankipuram Lucknow.


To learn corporate Software Development practices, equip myself with in-depth practical knowledge and
corporate culture. The primary aim is honing my creative skills and acquiring technical knowledge, thereby
in the process, finding newer possibilities and creative challenges and accomplishing them to the best of
my creative and technical abilities with my inherent competitive spirit.

Technical Expertise
I keep looking at new technologies all the time. But, below are the technologies, I have worked with:
MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, MAC OS-X (Snow Leopard)
Programming: C#, VB.NET, ADO & ASP.NET, JavaScript, C/C++, AJAX, HTML/XHTML, CSS, JQuery,
Programming Joomla, Silverlight 3. Oracle (Basic), MS-SQL, MySQL
Languages Electronics: MATLAB, VHDL, Circuit Maker, Code Vision AVR
Animation: Maya

Application Visual Studio, MS Access & SQL Server Tools and many more.

Databases MS-SQL, Oracle (Basic), MySQL (Basic), MS Access.

Professional Experience:
Trendsetterz Enterprises, Lucknow
Software Developer Dec.2010 – Feb 2011

Served as a Jr. Software Developer of website development team. Worked on ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript,
Google’s YouTube API, MS-SQL, MySQL, CSS, JQuery, Ruby on Rails, Website Hosting on servers and
website development for mobile devices.

Accomplishments include:
Entire development of website for PC as well as for Mobile Devices.
This website had basically three modules
• Admin Panel
• Website for PC and
• Website for Mobile Devices
All three modules share a common MS-SQL database for authenticating users, displaying videos and other
information on the web page.
Admin Panel has two types of login reporter and admin. This panel is used to upload video and other
information in Hindi as well as English language.
The video uploaded by admin immediately gets visible on PC website and mobile website.
Website for Mobile Devices takes data from MS-SQL database and displays the on the mobile page. The
website includes searching options, rating of videos, streaming on mobile.
Website for PC for this module I created stored procedures using MS-SQL and function for retrieving video
information (like video URL, thumbnail, ratings etc…).
I also worked on Ruby on Rails.

Academic Background:
GATE Score: 91 percentile in GATE-2010

Examination Institution Board/University Year of Passing Percentage

B.Tech (EC) Maharana Pratap Engineering College, UPTU 2010 70%
Kanpur (U.P.)
Class XII K. V. Air Force Station Gorakhpur, U.P. CBSE 2005 71%
Class X K. V. ONGC Agartala, Tripura CBSE 2003 79%

Areas of Interest
• Application development using .NET (Web & Windows) and MATLAB (Image Processing).
• Building website using open source as well as .net technologies.
• Building robots (base on Artificial Intelligence) using microcontroller, JAVA (robocode) and other

B.Tech Final Year Project

The Sixth Sense
• In this project I used webcam as an input device. Using this I capture the gestures made by the user and
after performing some image processing using MATLAB on these images I traced the location of user's
finger on which there is a colored cap. This finger can now be used as a mouse pointer and we can
control the computer using our finger. Click, Scroll etc. can also be performed.
• I traced four finger (2 from each hand) on which there are colour caps and these four fingers can be
used to zoom, rotate & move multiple images simultaneously (multi-touch function) using a MATLAB
program with our traced four finger.
• Using webcam images I also extracted text that is written on a notebook or any other surface and I can
do a Google search or process any other query using this text( e.g. I can read nameplate of any student
and show his/her information on computer screen ).

• Embedded System, Robotics and PCB designing at IIT-K (2009) (Organized by BRICS) in VI
• “.NET Technologies, Database Concepts, Website development and Security” at IIT-K (2008)
(Organized jointly by HP (India) & IIT Kanpur.) in IV Semester.
Projects during Summer Training
Year/Venue Project Description
2009 Line Follower robot using single sensor and two sensor, Temperature display using
IIT Kanpur temperature sensor on led display, Calculator using two interrupt buttons only and
many other small project build using microcontroller ATMega 16.
Among the top four students to train at MICROCHIP Delhi after being selected by
2008 Online Shopping Site building using ASP Services, C#.NET, VB.NET and ASP.NET and
IIT Kanpur MS Access as database.

Semester Seminar Topics
VI TERAFLOPS: FLOPS (or flops or flop/s) is an acronym meaning FLoating point
Operations Per Second. FLOPS is a measure of a computer's performance. Teraflops
is the name given to Intel’s Teraflops Research Chip.

Extra curriculum activities:

Year Activities
2009 Won 1 position in Model Making, DJ Remix, LAN Gaming (Counter Strike) and 3rd

position LAN Gaming ( NFS )

Class Activities
XII Won the city level prize in Intel Science Fair and represented the school in regional
level at K.V. Kankadbag Patna.
XI 8th position in Mathematics Olympiad. (XI class)
Won school level Science Completion and represented school in regional level at
K.V. Shillong

Personal Skills:
• Highly ambitious & Never-Say-Die attitude, visionary but pragmatic outlook.
• Innovative and quick problem solving abilities.
• Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal)
• Ability to learn quickly.
• Good Creative Skills.

I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and I bear the responsibility
for the correctness for the above-mentioned particulars.

Sandeep Yadav