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Skill 1 Subject-Verb
Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. My best friend always helpful with problems.
___ 2. The bus schedule has changed since last week.
___ 3. Accidentally dropped the glass on the floor.
___ 4. The customer paying the clerk for the clothes.
___ 5. The professor handed the syllabus to the students.
___ 6. Each day practiced the piano for hours.
___ 7. The basketball player tossed the ball into the hoop.
___ 8. The new student in the class very talkative and friendly.
___ 9. Walking with the children to school.
___ 10. The whales headed south for the winter.

Skill 2 Object of Presposition

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. The name of the baby in the crib is Jack.
___ 2. By the next meeting of the class need to turn in the papers.
___ 3. The directions to the exercise on page twenty unclear.
___ 4. Because of the heavy rain throughout the night, the walkways are muddy.
___ 5. During the week eat lunch in the school cafeteria.
___ 6. In the morning after the concert was tired.
___ 7. In the summer the trip to the mountains is our favorite trip.
___ 8. In a box on the top shelf of the cabinet in the hallway of the house.
___ 9. With her purse in her hand ran through the door.
___ 10. At 1:00 in the morning the alarm clock on the table beside the bed rang.

Skills (1-2)
Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. During the meeting in the office discussed the schedule.
___ 2. The doctor gave the patient a prescription.
___ 3. The tall evergreen trees along the road.
___ 4. The watch in the jewelry box needs a new battery.
___ 5. Pleasantly greets everyone in all the offices every morning.
___ 6. In the office of the building across the street from the park on the corner.
___ 7. The dishes in the sink really need to be washed as soon as possible.
___ 8. In a moment of worry about the problem with the cash account.
___ 9. The plane from New York circling the airport.
___ 10. On a regular basis the plants in the boxes under the window in the kitchen are
watered and fed.


Choose the correct answer!
1. Mark Twain … the years after the Civil War the “Gilded Age”.
a. Called c. he called
b. Calling d. his calls

2. Early … toes instead of hooves on their feet.

a. Horses c. horses had
b. had horses d. horses having
3. … grow close to the ground in the short Arctic summer.
a. Above tundra plants c. Tundra plants are found
b. Tundra plants d. For tundra plants

English Exercise Page 1

4. In 1867, … Alaska from the Russians for $7.2 millions.
a. purchased the United States c. the United States’ purchase of
b. to purchase the United States d. the United States purchased
5. Between 1725 and 1750, New England witnessed an increase in the specialization of …
a. Occupations c. they occupied
b. Occupies d. it occupied them
6. The large carotid artery … to the main parts of the brain.
a. carrying blood c. blood is carried
b. carries blood d. blood carries
7. … radio as the first practical system of wireless telegraphy.
a. Marconi’s development c. Developing Marconi
b. The development by Marconi d. Marconi developed
8. In 1975, the first successful space probe to … beginning to send information back to Earth.
a. Venus c. Venus was
b. Venus the d. Venus it was
9. The two biggest resort … Alabama are Hot Springs and Eureka Springs.
a. in c. towns are
b. towns in d. towns are in
10. NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center … control center for the Mercury, Gemini, and
Apollo space flights.
a. it was at the c. was the
b. it was the d. The

Skill 3 Present Participles

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. The crying baby needs to be picked up.
___ 2. The clothes are lying on the floor should go into the washing machine.
___ 3. The waitress bringing the steaming soup to the waiting diners.
___ 4. Most of the striking workers are walking the picket line.
___ 5. For her birthday, the child is getting a talking doll.
___ 6. The setting sun creating a rainbow of colors in the sky.
___ 7. The ship is sailing to Mexico is leaving tonight.
___ 8. The letters needing immediate answers are on the desk.
___ 9. The boring class just ending a few minutes ago.
___ 10. The fast-moving clouds are bringing freezing rain to the area.

Skill 4 Past Participles

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. The food is served in this restaurant is delicious.
___ 2. The plane landed on the deserted runway.
___ 3. The unexpected guests arrived just at dinnertime.
___ 4. The courses are listed in the catalogue are required courses.
___ 5. The teacher found the lost exam.
___ 6. The small apartment very crowded and disorganized.
___ 7. The photographs developed yesterday showed Sam and his friends.
___ 8. The locked drawer contained the unworn jewels.
___ 9. The tree was blown over in the storm was cut into logs.
___ 10. The students registered in this course are listed on that sheet of paper.

Skills (3-4)
Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. Our hosts are serving drinks on the tiled patio.
___ 2. The tired woman taking a much needed nap.
___ 3. The letters were sent on Monday arrived on Wednesday.
___ 4. The winners deserved the big prize.

English Exercise Page 2

___ 5. The plants are growing in the garden need a lot of water.
___ 6. The shining stars lit up the darkened sky.
___ 7. The driver rapidly increased the speed of the racing car.
___ 8. The excited children trying to build a snowman in the falling snow.
___ 9. The students are completing the course will graduate in July.
___ 10. The dissatisfied customer is returning the broken toaster.


Choose the correct answer!
1. The first … appeared during the last period of the dinosaurs’ reign.
a. flowers are plants c. plants flowers
b. plants have flowers d. flowering plants
2. The earliest medicines … from plants of various sorts.
a. Obtaining c. were obtained
b. they obtained d. they were obtained
3. Simple sails were made from canvas … over a frame.
a. a stretch c. was stretched
b. Stretched d. it was stretched
4. Pluto’s moon Charon … in a slightly elliptical path around the planet.
a. Moving c. it was moving
b. is moving d. in its movement
5. Techniques of breath control form an essential part of any … program to improve the
a. it trains c. Trains
b. Train d. training
6. Robert E. Lee … the Confederate army to General Grant in 1865 at the Appomattox
a. surrendered c. surrendering
b. he surrendered d. surrender
7. The pituitary gland, … the brain, releases hormones to control other glands.
a. found below c. its foundation below
b. it is found below d. finds itself below
8. At around two years of age, many children regularly produce sentences … three or four
a. are containing c. contain
b. containing d. Contains
9. Multinational companies … it increasingly important to employ internationally acceptable
brand names.
a. Finding c. they find
b. are finding d. they are finding
10. The cornea is located inder the conjunctiva, on … of the eye.
a. the part is exposed c. the exposed part
b. exposed the part d. exposes the part


