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* Announcement

* Short Message
* Narrative Text
* Recount text

Created By : Khairunisa Damayanti

Class : 8.1
1. Announcement
 Example :

Good morning !
For all students in twelve Junior High School, from January 2009,
the school will not ask you for the school fee again. So for next year,
there will not school fee again. Because the government make a new policy
about it. Thanks.

 Social Function : To inform important thing by writing a

Letter or direct speech.

 Grammatical Features :
1. Using short sentences
2. Using a simple and clear sentence (doesn’t make any question

2.Short Message
 Example :

For today and tomorrow I can’t go to school. Because I got fever.
Please tell to Mrs. Desmawati about this. Thanks.

 Social Function : to tell something in a few sentences (like in


 Grammatical Features :
1. Using a short and simple sentence
3. Narrative Text
 Example :
Mantu’s Little Elephant
Little Mantu lived in a village deep in the jungle. Where
elephants helped the men with their work. These elephants were so big
and strong. They could lift up the heaviest logs with their trunks and toss
them high in the air.
Now, Mantu had an elephant of his very own. His name was Opie. He
was just a baby and Mantu loved him very much. Mantu whispered to
Opie’s ear that someday he would become the biggest, strongest and
bravest elephant in the jungle. The other elephants heard this. They
began to laugh and made rude noises with their trunks. “We’re so big and
tall, but you’re so small. You’re nothing at all,” said one of the big
Mantu looked up at the huge elephant with a mishievous glint in his
eye. “You’re so tall and cansee far away. We can see what is happening
down here in the jungle. In fact, we would be the first to see any
slithering snakes that may be a danger.” After hearing the word snakes,
the elephants screeched and off they gwents thundering in fright.
“Did I say there were snakes?” giggled Mantu. “No, I don’t think
so,” smiled Opie. Mantu then climbed upon his little friend’s back and
went home to the village to tell everyone about the foolish elephants.

 Social Function :
To entertain the reader through a real experience or an

 Types of Narrative :
1. Fairy story
2. Mysteries
3. Romance
4. Horror story
5. Myths
6. Legends
 Generic Structure :
1. Orientation >> who ? when ? where ?
2. Complication >> the problem
3. Re-solution >> the problem resolved
4. Re-orientation >> end of the story

 Grammatical Features :
1. Using dialogues
2. Using “past tense”
3. Using singular first person or third person
4. Recount Text
 Example :
An Unlucky Camping
It was beginning of wet season, but the weather was fine in the
morning. My classmates and I went camping to camping ground.
We set up our tent in the middle of field near a small river. As
soon as this was done, we cooked a meal over an open fire. Everything was
alright in the afternoon. But a night while we were singing songs by the
campfire, a strong wind blew. It brought disorder to our tent. We
couldn’t sleep because it was thundering and raining heavily. Lightning
intisfied the downpours. Soon the surrounding areas became flooded. We
all panicked.

 Social Function :
To retell events in the past.

 Purpose :
To informing or entertaining

 Generic Structure :
1. Orientation >> to introduce the setting and the participant
2. Events >> Tell what happened, in what sequence
3. Re-Orientation >> optional – closure of events

 Grammatical Features :
2. Using “past tense”
3. Focus on specific participants and temporal sequence