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Lesson Plan for Grade 5

1- Objectives
1.1 Restate sentences heard in one’s own words
1.2 Use appropriate facial expressions
1.3 Observe politeness at all times.
2- Subject Matter:
Topic: Restating sentences heard in one’s own words.
Using appropriate facial expressions.
Materials: Pictures, charts, flashcards, emotions (different facial expression).
References: EN5LC-Iva-3.11
Curriculum guide p, 76
Internet for emotions
3- Procedures:

3.1 Activities

a.) Prayers
b.) Checking the attendance
c.) Pre-assessment
1.) Showing of different emotions.
The teacher will show different pictures of emotions and then he asks the
students to name each emoticon (based on their facial expressions). Let them
name other facial expressions and draw them on the board.
e.) Motivations
1.) Video Presentations:
The teacher will present a video about different emotions and let the pupils
imitate it.
f.) Presentations
The teacher will present a short story (The donkey). Tell to the pupils that you
have a short story about an animal that played tricks to his fellow animals.

3.2 Analysis
Comprehension check-up:
a.) Why do you think the dog laughed and laughed at the donkey?
b.) Was the donkey able to frighten the animals? Why?
c.) The teacher will call a volunteer/s to restate sentences heard on his own
d.) Ask the students what values you should observe during listening to a
story and class discussion?

3.3 Abstraction:

The teacher will read the following sentences and ask the students to
restate the sentences they heard and give the facial expression/s based on the feelings

1.) His mother became worried when she didn’t hear from him for two days.
2.) David is quite shy so he doesn’t like talking to people he doesn’t know.
3.) A year after being fired from his job, Alan is still very bitter. He has a lot of
resentment towards his former boss.
4.) Even though I am accustomed to travelling for business, I still get
homesick if I am away from my home for more than a week.
5.) I am absolutely furious!!! I cannot believe that my dog chewed my
favourite shoes. Now they’re ruined.

3.4 Application

a.) Group activity

The teacher will group the class into three and each group will have a
representative that serves as a leader. The leader will go to the front to read the
sentences that the teacher will give them. And after that, they will pass the message or
sentences to their group mates by way of whispering. The first group who will finish first
will be declaring as a winner.

b.) Independent Practice

The teacher will show flashcards. What is written in the flashcards is the
different emotion. What the pupils need to do is to find the exact emotions in the puzzle
that is posted at the blackboard.

4- Evaluation:
Match the correct facial expression expressed in the sentences in column A to
the emotions in column B.

1.) Grandpa was very proud of 3.) We are delighted that you will
me when I got promotions at be coming to visit us.
work. 4.) After waiting in line for an hour
2.) I’m a little doubtful about at the bank, the woman grew
whether to get married or not. impatient and left.
5.) They were shocked to learn d.) Doubtful
that their beloved neighbour, e.) Proud
Miss Ann stolen their car. f.) Angry
a.) Delightful g.) Loved
b.) Shocked h.) Amazed
c.) Impatient i.) crying
5 – Assignment:

List down your different experiences in schools showing different emotions.

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