Choose the correct answer!
1. … first setteled the Hawaiian Islands between A.D. 300 and 750.
a. The Polynesians c. Because of the Polynesians
b. The Polynesians arrived d. It was the Polynesians
2. In 1066, a bright comet … in the air attracted much attention.
a. was appearing c. it appeared
b. Appears d. appearing
3. In some daguerreotype cameras, … through a hole in the back of the box.
a. the object’s view c. from the view of the object
b. the object was viewed d. viewed the object

English Exercise Page 3

4. In the Stone Age, stone tools … with other rock materials.
a. Polishing c. for polish
b. they polish d. were polished
5. The first steamship to cross the Atlantic … Savannah, in 1819.
a. was the c. the
b. it was the d. in it the
6. The Earth’s plates meet each other at cracks in the Earth … faults.
a. were called c. called
b. Calls d. it was called
7. The first plant-like organisms probably … in the sea, perhaps three billion years ago.
a. Life c. lived
b. Living d. it was living
8. In male pattern baldness, … strongly influences the degree of hair loss.
a. Heredity c. inherits
b. Inherited d. heredity has
9. In Watch the Skies, Curtis Peebles … attempt to explain America’s belief in flying saucers.
a. makes a fascinating c. fascination with making
b. making a fascinating d. fascination made a
10. The irregular coastline of … a succession of bays and inlets, with the hook of the Cape Cod
peninsula in the southeast.
a. Massachusettes c. Massachusettes it is
b. Massachusettes is d. Massachusettes on

Skill 5 Coordinate Connectors

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. The lawn needs water everyday, or it will turn brown.
___ 2. The book was not long, but it difficult to read.
___ 3. It was raining, so decided not to go camping.
___ 4. The material has been cut, and the pieces have been sewn together.
___ 5. The patient took all the medicine, he did not feel much better.
___ 6. The bill must be paid immediately, or the electricity will be turned off.
___ 7. The furnace broke so the house got quite cold.
___ 8. The dress did not cost too much, but the quality it seemed excellent.
___ 9. The leaves kept falling off the trees, and the boys kept raking them up, but the
yard was still covered.
___ 10. The postman has already delivered the mail, so the letter is not going to arrive
today, it probably will arrive tomorrow.

Skill 6 Adverb Clause Connectors

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. After the plane circled the airport, it landed on the main runway.
___ 2. The registration process took many hours since the lines so long.
___ 3. This type of medicine can be helpful, it can also have some bad effects.
___ 4. The waves were amazingly high when the storm hit the coastal town.
___ 5. We need to get a new car whether is on sale or not.
___ 6. Just as the bread came out of the oven, while a wonderful aroma filled the
___ 7. Everyone has spent time unpacking boxes since the family moved into the new
___ 8. Although the area is a desert many plants bloom there in the springtime.

English Exercise Page 4

___ 9. The drivers on the freeway drove slowly and carefully while the rain was falling
heavily because they did not want to have an accident.
___ 10. If you plan carefully before you take a trip, will have a much better time because
the small details will not cause problems.

Skills (5-6)
Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. The lawyer presented a strong case, but the client was still found guilty.
___ 2. After the children read some stories before they went to bed.
___ 3. The report needed to be completed, the workers stayed late every night for a
___ 4. If you do not turn on the lights, you will trip in the dark.
___ 5. A think fog came rolling in, so planes unable to land.
___ 6. All of the shoes are on sale until the current stock is gone.
___ 7. The ship leaving the dock even though some passengers were not onboard.
___ 8. The outline must be turned in to the teachers a week before the paper is due,
and must approve it.
___ 9. Because the food was cold when it was served the diners sent it back to the
___ 10. You should slow down while you are driving, or the police will pull your car


Choose the correct answer!
1. A spacecraft is freed from friction … launched into space.
a. It c. after is
b. it is d. after it is
2. … with their surrounding, or they hide in crevices for protection.
a. Lobsters c. Lobsters blending
b. Lobsters blend d. Because loibsters blend
3. … a ball-and-socket joint, the elbow is a simple hinge joint.
a. While the shoulder c. The shoulder is
b. While the shoulder is d. The shoulder
4. A car has several sections with moving parts, … of those parts is essentials.
a. good lubrication c. and good lubrication
b. well lubricated d. and well lubricated
5. Bears cannot see well … small eyes.
a. bears have c. because they have
b. because having d. because of bears
6. … at the Isthmus of Panama, so animals were able to migrate between North and South
a. A land bridge existed c. A land bridge
b. When a land bridge existed d. With a land bridge
7. … mostly made of granite, it also contains some human-made materials.
a. The Empire State Building
b. The Empire State Building is
c. Although the Enpire State Building is
d. Although the Enpire State Building is built
8. Pressure differences make the eardrum vibrate … the ear.
a. enter the sound waves c. sound waves enter
b. as sound waves d. as sound waves enter
9. An optical microscope magnifies as much as 2,000 times, but an electron microscope … as

English Exercise Page 5

much as a million times.
a. magnifying c. can magnify
b. it magnifies d. magnify it
10. If scientific estimates are accurate, … with the Earth about 20,000 years ago.
a. the Canon Diablo meteorite collided
b. the collision of the Canon Diablo meteorite
c. the Canon Diablo meteorite colliding
d. colliding the Canon Diablo meteorite


