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This form must be completed and signed by Library officials at least two (2) days in advance of
the scheduled use.

Group Name_______________________ Date of event___________________________

Address____________________________ (Include set-up and clean-up time below)

____________________________ Start Time_______________________________

Phone_____________________________ Stop Time_______________________________

Person in charge of event______________ Anticipated attendance_____________________

To comply with the Illinois Fire Marshall’s regulations, maximum capacity of the meeting room
is 40 people. The use of tables may lower this number.

Custodians and other library personnel are not authorized to provide services, equipment or
facilities not specifically listed on the approved request.

Please circle any of the following equipment needed.

T.V. Podium

I have read and agree to abide by the regulations governing the use of the Mt. Carmel Public
Library facilities as stated on the reverse side of this form and to pay any fees due prior to the
start of the meeting.

Representative’s Signature Date Filed

Library Use Only

Approved by__________________________________ Date____________________________

Fees: Exempt for Non-Profit_______________ Collected ________________

Use of Facilities General Policy

The meeting room is available for community use by civic groups, organizations, and businesses and only during
normal operating hours Mon-Sat 10-6. In order to assure appropriate scheduling among groups, the following
priorities will serve as a guideline: 1. Library-sponsored events and programs

2. Other organizations and groups


To help defray some of the expenses of maintaining the facilities, there is a fee of $25.00 to be paid by all for-profit
groups and businesses. There is no charge to non-profit organizations for facilities usage. The meeting room fee of
$25.00 is due prior to the start of the meeting.

Regulations and Limitations of Use

1. Use of the facilities should not, in any way, interfere with or interrupt normal library use and
activity. Library usage holds priority over all other groups and organizations.

2. Clubs, groups, or organizations that charge a fee for attending or selling merchandise or services
on the premises do not qualify for use of the room.

3. The Library does not provide consumable supplies to any group or organization. Groups who
wish to serve food and/or drinks must furnish their own service and supplies. The library does
not supply storage space for property or supplies belonging to groups using the meeting room.

4. Any groups or organization that will be using the facilities is responsible for the set-up and
takedown of any tables, chairs, and equipment needed. The facility is to be left in a clean and
orderly condition. See the picture on the bottom of the page. Failure to comply could result in
added fee and/or loss of usage privilege.

5. The use of tobacco and /or alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited at any event held on Library

6. Advertisements and/or announcements for the event, whether written or verbal, shall not
interfere with the co-sponsorship of the event by the Mt. Carmel Public Library (i.e. “in
cooperation with the Library.”)

7. The Mt. Carmel Public Library will hold Groups use the facilities at their own risk and all damages
sustained during, or as a result of, and event.

8. Each group or organization using Library facilities is responsible for complying with the American
with Disabilities Act and must provide qualified interpreters or auxiliary aids upon request.

Approval and Administration

Reservations for use of the facilities must be made at least two (2) days in advance of the Library
staff approved by the Library Director. The Library Director is in charge of administering the use
of the facilities under the direction of the Board of Trustees of the Mt. Carmel Public Library. The
Library reserves the right to waive fees or irregularities in the application for use of the facilities.