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Facts about the Lies - 40% of parents believe that is normal

sometimes lie to children about their own

- 81% of people said "harmless lie" every bad behavior in the past
day - 68% of women lie about their weight,
- Most people lie 3 times in 10 minutes of when the rent on the right
conversation - 91% of women say that the older they
- Following a review of 142 studies, during become, the easier take themselves, and
which 19,801 people (many of whom had the lower lying
experience lies in the recognition of his - 44% of people easier to lie by e-mail,
work) was assessed, lying or not 2,945 than in manuscript form. During the
people, lies gently was recognized only study, 48 students had to divide $ 89
54% of cases, only slightly more than between themselves and another fictional
50% that you can dial simply by guessing one group that did not know about the
"yes-no amount of money, but I knew that it
- 2% of people think that lying is varies between $ 5-100 and should
sometimes necessary decide to accept the proposal or not.
When students reported the amount of e-
- 65% of people think that often /
mail, 92% lied when handwritten - 64%
sometimes OK to lie to not hurt
someone's feelings - 15% of employees were caught in a lie
directly in the workplace
- 44% of people think that often /
sometimes possible to exaggerate the - 16% of people ever lied to justify "I call
events in the story to make it interesting on another line" or "I call you back"
- 37% of people think that often / - According to the experiment conducted
sometimes you can lie about his age in Australia, 73% of doctors said that
washed his hands, and only 9% actually
- Depressive people are more honest with
did so;
themselves than the mentally healthy,
and when they recover, they become less - 29% of people who are in close
fair relations, acknowledged that lie to their
partners about their spending money
- 98% of teens say they lie to their
parents - 33% of women lie about their spending
money, as well as 26% of men
- 98% of teens say that trust is very
important in personal relationships. 96- - 1 out of 10 people had lied during the
98% say that lying is immoral motor to reduce the contribution
- 47% of teens say that illegal - 15% of people vozrata 18-20 years
downloading of music is acceptable, and admit they were wrong to their partners,
only 5% considered acceptable stealing 11% aged 21-24 years are recognized in
from shop the same
- During the experiment, 32 young people - 22% of men say they do not want to call
were divided into 2 groups - high and low their number of sexual partners
social status, based on their activity, - 17% of men and women aged 18-24
reported by the parents. Children of high years reported to their sexual partner
social level lie better. Teens lie better about the presence of host of sexually
than younger transmitted diseases
- 75% of students admit that they become - 61% of women think that is normal if a
"serial liars * when it comes to saving man is lying about their appearance
money or a job
- 26% of men and 9% of women believe
adultery to be justified, if their partner is
no longer interested in sex
- Betrayal in varying degrees, is the cause
of 54% of divorces
- 48% of women say that is normal, when
their partner is lying about his attraction
to other women
- 39% of women say that is normal when
a man is lying about the woman that if
she was good in bed