Choose the correct answer!
1. … of the Pueblo Indians centered on intensive agriculture.
a. The economic activity c. The economic was active
b. Because the economic activity d. When the economic activity
2. In popular terminology, any long snowstorm with … is called a blizzard.
a. the amount of wind is large c. it is very windy
b. a large amount of wind d. very windy
3. Nuclear power can be produced by fusion, … produced by fission.
a. it can also be c. it can also
b. and it can also be d. and it can also
4. …, igneous rocks may be changed into gneisses.
a. The temperature is high c. High temperature
b. If the temperature is high d. If high temperature
5. In 1905, Henry Flagler … his plans to extend his Florida East Coast railway out across the
sea to Key West.
a. it was announced c. the announcement of
b. announcement d. announced
6. The sound … from a vibrating object will be high or low depending on the number of
a. comes c. is coming
b. it is coming d. coming
7. During the late 1880’s, urban streetcars were electrified through … large motors.
a. they used c. used
b. the use of d. when they used
8. … almost 274 square miles, but 96 percent of the park is under water.
a. Although Biscayne National Park encompasses
b. Biscayne National Park encompasses
c. Biscayne National encompassing
d. Biscayne National Park
9. Legislation … in 1916 and 1917 gave the Wilson administration authority to intervene in
the national economy if it proved necessary.
a. it was passed c. passed
b. was passed d. passes
10. Because a family of birds set up housekeeping in Joel Chandler Harris’s mailbox when the
birds were in need of a place to stay, … the Wren’s Nest.
a. the home is named c. naming the home
b. so the home is named d. the home’s name

Skill 7 Noun Clause Connectors

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. It is unfortunate that the meal is not ready yet.
___ 2. She told me when should pick her up.

English Exercise Page 6

___ 3. The instructor explained where was the computer lab located.
___ 4. We could not believe what he did to us.
___ 5. Do you want to know if it going to rain tomorrow?
___ 6. We never know whether we will get paid or not.
___ 7. This evening you can decide what do you want to do.
___ 8. The manager explained how wanted the work done.
___ 9. The map showed where the party would be held.
___ 10. Can you tell me why was the mail not delivered today?
Skill 8 Noun Clause Connectors/Subjects
Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. The teacher heard who answered the questions.
___ 2. I do not understand what it went wrong.
___ 3. Of the three movies, I cannot decide which is the best.
___ 4. She did not remember who in her class.
___ 5. No one is sure what did happen in front of the building.
___ 6. We found out which was her favorite type of candy.
___ 7. Do you know what caused the plants to die?
___ 8. I am not sure which it is the most important course in the program.
___ 9. We thought about who would be the best vice president.
___ 10. She saw what in the box in the closet.

Skills (7-8)
Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. It doubtful whether he will pass the test or not.
___ 2. The group discussed who he should receive the prize.
___ 3. It is not certain why the class was cancelled.
___ 4. I will do what does it need to be done.
___ 5. We forgot when did the movie start.
___ 6. I would like to ask if you could come over for dinner this weekend.
___ 7. The children knew which the best game to play.
___ 8. The advisor informed her that needed to add another class.
___ 9. He saw who took the money.
___ 10. It is unclear how the window got broken.


Choose the correct answer!
1. Today, the true story of … at Little Bighorn remains a mystery.
a. happened c. what happened
b. it happened d. what happening
2. For more than a decade, … that sertain species are becoming scare.
a. the warning of bird-watchers c. bird-watchers have warned
b. warn the bird-watchers d. a warning for bird-watchers
3. Early in the eighteenth century, Halley accurately predicted when … of 1682 would return.
a. the comet c. the comet was
b. was the comet d. had the comet
4. No single factor explains why … vary so greatly among individuals.
a. aging affects c. aging has an effect
b. the efects of aging d. the aging effect
5. Lack of clarity about … the party in the coming year will be discussed at the party’s
a. will lead c. they will lead
b. lead d. who will lead
6. We do not … the bow drill was first developed for woodworking or fire making.
a. whether it c. know whether
b. know whether it d. sure whether
7. Minute Man National Historical Park is a monument to where …
a. the beginning of the Revolutionary War

English Exercise Page 7

b. in the beginning of the Revolutionary War
c. the Revolutionary War to begin
d. the Revolutionary War began
8. Tests on the colours of cars were conducted at the University of California to determine …
the safest colours for cars.
a. which c. If
b. which were d. how were
9. The National Institute of Dental Research estimates … in fluoridated areas have about 25
percent less tooth decay that children everywhere.
a. for school children c. that school children
b. school children’s d. that for school children
10. The procecess of photosynthesis explains how … able to use the energy in sunlight to
manufacture foods from the simple chemicals in air and water.
a. green plants c. planting greens
b. green plants are d. with green plants are


Choose the correct answer!
1. Air near the equator … a faster west-to-east motion than air farther from the equator.
a. to have c. Has
b. it has d. Having
2. About 4000 B.C., humans discovered that … obtained from special rocks called ore.
a. metals could be c. possibly metallic
b. the ability of metallic d. could metals be
3. … quickly after an animal dies.
a. In the degradation of DNA c. DNA degrades
b. Degrading DNA d. For DNA to degrade
4. … aerodynamic design has contributed a major part in reducing resistance to motion.
a. Improved c. It improves
b. Improvement d. They improve
5. The southern part of Florida is much warmer in the winter than the northern part, so more
… to the south.
a. flocking tourists c. touring flocks
b. flocks of tourists d. tourists flock
6. The Moon’s gravity pulls water on the near side of the Earth toward the Moon, and this is
what … tides to occur.
a. the cause c. Causing
b. causes d. the cause of
7. …, they pick up fragments of rocks which become frozen into the base of the ice.
a. Glaciers move c. They were glaciers
b. Glaciers moving d. As glaciers move
8. The tape measure first evolved from … used by the Egyptians.
a. the chains measure c. the chains are measured
b. the chains are measuring d. the measuring chains
9. A typical Atlantic hurricane starts as a low pressure system near …
a. Africa coasts c. coast to Africa
b. the African coasts d. Africa has a coast
10. It is not clear whether the subdivisions of the neocortex … units.
a. individual c. they are individual
b. are individual d. Individually

Skill 9 Adjective Clause Connectors

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. I do not believe the story that he told me.
___ 2. Ms. Brown, whom did you recommend for the job, will start work tomorrow.
___ 3. The lecture notes which lent me were not clearly written.

