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Module Title: School Placement 4

Student Name & ID Number: John Keegan G00332426

LESSON PLAN (2018-2019)


Student teacher: John Keegan Topic: Coat Hanger Project.
Pupil Year Group: 1st Year MTW Number of students: 22
Lesson Number: 16 Duration of lesson: 75 Mins
Date: 31st Jan 2019 Time of Lesson: 9:40

How has the previous lesson informed my planning for this lesson?
Due to the fact that this group is one that is split between me and the co-operating teacher, I had to
take time to talk to the teacher as to see what stage the students are currently at. From the
previous lesson I am aware that there me be a number of students working on the marking out
process of the project, others will be working on gluing up the project. During today’s lesson I plan
to take time to demonstrate the dangers and hazards when using and handling a chisel. Todays
lesson will see a few of the students moving onto the finishing and gluing stage of the project.
During the lesson I will be encouraging the students to ask questions regarding the project. During
the lesson students will be selected to drill out the hole on their piece. Students decide how many
holes they want on their work piece and where. Students have previously used the pillar drill and
will only need a quick introduction to the machine. Constructive/ positive feedback will be used to
motivate and engage students’ in the project. The majority of the students will be at a stage to glue
their own work by the end of todays lesson.

1) Aims:
The main aims of this lesson are:

• Enhance student’s psychomotor ability through breaking down of the working drawing.
• Enhance the student’s cognitive ability by involving numeracy into the working drawing.
• Activity work on the coat hanger project.
• Demonstrate my method of class demonstrations and what I expect from the group.
• Classify the many dangers when using a chisel.
• Navigate the students to the gluing stage of the project.
Module Title: School Placement 4

2) Main learning outcomes & corresponding assessment

Learning outcomes (LOs) Assessment of Los

At the end of this lesson students will be able to:
• Behave according to an outlined and expected • Visual Inspection
standard, enter/exit the room in a respectful and safe • Questioning
manner. • Teacher observation
• Demonstrate good work ethic in the manufacture of • Class Discussion
the project. • Higher Order Questioning
• Recall the hazards and dangers when using a chisel. • Weaker Student Feedback
• Break down the working drawing and develop a • Student Demonstration
confidence in breaking down working drawings.
• Transfer their knowledge to complete the project.

0-3 Mins • Teacher meets the pupils and brings • Students enter in an orderly O
them to their seats in an orderly fashion and take up their
fashion. assigned seats. ET

3-5 Mins • The teacher will allow the class to O

settle at their desks and will take
the attendance.

• Take role on VSware. *time

allocated to take material out of
5-9 Mins • The teacher will start of by setting • The students will follow the O,
out the learning intentions for the teacher as he goes through the
class; learning intentions. G
-Demonstrate work ethic in the
producing of the project. • The students will communicate
-Health and Safety- chisel. with the teacher to recap on
-Begin to fit joints in project. the previous class.
-Bring Project to finishing stage.
• The students will answer the O
• The teacher will spend a few questions prized by the
moments asking the students teacher. MA
questions while recapping from the
last class.
Key questions:
-What is different in the dovetail joint? CL
-What is the reasoning behind using the
marking gauge?
Module Title: School Placement 4

9-20 Mins • Overhead on health and safety on

the chisel. • The students will follow the
Key Questions: PowerPoint asking any G
-Why is a chisel dangerous? questions that they may have.
-Why do we need to pay full attention O
when using this tool?
-What is the rule for using the chisel?
• The students will follow the SEN
demonstration and will work
• Demonstration- correct procedure carefully on their project. MA
to chisel the dovetail joint.
Inclusive Questions; • The students will work
-Why do we need to cut down to effectively on their project
the line? and will ask any questions
-What is the reason behind they may have.
chiselling from both sides?
20-72 Mins • The students will work to the
best of their ability to
• The teacher will then allow the complete the task. They can O
students to complete the joints. ask the teacher for assistance if
*Differentiation- the teacher will needs be.
take time to give demo’s to G
students at different stages to the • Differentiation- Some
project. students are working on the
• Highlight the marking out towel rail project.
necessary for the pencil, students
will receive minimal guidance here
• Students will be encouraged
as they decide for themselves GW
to use buddie system if they
(discovery learning).
become stuck.
• Select a student to use the pillar
drill observing the students’. • Students will be responsible to SEN
the marking out of the holes
• Demo – Gluing Procedure
Inclusive Questioning; • *Differentiation- some
-What material and tools do we students will move on to
require for gluing up? creating a design with the
-Why do we do a dry run first? philographer
-What is the propose of using the
damp cloth?

72-80 Mins • The teacher will organise a set • Students will follow O,
clean-up of the classroom. instructions to clean up the
room. L,
-Reflective Questions; • Pupils will identify the new
Why is a dry run important? learning. CL
Module Title: School Placement 4

What are the two dangers for the • Pupils will define the rules and
chisel? routines.
Why do we always chisel to the • Pupils will exit from the room
line? in a calm and orderly fashion.
• Teacher organizes orderly exit from
L= Literacy, N= Numeracy, O= Oracy, G= Graphicacy, MA= Mixed Ability, ET = Educational
Technology, MI = Multicultural Inclusion, PBL= Problem Based Learning, GW= Group Work and C&I=
Creativity and Innovation.


✓ Materials
✓ Coat Hanger Model
✓ Detailed Drawing of Coat Hanger
✓ Overhead- chisel

5) POST LESSON CRITICAL REFLECTION (bullet points- 3-5 points)


• Students used their initiative to help other students and bring them up to date with
the project.
• All students working on the pillar drill where competent in the set up and understood
the dangers with the machine.
• When over at the gluing station, students showed the correct procedures when gluing
the dowels.


• Some students were still at the marking out stage of the project so I had to take time
out and bring them together for a demonstration.
• There was an issue with the clamp for the pillar drill.

Suggestions for the Next Lesson

Module Title: School Placement 4

• For the next project I plan on introducing a tick the box method so I can see what stage
each student is at in the project.