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Luz Dary

Buenos Díaz.

A continuación le detallo las actividades que faltan por realizar.

Go to unit 1.2. If clauses and results clauses in conditional sentences


Writing an article on (a) specific problem( s) and suggested solutions.

This is an off-line non-synchronic exercise.
Write a paragraph about a natural or social problem you know something about. Use the layout
below in the same order (a - d ).
Include the suggested grammatical structures in (�..) if you wish.
Limit your paragraph to a maximum of 8 sentences.
1. a. Describe the problem. (I�m going to talk about..) (This deals with
b. Talk about how it affects people or the environment.( Firstly
people/natural things
cannot�) ( affects�) (If �A� occurs, then �B� will�.)
c. Describe the causes of the problem. (The reason for this is that�) (This
in�.) (The cause if this is�..)
d. Talk about solutions to the problem. (If we can �, then �.) (The
solution to this is�.) (One way to do this is to�)

2. Write a paragraph answering this question: What do you think will

happen if current trends of technology development and consumerism
continue? You can use the following vocabulary for the text:

According to… from my point of view… I consider… global warming… environmental damage… combat increasing
rate of… environmental pollution… the impact of… degradation of lands… economic growth… poverty…
developing countries… population growth… rapid urbanization… natural resources scarcity… if people don’t
change their habits… If current trends continue… rising levels of consumption… etc…

Go to unit 2.1. Wish to express hypothetical situations.

1. Write your advice on how we can contribute to the improvement of
current environmental crisis. Use the following vocabulary for the text

Governments… United Nations (UN)… measures… take actions…

sustainable development… policies… climate policy… eco-friendly
technology… it is necessary… I recommend… I would… etc…

2. Stage 4: Write a letter

According to the previous writing exercises, you will design a formal

letter addressed to the UN Secretary-Executive (200 words) including the
following steps:

Use the following tool:


Olivia Nakary

Cl. 00 # Cra. 00, Bogotá, 10000 | 3100000 |


Mr. Ban Ki-moon


United Nations

405 East 42nd Street

New York, 10017, USA

Dear Mr. Ban Ki-moon:

I want to open with you a discussion about modern technology and its
implications on environment. In my opinion, the industrialization and the
technological advancement have affected the environment in a negative way.
Although I consider that industrial benefits have contributed to higher living
standards, we cannot deny that nowadays we face a mayor environmental
violations resulting from technology.

I think, the environmental pollution is a direct consequence of technology

mismanagement. Increased production of machines, weapons, manufacturing
and processing industries has contributed to an irreversible environmental
degradation. Moreover, disposal of waste into rivers and water systems by
industries and other institutions have caused sever water pollution.

I would suggest you to address the governments all over the world to take
urgent measures against environmental degradations. These measures could
be classified into four categories, namely, institutional changes, direct controls,
and economic/market-based instruments, and technological measures. I know,
with the modern lifestyle, it is impossible to eliminate environmental problems,
but we should at least try to minimize them and it should be the objective of our
society. On the other hand, all countries should include this objective in their
national environmental policy. Keeping our planet safe for us and for the future
generations must be the priority.


Olivia Nakary