English Exercise Page 8

___ 4. Sally has an appointment with the hairdresser whom you recommended.
___ 5. The phone number that you gave me.
___ 6. She is able to solve all the problems which did she cause.
___ 7. The day that she spent on the beach left her sunburned.
___ 8. Next week I am going to visit my cousins, whom have not seen in several years.
___ 9. Did you forget the promise whom you made?
___ 10. The teacher whom the students like the most is their history teacher.

Skill 10 Adjective Clause Connectors/Subjects

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. The children that were vaccinated did not get sick.
___ 2. I did not vote for the politician who he just won the election.
___ 3. The dog that barking belongs to my neighbors.
___ 4. I took two of the blue pills, which were very effective.
___ 5. We rented an apartment from the landlord who does he own the buildings on
Maple Street.
___ 6. She forgot to attend the meeting which it began at 11:00.
___ 7. Any student who does not turn in the paper by Friday will fail the class.
___ 8. The people which came in late had to sit at the back.
___ 9. The courses that satisfy the graduation requirements they are difficult.
___ 10. After dinner she went to visit her parents, who were living down the street.

Skills (9-10)
Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. My sisters prefer to eat food that have cooked themselves.
___ 2. The boat that hit the underwater rock sank.
___ 3. The car which he was driving could not possibly be his.
___ 4. The children built a house in the tree that in the back yard.
___ 5. The cost of the trip which we wanted to take.
___ 6. The children are playing with the toys which their mother told them to put away.
___ 7. The guests who were seated around the dinner table.
___ 8. The students have to read all the chapters which are on the test.
___ 9. I really do not like the artists which you like.
___ 10. The stones that they were set in the ring were quite valuable.


Choose the correct answer!
1. Modern humans, who first appeared about 600,000 years ago, … Homo Sapiens.
a. calling c. they called
b. were called d. they were called
2. The first writing … evidence of is on Mesopotamian clay tablet.
a. we c. that we
b. has d. that we have
3. … drought-resistant plants which store water in fleshy tissue.
a. Succulents are c. They are succulents
b. Succulents d. Succulents which are
4. Benjamin Kabelsky, whom … as Jack Benny, was a famous comedian in vaudeville and on
radio and television.
a. most people’s knowledge c. knowing most people
b. most people know d. the knowledge of most people
5. … that hunted other animals tended to have very narrow, sharp, curved claws.

English Exercise Page 9

a. For dinosaurs c. Dinosaurs
b. Dinosaurs are known d. Like dinosaurs
6. The first eyeglasses had convex lenses for the aged who … far-sighted.
a. had become c. becoming
b. they had become d. it became
7. Chimney Rock, … 500 feet above the North Platte River, has eroded considerably in the
last two centuries.
a. stands c. it stands
b. is standing d. which stands
8. … that accompany recurring bouts of severe depression reduce bone density.
a. It changes hormones c. The hormones change
b. Hormonal changes d. The change in hormones is
9. Willa Cather is an author … for her evocative and memorable vision of frontier praire life.
a. whom readers c. whom praisings
b. the praise of readers d. whom readers praise
10. Mars’s tiny moon Phobos is a small mountain of rock that … from the asteroid belt by
Mars’s gravitational pull.
a. was probably captured c. the probable capture
b. it probably d. probably the capture


Choose the correct answer!
1. … is famous as the home of the United States Naval Academy.
a. Annapolis c. Why Annapolis
b. Because of Annapolis d. Because Annapolis
2. Some scientists think … be a planet but a moon of Neptune.
a. that Pluto does not seem c. Pluto that might not
b. not Pluto d. that Pluto might not
3. With … of sophisticated oilm lamps, elaborate tools were made to cut the wicks.
a. appeared c. the appearance was
b. the appearance d. it appeared
4. Fort Union was the site of what … principal fur-trading post on the upper Missouri River.
a. the c. was the
b. being the d. it was the
5. Since … commercial risk, it has to appeal to a large audience to justify its cost.
a. the face of the movie c. a movie faces
b. moving face d. to face a movie
6. A current of water known as the Gulf Stream comes up from the Gulf of Mexico, and then
… the North Atlantic toward Europe.
a. it crosses c. with its crosses
b. crossing d. crosses it
7. System … the two symbols 0 and 1 are called binary number system.
a. use c. Uses
b. they use d. Using
8. Genes, … the blueprints for cell construction, exist in tightly organised packages called
a. are c. Which
b. they are d. which are
9. The Earth’s atmosphere consists of gases … in place around the Earth by the gravitational
pull of the planet.
a. held c. it holds
b. hold d. the hold
10. Oscar Hammerstein II collaborated with a number of composers including Jerome Kern,
whom … in writing the musical Show Boat.
a. joined c. he joined
b. was joined d. Joining

English Exercise Page 10

Skill 11 Agreement after Prepositional Phrases
Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. The subject of the lectures was quite interesting.
___ 2. The supplies for the camping trip needs to be packed.
___ 3. The chairs under the table in the dining room is quite comfortable.
___ 4. The players on the winning team in the competition put forth a lot of effort.
___ 5. The food for the guests at the party are on the long table.
___ 6. The cost of the clothes was higher than I had expected.
___ 7. The rugs in the front rooms of the house are going to be washed today.
___ 8. The waiters and waitresses in this restaurant always serves the food efficiently.
___ 9. The lights in the corner of the room need to be kept on all night.
___ 10. The meeting of the members of the council begins at 3:00 in the afternoon.

Skill 12 Agreement after Expressions of Quantity

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. Half of the students in the class has arrived.
___ 2. Some of the fruit are rotten.
___ 3. All of the next chapter contains very important information.
___ 4. Most of the people in the room is paying attention.
___ 5. Part of the soup is left on the stove.
___ 6. Some of the movie were just too violent for me.
___ 7. All of the details in the report needs to be checked.
___ 8. Most of the money is needed to pay the bill.
___ 9. The first half of the class consists of lecture and note taking.
___ 10. Some of the questions on the test was impossible to answer.

