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Name : Muhammad Amin 081411731028

Nicko Christanta Ervianto 081411731037

Akbar Adrian Ramadhan 081411733010
William Putra Johansyah 081411733011

Class : ABCDITS1
Monday 7-8 (322A)

Unit 1
Exercise 1.1
1. H. Words that take the place of nouns
2. F. Words that modify verbs, adjectives, and adverbs
3. G. Words that show an action or a state of being
4. B. Words that modify nouns or pronouns
5. C. Words that connect words, phrases, or clauses
6. D. Word that modify verbs, adjectives, and adverbs
7. A. Words that name people, places, things or ideas
8. E. Words that show emotion

Excercise 1.2
1. Football, rugby, chess.
2. Music lovers, the sound of the trumpets.
3. Fifty five students, English class.
4. Death penalty, criminals, Puerto Rico
5. Boys and girls.

Exercise 1.3
1. Measures
2. Are
3. Melts
4. Driving
5. Go, watch.

Exercise 1.4
1. Countless, gaseous.
2. Football.
3. Adventurous.
4. Very hot, dusty.
5. Famous, bold .

Exercise 1.5
1. I can hardly hear them speaking.
2. You need to watch him very closely.
3. He seldom does poorly on test.
4. This extremely hot wind comes quickly from the Sahara Desert.
5. We’d better hurry. It’s getting rather late.

Exercise 1.6
1. N I learn a lot about grammar from this workbook.
2. Adj Uncle Sam is a very successful businessman.
3. Adv I left my backpack in the car this morning.
4. V We spend the summer months at the beach.
5. Adj They have to pass ELPT with a total score of 550.
6. Adv My mother meets with her old friend regularly.
7. V Will you book us a court for 3 pm?
8. Adv I usually don’t like to go shopping
9. N The tall man is very quiet
10. N He sits by the window and watches the rain.

Exercise 1.7
1. B) Fright
2. A) Extend
3. A) Compactify
4. A) Forecast
5. A) Feminine
6. B) Anger
7. C) Speaker
8. C) Angelic

Exercise 1.8
Practice Practice Practical Practically
Heightened Height High Highly
Understand Understanding Understandable Understandably
Advance Advance Advanced Advancely
Succeed Success Successful Successfully
Complete Completion Complete Completely
Depend Dependance Dependable Dependently
Beauty Beauty Beautiful Beautifully
Demonstrate Demonstration Demonstrative Demonstratively
Localize Locality Local Locally
Economize Economy Economical Economically

Exercise 1.9
1. Enjoyment
2. Dishonest
3. Happiness
4. Patience
5. Obsessed
6. Logical
7. Carefully
8. Scientist
9. Expectedly
10. Personally

Exercise 1.10
1. Annie and her brothers (are) at school.
2. Either George or Tamara (doesn’t) want to see that movie.
3. One of my sisters (is) going on a trip to France.
4. The movie, including all the previews (takes) about two hours to watch.
5. Every one of those books (is) fiction.
6. Nobody (knows) the trouble I’ve seen.
7. (Is) the news on at five or six?
8. Mathematics (is) John’s favorite subject, while Civics (is) Andrea’s favorite subject.
9. Your pants (is) at the cleaner’s.
10. There (were) fifteen candies in that bag. Now there (is) only one left!

Exercise 1.11
My wife gets (1) up earlier in the morning than I do. She hates (2) to get up in the morning.
I don’t (3) usually mind getting up. She has (4) to get dressed quickly to catch an early bus to
work later, and I drive my car. She doesn’t (5) have much time for breakfast, so she just drinks
(6) a cup of coffee when she gets (7) to work. I have (8) to time to have a bowl of cereal and fruit
before I go (9) to work. I understand (10) why my wife doesn’t like mornings!