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Adegan 1
Janda dadapan : If my housband is still alive, offcourse I will not be loneley like this. Live
alone and far away from family, no friends to talk, at noon like this,
leaves dont hiss, birds are ashamed to sing. How crowded my house is
if I have funny children.
Oh god ! it seems to me that I had ever heard that at setra jungle there
was a great hulk that can give every things we need. I am sure that he
can give me a birth.
Doesnt he like to ask anyone to be antidofex. Nevermind, I have to t try.
I should have a child. Perhaps this time he want nothing.

Adegan 2
Janda dadapan : Oh great giant, wake up ! I am a widow dadapan, I wanyt to beg you.
Raksasa : Ha...ha....ha...ha.... How brave you are to disturbing me, why do tou
come here, old lady.
Janda dadapan : I need your help. Please give me a child so that my life become
usefullin the world
Raksasa : ha...ha...ha...ha... Allright, I can grat your need. But there should be a
requirement you have to do. Canyou do it old lady ?
Janda dadapan : Say it ! what ever it is , I will do it eventhought my life become a
Raksasa : Haaa....ha.....ha..... Listen well. I will give this great mentimun for you.
As soon as you arrive at home, put it on your bed ! you will have a
children you realy hope. I will give you chance to take care of her untill
seventeen years after that, i will take her back. Can you do it old lady ?
Janda dadapan : Deal, great giant ! I wiil keep my promise.
Raksasa : come to me and take this mentimun !
Janda dadapan : Thank you. Thanks a lot. Great giant. I permit now.
Raksasa : ok ! I will meet you seventeen year later.
Adegan 3
Janda dadapan : May this mentimun become a facility to get a child for me. Then
mentimun break into two pieces and a small and pretty baby appear.
Many child.... How pretty you are! Because you here from this mentimun
so I call you Gold Mentimun (Timun Emas).

Adegan 4
Timun emas : Why are you sad, mom?
Janda dadapan : I am not sad, son. I am happy. You look prettier and grow old. It had
been seventeen years I took care of you. It means that it’s time to
Timun emas : What...! Where do you want to go, mom?
Janda dadapan : My lovely child, I ever did wrong that I really sorry for that. Before you
were born and became my child, I had a promise with a great giant from
Setra Jungle.
Timun emas : What it is, mom?
Janda dadapan : I was only given chance to keep you till you are seventeen years old.
After that great giant from Setra Jungle will take you back.
Timun emas : Am I not daughter, mom ?
Janda dadapan : Right, honey ! You are the only one of my daughter.
Timun emas : So why will great giant take me back, mom?
Janda dadapan : Honey, in fact you were born not from my own womb but from this
mentimun. When the moon come full, great giant will come and take you
Timun emas : Take it easy, mom! Don’t be sad. Let’s pray to the lord so that you and
me will be safe.

Adegan 5
DTS : Old lady and gold mentimun, don’t be sad ! I will come to help you both.
Timun emas : Who are they, mom?
Janda dadapan : It seems that they are fairies coming from Holy Sky !
DTS : Come to me closer ! Tell me your problem ! We will try to help you.
Timun emas : Good fairies, when the moon come full, great giant from Setra Jungle
will come and take me back. Please help me!
DTB : Don’t be afraid, Because of your holy pray, we will help you, take these needles !
Timun emas : Thanks, Dewi !
DTB : Take a piece of salt as your savings.
Timun emas : Oke ! Thanks.
DTJ : This salt will also be useful for you later. Take it !
DTS : Throw them one by one to your back when the giant chase you, go west ! a few
minutes later, He will come. We will pray for you. Good bye, honey !
May Sang Hyang Agung protect you !
Raksasa : Ha....ha....ha.... Where are you, old lady? Where is your daughter?
She is so nice to eat, of course. Ha....ha....ha....
Janda dadapan : Go away, honey ! Hurry ! Hurry ! Save your self !

Adegan 6
Raksasa : Where are you, gold mentimun? You can’t run away from me.
Timun emas : I don’t want to go with you. If you can chase me !
Raksasa : Ha....ha....ha.... Chase you ? Ha....ha....ha.... Just me step I will catch
you, nice honey.
Timun emas : Chase me if you can, proud giant !
Raksasa : What is it? It’s so awful ! I can’t step, wait ! Don’t run, gold mentimun !
Timun emas : Take this neeedle ! Noughty giant !
Raksasa : Wo....! Why there are bamboos hare suddenly. It’s so hard to pull out.
My boily is bleeding. It hurts me.
Timun emas : You will not be able to catch me, evil giant !
Raksasa : Oh.....see ! Let’s see, I will chase you and catch you soon there.
Oh....oh....My body feels so hurted. It’s so deep. Why can’t I swim
accross the sea? I am weak. Help ! Forgive me, gold mentimun !

Adegan 7
Prince Raditya : Who are you ? Why is a pretty lady like you I find at this jungle?
Timun emas : I am Gold Mentimun. A great giant chase me. He wants to eat me. But
I was helped by Holy fairies. I am safe now. The great giant was dead
just now. I don’t know where to go now, my step brings me to this
jungle. My mom lives alone far away from here. She was there, I don’t
know the way home.
Prince Raditya : I am Prince Raditya. I am the son of this country king.
Timun emas : Please forgive me, lord !
Prince Raditya : Nevermind. I will bring you back to your mom. Don’t be sad, come on !
Timun emas : Thanks, Prince !