Skill 13 Agreement after Certain Words

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. Anybody are welcome at the party.
___ 2. No one here is afraid of skydiving.
___ 3. Everyone in the world needs love and respect.
___ 4. Someone have to clean up the house.
___ 5. Each plant in the garden appear healthy and strong.
___ 6. You should understand that anything is possible.
___ 7. Everything in the salad are good for you.
___ 8. Nobody in the class have completed the assignment on time.
___ 9. I am sure that every detail in this proposal have been considered.
___ 10. Everybody know the rules, but somebody is not following them.

Skills (11-13)
Write a letter C in fron of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and write I if the
sentence is INCORRECT! If the sentence is INCORRECT, explain why, and make it
___ 1. The receptionist in the entryway of the offices is able to answer your questions.
___ 2. All of the information in the documents are top secret.
___ 3. Anyone in one of the classes has to take the final exam.
___ 4. The coordinator of the community services are arranging the program.
___ 5. Most of the car are covered with mud.
___ 6. Nothing more is going to be completed today.
___ 7. The drinks in the pitchers on the table in the ballroom is for everybody.
___ 8. Everybody were told to be here at 8:00, but somebody is not here.
___ 9. Some of the meetings at the conference are limited to ten participants.
___ 10. The sauce on the vegetables in the yellow bowl taste really delicious.

English Exercise Page 11

REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 11-13)
Choose the letter of the underlined words or group of words what is not correct!
___ 1. Nobody know when the process of glass-making was invented.
___ 2. Sugars like glucose is made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms.

English Exercise Page 12

___ 3. Part of the electricity used in the United States today come from hydroelectric
___ 4. The languages of the world presents a vast array of structural similarities and
___ 5. The rise of multinationals have resulted in a great deal of legal ambiguity
because multinationals can operate in so many jurisdictions.
___ 6. All of the east-west interstate highways in the United States has even numbers,
while north-south interstate highways are odd-numbered.
___ 7. When a massive star in the large Magellanic Cloud exploded in 1987, a wave of
neutrons were detected on Earth.
___ 8. Some of the agricultural practices used today is responsible for fostering
___ 9. Every open space in the targeted area that has grass and a few bushes are
occupied by the white-crowned sparrow.
___ 10. Krakatoa is remembered as the volcano that put so much ash into the air that
sunsets around the world was affected for two years afterward.


Choose the correct answer!
1. … the earliest system of writing.
a. The constitution of pictogram c. Constitute the pictogram
b. Pictograms in the constitution d. Pictograms constitute
2. At temperatures … absolute zero, substances possess minimal energy.
a. Approach c. approaching
b. Approaches d. They approach
3. The Earth’s one-year revolution around the Sun changes how … on one hemisphere or the
a. falling sunlight c. sunlight in the fall
b. the fall of sunlight d. sunlight falls
4. Though sporadic interest in regional dialects … for centuries, the first large-scale
systematic studies did not take place until the ninetheenth century.
a. has existed c. has it existed
b. it existed d. eixisting with it

Choose the letter of the underlined words or group of words what is not correct!
___ 5. The waters of the Chattahoochee River fills Lake Lanier.
___ 6. The first set of false teeth similar to those in use today it was made in France in
the 1780’s.
___ 7. The term ‘Yankee’ was originally a nickname for people from New England, but
now anyone from the United States are referred to as a Yankee.

English Exercise Page 13

___ 8. A network of small arteries, mostly sandwiched between the skin and the
underlying muscles, supply blood to the face and scalp.
___ 9. Mesquite is a small tree in the Southwest who can withstand the severest
___ 10. At the end of the Revolution, most of the army units of the young nation was
almost entirely disbanded, leaving a total national military force of eighty men
in 1784.

Skill 14 Parallel Structure with Coordinate Conjunctions

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. The pastries in that shop are very expensive but quite deliciously.
___ 2. You can find some change to buy a paper in the drawer, on top of the dresser,
or in the jar.
___ 3. The living room was decorated with expensive paintings and elegance lamps.
___ 4. He knew that the financial problems were serious, that the situation was not
going to improve, and that he needed to get a job.
___ 5. All day long during the trip to the mountains, they were skiing, sledding, or
played in the snow.
___ 6. The car needs new tires but not a new engine.
___ 7. He stops working when he gets too tired to continue or when he has finished.
___ 8. To get to the office, you should go through this door, turn to the left, and
continuation down the hall.
___ 9. For dessert we could serve lemon pie, fruit tarts, chocolate cake, or butter
___ 10. The sick child needs some medicine, some juice, and to rest.

Skill 15 Parallel Structure with Paired Conjunctions

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. He either lied or telling an unbelievable story.
___ 2. The music at the concert was neither well played nor well liked.
___ 3. He regularly studies both in the morning or in the evening.
___ 4. The play that we saw last night was not only rather delightful but also quite
___ 5. He married her neither for her ability to cook nor her ability to clean house.
___ 6. The discussion was both exciting and interest.
___ 7. He withdrew all the money not only from the checking account but also from
the savings account.
___ 8. Neither the teacher or the students are ready to leave the classroom.
___ 9. You can meet me either in the next few minutes or at 4:00.
___ 10. John is an adventurous person who enjoys not only skydiving but also goes

Skills (14-15)
Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. The advertisements appeared in the newspaper and in the radio.
___ 2. She is trained as both an accountant and in nursing.
___ 3. We can take either my car or yours to the party.
___ 4. The coffee is too hot, too bitter, and too strength.
___ 5. He not only passed the test but also receiving the highest score in the class.
English Exercise Page 14
___ 6. Your ideas are neither more important than the ideas of the others.
___ 7. The meeting lasted only an hour but still seeming too long.
___ 8. The novel was both emotional and description.
___ 9. Either the counselor of her secretary can help you with the problem.
___ 10. The leaves from the tree fell in the yard, in the pool, the driveway, and on the

REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 14-15)

Choose the letter of the underlined words or group of words what is not correct!
___ 1. Ballpoint pens are less versatile but more population than fountain pens.
___ 2. Riddles vary greatly in both grammatical and phonology form.
___ 3. Blood pressure is measured by feeling the pulse and apply a force to the arm.
___ 4. The Moon has no atmosphere, no air, and no watery.
___ 5. The first matches were too hard to ignite, a mess, or too dangerously easy to
___ 6. a 1971 US government policy not only put warnings on cigarette packs but also
banning television advertising of cigarettes.
___ 7. Demand, beauty, durability, rare, and perfection of cutting determine the value
of gemstone.
___ 8. The Harvard Yard, which was Harvard’s original campus, is still a major
attraction for both students and visiting.
___ 9. In 1862, the American Confederacy raised the Merrimack, renamed it Virginia,
covered with iron plates, and an outfit with ten guns.
___ 10. The liquid crystals in a liquid crystal display (LCD) affect the polarized light so
that it is either blocked and reflected by the segments of the display.


