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𝟔𝒕𝒉 Languages Festival

Anthony Flores Clariana

1. How many stands were there in the festival?

There were 9 booths at the festival.
2. What was the name of each stand?
 Living the American dream
 Fancy a cuppa
 Portuguệs: o maior do mundo
 The united states
 The united kingdom
 Speaking intermediate level
 Welcome to Italy
 Macmillan education
 Basic intermediate advanced

3. What was your favorite stand?

My favorite stand was the Portuguese.
4. What language do they speak in the country?
Speak the Portuguese language.
5. What are the colors of its flag?
The colors of their flag are green with a yellow rhombus, and within this a
yellow circle with a soft band.
6. What touristic attractions can you find there?
Statue Cristo Redentor (Rio de Janeiro), Banco of Brasil of cultural center (Rio
de Janeiro), Metropolitan catedral (Brasilia), Usina hydroelectric de Itaipu in
Foz do Iguaçu (Paraná), Amazonas Theatre of Manaus (Amazonas), etc.

7. What typical food can you find there?

Feijoada, Acarayé, Sun meat, Moqueca, Tapioca, Tucupí, etc.
8. Tell us 5 new words or expressions your learnt in the speaking stand
Muito, obrigado, adeus, maior, do, desculpe.
9. Bring a picture of something that you liked about the festival and describe it

- I was attracted to the Brazilian stand, For their colors and attractive people
with their colorful costumes.
- It caught my attention because I wanted to hear how they spoke the
Portuguese language.
- I wanted to try the Guarana soda.
- It was the biggest attraction center of the festival.

10. Take a selfie and enclose it to your report