Choose the correct answer!
1. Most cells in multiselled organisms perform … functions.
a. specialize c. they specialize
b. specialized d. Specialization
2. The Big Island of Hawaii, in the middle of Pacific Ocean, … by five volcanoes.
a. creation c. Creating
b. it was created d. was created
3. The Sun uses up over 4 million tons of hydrogen per second, … still has enough hydrogen
to last for the next 5 billion years.
a. it does not c. but it
b. it d. to it
4. For Katherine L. Bates, who … the top of Pikes Peak in 1893, the view provided the
inspiration for her hymn America the Beautiful.
English Exercise Page 15
a. reached c. Reaching
b. she reached d. she was reaching

Choose the letter of the underlined words or group of words what is not correct!
___ 5. Coal, petroleum, and natural gaseous are all fossil fuels.
___ 6. The mass of neutron stars generally range from one-tenth to twice the mass of
the Sun.
___ 7. Grasses grow in ways that help them to survive being nibbled, chilly, or dried.

___ 8. Most of the Hemingway’s novels glorifies heroic exploits such as bullfighting or
___ 9. Paleographers study ancient and medieval handwriting in order to establish
not only its age and also its background.
___ 10. The sounds produced by bullfrogs and toad vary greatly because each species
have its own particular call.

Skill 16 Past Participles after HAVE

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. We have already hearing the good news.
___ 2. She has ridden her bicycle to school everyday.
___ 3. I have always believe you.
___ 4. He has find the missing car keys.
___ 5. They have put their money in a savings account.
___ 6. The parents have allowed them to stay up late.
___ 7. She has never ran away from home before.
___ 8. Have you ever saw a ghost?
___ 9. They have taken three tests already this week.
___ 10. He has offer me a high-paying job.

Skill 17 Present Participles or Past Participles after BE

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. She was study the textbook all night long.
___ 2. The pie was cut into six equal pieces.
___ 3. Today the teacher is allow the students to leave class a few minutes early.
___ 4. The class is teach every other semester.
___ 5. Tom is bringing some drinks to the party.
___ 6. The sick child was taken to see a doctor.
___ 7. The children are swim in the backyard pool.
___ 8. The diamond jewelry is always keep in a safe place.
___ 9. The teacher is preparing a difficult exam for the students.
___ 10. Dinner is served from 6:00 to 8:00.

Skill 18 Base form Verbs after Modals

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. You should try to respond politely.
___ 2. Everyone must leaves the room immediately.
___ 3. I could sat on the beach for hours.
___ 4. She will asking you many difficult questions.
___ 5. You can look at the book, but you cannot borrow it.

English Exercise Page 16

___ 6. He may lies to you because he is not very truthful.
___ 7. He knew that he would forgot the phone number.
___ 8. The weatherman said that it might snowing tonight.
___ 9. Perhaps we could bought a new car this year.
___ 10. This course will satisfy the graduation requirement.
Skills (16-18)
Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. We have became good friends in the last year.
___ 2. Your name will be list in the new directory.
___ 3. The new movie is receive good reviews.
___ 4. She must have feel sorry about her bad behavior.
___ 5. They have always given their family many presents.
___ 6. We may be taking a vacation next week.
___ 7. We could have taking a vacation last week.
___ 8. The package might had been deliver by an express mail service.
___ 9. I have not wrote very many letters to my friends.
___ 10. The car should not have be drive anymore today.

REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 16-18)

Choose the letter of the underlined words or group of words what is not correct!
___ 1. By the 1920’s, many radio transmitters had been build.
___ 2. Fish farming has rose in the United States in recent years.
___ 3. In areas of volcanic activity, beach sand may contains dark minerals and little
___ 4. Cro-Magnon man was names after the caves in southwest France where the
first remains were discovered.
___ 5. Lassie, the famous coolie who made her first screen appearance in 1943, has
always be played by a male dog.
___ 6. A blue bigwig lizard stakes out a territory and will defending females within it
against courting males.
___ 7. President George Washington was inaugurates on the steps of the Federal
Building in New York City.
___ 8. By 1627, Plymouth had became a viable and growing community of fifty
families, twenty-two goats, fifteen cows, and more than fifty pigs.
___ 9. Tobacco was the crop on which the eminence of Williamsburg and the
prosperity of Virginia were base.
___ 10. Because there maybe scores of genes in each suspect DNA region, scientists
must identifying and sequence the actual genes contributing to type I diabetes.

English Exercise Page 17

Choose the correct answer!
1. … the deepest valleys and canyons on the Earth
a. In the Pacific Ocean with c. The Pacific Ocean
b. In the Pacific Ocean d. The Pacific Ocean has

2. In the United States, the participation of females in the labor force … from 37 percent in
1965 to 51 percent in 1980.
a. it jumped c. jumping
b. jump d. jumped
3. Some composers, such as Richard Wagner, have felt that … the action of the opera too
much and have written operas without them.
a. arias interrupt c. the interrupation of arias
b. interrupt arias d. areas of interruption

Choose the letter of the underlined words or group of words what is not correct!
___ 4. Water stored behind a dam can used to drive turbines.
___ 5. Our universe may continue to expand as it gets colder, empty, and deader.
___ 6. Every form of matter in the world are made up of atoms.
___ 7. The lens and cornea are supply with nutrients and oxygen by the aqueous fluid.
___ 8. Dodge City, laid out in 1872, owed both in prosperity and its famous to the
buffalo in its early years.
___ 9. The amount of the two kinds of cholesterol in the blood have been shown to
have an effect on the risk of heart attack.
___ 10. By the time Noah Webster reached his mid-twenties, he had already publish an
elementary speller.

Skill 19 Singular and Plural Nouns

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. She talked to each people in the room.
___ 2. There is not a single bit of food in the refrigerator.
___ 3. You need two pieces of identification to cash a check.
___ 4. Both classes started on time.
___ 5. We took a new routes to the beach house.
___ 6. He gave many different reasons for his actions.
___ 7. You must answer every questions on the test.
___ 8. She tried several times to call me.
___ 9. He offered me only one glass of water.
___ 10. We had various kind of drinks with the meal.

Skill 20 Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. She will visit in a few months.
___ 2. Many risk are unnecessary.
___ 3. You need to show a little kindness.
___ 4. You have a number of choice.
___ 5. There was a large amount of apples in the bowl.
___ 6. We have fewer opportunities now.

English Exercise Page 18

___ 7. How much money is left?
___ 8. He caused less problems this time.
___ 9. The need a little times to finish their work.
___ 10. He visited many exotic place.
Skills (19-20)
Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. She enjoys food from many culture.
___ 2. He could not give me much good reasons.
___ 3. Each owner must register his or her own car.
___ 4. They came up with a number of ideas.
___ 5. Various new law go into effect on the first of the year.
___ 6. The car now uses less oil.
___ 7. The meal did not cost a single cents.
___ 8. You need to make fewer mistake.
___ 9. You can take one course or both courses.
___ 10. He only smokes a small amount of cigarette.

REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 19-20)

Choose the letter of the underlined words or group of words what is not correct!
___ 1. Cone shells live in much different seas and feed mainly on small fish and
___ 2. The leaves of the common sunflower are rough to the touch on both side.
___ 3. Hemoglobin enables the red blood cells to carry oxygen and small numbers of
carbon dioxide.
___ 4. Those with narcolepsy experience the uncomfortable desire to sleep, perhaps
several time in one day.
___ 5. Another great artists of the time and possibly the most gifted silversmith in the
colonies was Paul Revere.
___ 6. Alzheimer’s disease afflicts two in ten person over the age of seventy in the
United States.
___ 7. The red cardinal-grosbeak spends many of its time feeding on the ground.
___ 8. In the 1920’s, Tulsa had a higher number of millionaire than any other US city.
___ 9. Because Washington is a district and not a state, its residents have less rights
than other citizens.
___ 10. Implosive consonants occur in many different language, but they are
particularly common in American Indian and African languages.


Choose the correct answer!
1. … the second most common metal in the Earth’s crust, and it always occurs in combination
with other substances.
a. Iron c. With iron
b. Iron is d. With iron is
2. In most parts of the globe, the … not exceed roughly 31 degrees centigrade.

English Exercise Page 19

a. Ocean surface c. Ocean surface does
b. Ocean has a surface d. Ocean has surfaced
3. … which climatologists have determined as the wettest place on Earth not under water is a
spot on the island of Kauai.
a. The place c. The place is
b. It is the place d. In the place is

Choose the letter of the underlined words or group of words what is not correct!
___ 4. A single protein molecule may being composed of tens of thousands of atoms.
___ 5. Less plants grow in the poor taiga soils beneath the trees.
___ 6. Vast reserves of oil and gas is located in the Gulf of Mexico.
___ 7. Helium is colorless, taste element used to inflate balloons.
___ 8. The common was the heart of every New England villages built in the
eighteenth century.
___ 9. Some of the regulations that bind US institutions allows foreign banks to
package loans at hard-to-beat interest rates.
___ 10. In angioplasty, a catheter is thread through an artery and guided through the
body to the blocked area.

Skill 21 Subject and Object Pronouns

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. You should do it for her.
___ 2. They helped she with the work.
___ 3. Her and Bob came over to visit me.
___ 4. I brought it for you and them.
___ 5. He opened the refrigerator and took some food from it.
___ 6. She lent it to you and I.
___ 7. She spent all the money on them.
___ 8. You forgot to give it to they.
___ 9. We offered she a place to stay.
___ 10. They watched us play with it.
Skill 22 Possessives
Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. She will have hers hair cut shortly.
___ 2. We will take our cars or hers.
___ 3. Please lend me yours notes from the history lecture.
___ 4. I like his ideas and hers.
___ 5. The tree fell on its side during the storm.
___ 6. My desk is located near hers.
___ 7. Theirs suggestion was unrealistic.
___ 8. Our appointment is just after your.
___ 9. Your friends and my friends are coming to our party.
___ 10. You don’t have yours gloves with you, but I have mine.

Skill 23 Pronoun Reference

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. If my friend calls, please tell them that I will return the call.
___ 2. I don’t like the idea because it is too costly.

English Exercise Page 20

___ 3. The tables at the restaurant are so large that it can seat twelve people.
___ 4. The soup needs more salt because he does not taste very good.
___ 5. The girls ran too fast, and she fell down.
___ 6. In the autumn, the trees lost its leaves.
___ 7. The windows were open, so I close it.
___ 8. The travelers lost their way in the storm.
___ 9. The boy got the box, and he opened it carefully.
___ 10. The woman left their earrings at home, so she wasn’t wearing them.

Skills (21-23)
Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. They sold the car to you and I.
___ 2. Please tell your brother that I need to talk to him.
___ 3. The bicycle lost it front wheel.
___ 4. Martha was happy when her boss gave her a pay raise.
___ 5. Just between us, I am not sure if we can trust them.
___ 6. The mother talked to her son about his behavior.
___ 7. I told his the truth, but he didn’t believe me.
___ 8. You and she should look for they.
___ 9. The student left his notebooks in the class, so he went back to get it.
___ 10. If the don’t have their car, we will lend them ours.

REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 21-23)

Choose the letter of the underlined words or group of words what is not correct!
___ 1. Animals like frogs have waterproof skin that prevents they from drying out
quickly in the air, sun, and wind.
___ 2. Because of its ability to survive close to human habitations, the Virginia deer
has actually increased their range and numbers.
___ 3. John D. Rockefeller was the founder of the Standard Oil Company, and he was
the richest man in the world at the time of her retirement.
___ 4. The aorta arches out of the heart, and then its moves down toward the lower
___ 5. Global average temperatures are now 0.6 degrees Celsius warmer than we were
100 years ago.
___ 6. During the Civil War, Clara Barton became known as the “Angel of the
Battlefield” for hers fearless care of the wounded soldiers.
___ 7. Our Sun is a medium-size star orbiting near the edge of a collection of stars
that our call the Milky Way.
___ 8. Francis Scott Key wrote the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner” as they stood
alone watching the British bombardment of Fort McHenry.
___ 9. Some scallops can open and close theirs valves and swim away rapidly when
they are disturbed.
___ 10. Pearl S. Buck began her first novel, East Wind, West Wind, in 1925, while her

English Exercise Page 21

was traveling between the United States and China.


Choose the correct answer!
1. Although knives and forks … of prehistoric origin, spoons are relatively new.
a. are c. are they
b. they are d. which are
2. Neptune’s … the planet in the direction opposite to the other seven moons.
a. moon Triton orbiting c. moon Triton in orbit
b. moon Triton orbits d. moon is in Triton’s orbit
3. A dip pen’s nib is split into two halves … at the point of the nib.
a. who meet c. they meet
b. which meet d. meet

Choose the letter of the underlined words or group of words what is not correct!
___ 4. In 1785, Henry Knox was appoint the new republic’s first secretary of war.
___ 5. Biophysics is one of the various branch of physics.
___ 6. Unlike many great writers, Longfellow was an enormously popular poet in him
___ 7. After Lincoln’s assassination, Ford’s Theatre was closed and parts of it was
converted to government office space.
___ 8. Most of the Earth’s ice is found either in the two great ice caps of Antarctica
and Greenland and on the mountains of the world.
___ 9. Except for a few species, such as the spotted salamander, the courtship of
salamanders are secretive and not often observed.
___ 10. Unlike most mollusks, crustaceans outgrow their shells and need to build
several completely new casings throughout they lives.

Skill 24 Adjectives and Adverbs

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. The hair was an unusually color of red.
___ 2. The weather is really uncomfortable.
___ 3. We attended a poor planned conference.
___ 4. He talked slowly and carefully.
___ 5. The composition was careful prepared.
___ 6. She had an incredible story about her long trip.
___ 7. He sent me a quickly written note.
___ 8. The cat meowed sad.
___ 9. The children are hungry and tired.
___ 10. The lecture spoke extremely loud.

Skill 25 Adjectives after Linking Verbs

Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. Kathy looks gorgeously in that dress.

English Exercise Page 22

___ 2. The children have grown considerably.
___ 3. Steve walked rapid to the corner to catch the bus.
___ 4. The boys became sick with the flu.
___ 5. The mother closed the door careful.
___ 6. Tom appeared rather unhappily at what had happened.
___ 7. The choir members sang enthusiastically.
___ 8. The soup tasted too salty.
___ 9. The book seemed easily for the students.
___ 10. In the afternoon, the sun sets slow in the west.

Skills (24-25)
Write C in front of the sentence if the sentence is CORRECT and I if INCORRECT!
___ 1. The chef prepared a delicately sauce.
___ 2. Matthew feels terribly angry about the issue.
___ 3. The swimmers swam powerful across the pool.
___ 4. The receptionist answered the phone carefully.
___ 5. The dishes in the sink were very dirty.
___ 6. The physics exam seemed quite simply to me.
___ 7. He acted unbelievably rude.
___ 8. The burnt toast did not taste very good.
___ 9. The decision was absolutely necessary.
___ 10. The job applicant dressed carefully for the important interview.

REVIEW EXERCISE (Skills 24-25)

Choose the letter of the underlined words or group of words what is not correct!
___ 1. Sounds quieter than 10 decibels are impossibly for the human ear to hear.
___ 2. Often the best farmland is next to a river that floods periodical.
___ 3. The planet Mercury has a moderately elliptically orbit.
___ 4. An eighteen-watt fluorescent bulb seems as brightly as a seventy-five-watt
incandescent bulb.
___ 5. The telephone works by changing the voice’s sound waves into electrically
___ 6. In the northern United States, two European species of small white birch are
extensive planted as ornamentals.
___ 7. Fifty million Americans continue to smoke despite abundant evidence that
smoking is extremely unhealthfully.
___ 8. The US Military Academy sits on scenic heights overlooking a strategically
bend in the Hudson River.
___ 9. The Erie Canal became so successfully at providing cheap transportation that it
was greatly enlarged between 1835 and 1862.
___ 10. The Infra-Red Astronomy Satellite (IRAS), launched in 1983, contained a
special coded reflecting telescope that detected infrared rays.

English Exercise Page 23

Choose the correct answer!
1. On December 17, 1903, the Flyer … near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, with Orville Wright
as pilot.
a. took off c. taking off
b. Is took off d. took it off
2. Comets are relatively small celestial bodies … up chiefly of dirt and icy materials.
a. make c. they make
b. made d. make them
3. Researchers have long debated about … moon Titan contains hydrocarbon oceans or lakes.
a. Saturn’s c. whether Saturn’s
b. whether it is Saturn’s d. whether Saturn is a

Choose the letter of the underlined words or group of words what is not correct!
___ 4. The abrasively action of the wind wears away softer layers of rock.
___ 5. There are two way of making a gas condense; cooling it or putting it under
___ 6. Researchers have discovered that the application of bright light can sometimes
be uses to overcome jet lag.
___ 7. Salmon migrations may include having to jump up waterfalls, swim up rapids,
or climbing fish ladders at dams.
___ 8. If a strike is called in violation of an existing contract between labor and
management, its a wildcat strike.
___ 9. Snapping turtles are easily recognized because of the large head, the long tail,
and the shell that seems insufficiently to protect the body.
___ 10. The long string of genes making up a chromosome have been likened to a
string of pearls.

English Exercise Page 24